Easiest Prismatic Trait in TFT

Traits in Teamfight Tactics have different levels. If you want to know about the highest level, here is a guide that teaches about the prismatic traits.
Easiest Prismatic Trait in TFT

What Are Traits In Teamfight Tactics?

Each unit in Teamfight Tactics has traits that give them bonuses when paired with other similar champions that share the same trait. There are different bonuses for each trait, which differs from each set. Others grant bonus attack speed, attack damage, bonus magic resist, and many more! 

All traits have different levels, and of course, traits level up as more champions are added to your board. Traits in TFT are either bronze, silver, gold, or prismatic, and the highest level will be explained in the next sections.

What Are Prismatic Traits In TFT?

As mentioned previously, prismatic traits are the highest leveled traits in the game. 

Completing this prismatic trait requires a lot of resources, so reaching them is probably the hardest thing in the game. Various prismatic traits have been released by Riot Games, and not every combination will give a prismatic one. 

Prismatic traits give insane bonuses, sometimes even double compared to gold bonuses. You will know that you have a prismatic trait when you see a diamond-colored trait on the left side of your screen. 

How Do I Get Prismatic Traits In TFT?

Usually, prismatic traits are not obtained through normal means. For instance, the striker trait needs six striker units, but the maximum number of champions you can get through the shop is five strikers. To activate the striker prismatic trait, you need a spatula to create a striker emblem or a tome of traits. 

On the previous TFT sets, six cost units also activate prismatic traits for your units. For example, Set 2 Lux has different forms that have different traits, which can activate the prismatic trait. Now that you know how hard it is to obtain prismatic traits in TFT, read on the next section to know all the easiest prismatic traits!

The Easiest Prismatic Traits In TFT

Here are the easiest prismatic traits in every TFT set:

  • Yordle-Lord (Set 6 and 6.5): Probably the easiest prismatic to obtain in TFT. Yordle’s has been getting a lot of hate since it was released because it is the easiest trait to play in the history of the game. You do not even have to do anything since units with the yordle trait will spawn on your bench. This is one of the prismatic traits that you do not need a spatula or an emblem to get because Veigar (the Yordle-Lord) will spawn once you max out all Yordle units
  • 5 Twin Shots (Set 6 and 6.5): the next easiest trait in this list is five twin shot units. You can only buy four twin shots in the shop, so you need to have an emblem to complete this trait
  • 4 Adepts (Set 4.5): If you thought five twin shots were easy enough to obtain, then the four-unit prismatic trait, Adepts, is the easier one to get. Others might argue that this is hard to obtain even though it only has four units because you should have Yone (5 gold cost) to complete it, but you might get lucky sometimes and get him at the mid-game, making it easier to complete the trait. 
  • 5 Hunters: If you thought having six traits is hard enough, then the five hunters prismatic trait will be the better choice. The highest cost unit in hunters is 4, like Fortune and Glacial comps, so achieving this in the mid-game is not a hard feat to achieve. However, you still need an emblem to get the prismatic level. Nevertheless, hunters will always be the easiest prismatic traits to achieve, even though they are one of the most powerful, giving tons of attack damage. 
  • 6 Fortune (Set 4 and 4.5): One of the few traits that grant a player gold, along with Mercenary, is also one of the easiest prismatic traits to obtain. The most expensive unit in Fortune is Sejuani (4 gold cost), so completing this trait is really easy, especially if you have an emblem in the early game. 
  • 6 Glacials (Set 1 and 2): Like Fortune, Glacials only has Olaf (4 gold cost) as the most expensive unit, making it easy to complete even though it requires six glacial comp champions. Most glacial units are obtainable in the early game because they cost only 1-3 gold. Also, like most prismatic traits, 6 Glacials need an emblem to get the maximum level. 

Are There Other Prismatic Mechanics In TFT?

Yes. Riot Games recently added the augment mechanic, which gives bonuses like traits for the whole board. For example, the Built Different augment grants your units with no items bonus health and attack speed. You can get different traits in the game that grants all the bonuses that you can think of, including bonus attack damage, magic damage, attack speed, gold, and all the unique ones that you can think. 

As you may have guessed, augments have levels similar to traits, which are bronze, silver, gold, and prismatic. The prismatic ones are the best augments available in the game and grant ridiculous amounts of bonuses. 

Just like traits, there is a bronze, silver, gold, and prismatic level of an augment, and the higher the level, the better the bonuses. Still, prismatic augments rarely appear in Teamfight Tactics, and they are random, so you can not force yourself to get one, unlike TFT traits. 

Are Prismatic Traits Available In Double-Up?

Yes. The duo version of TFT is almost the same as the original game mode. 

It all has the same traits, comp, items, and augments, and the only difference is the health mechanics. 

So expect to have the same amount of bonus damage, such as attack damage and magic damage, and attack speed compared to normal or ranked game mode. 

So, study the best double-up comps in the current TFT patch and get the best items for your units, whether the statikk shiv, trap claw, sparring gloves, or chain vest!

That was all you needed to know about the easiest prismatic traits in TFT League of Legends. 

There are more prismatic traits out there for the past and upcoming TFT sets, so make sure to check all of them to know more about the game! Get out there with your little legend and start unforgettable combat with the easiest prismatic traits above!

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