How Do Accounts Get IP Banned in LoL

The IP ban is the harshest punishment that you can get on League of Legends. How does Riot Games deliver this punishment to players?
How Do Accounts Get IP Banned in LoL

The IP Ban is one of the harshest punishments in any video game since there’s very little you can do to work around it. Riot Games reserves this for the biggest offenders that break their terms of service and endanger other players' safety, identity, and overall existence. However, let’s look at how this works and what players can do to avoid them suffering this punishment.

What is an IP Ban in LoL?

An IP ban is a type of penalty that involves players’ IP addresses getting completely blacklisted from Riot Games’ database. This means that even if you create a new account, regions, or even try to uninstall and reinstall the game, you’ll still be prevented from logging into the game. 

It’s almost impossible to change your IP address without using a VPN, so this is practically a checkmate move that League of Legends uses to prevent players from being a nuisance in the game.

When a player receives this penalty, it’s almost always a permanent ban since this is only reserved for the biggest offenders in the game. There are some ways to bypass this, and most of them involve trying to change your IP address. 

However, that takes a lot of resources, and there isn’t a free or easy way to do this since Riot Games has made it so that the user will have to work hard to be able to find a solution.

How Do Players Get IP Banned?

Getting IP banned is ultimately a decision made by Riot Games staff and isn’t like the standard temporary bans that you receive for unsportsmanlike behavior or being a toxic player when other players report you. 

The people at Riot Games manually review these offenses. Only those who deserve it will get these bans. There are rarely any cases of innocent users mistakenly getting this punishment. Some offenses might get a player's IP banned:

An account getting permanently banned from the game.
  • Using third-party programs such as cheats and hacks.
  • Threatening other players’ lives and loved ones.
  • Intentionally and repeatedly ruining other players’ experience.
  • Hate speech.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Pretending to be a Riot Games staff to exploit other players.
  • Exposing sensitive information about another player.
  • Posting malicious links and software on forums and in-game chat.
  • Bot activity such as spamming or advertising any product while in the game.

Some of these offenses can also result in just a temporary suspension, but it ultimately depends on the severity of the action. When you get IP banned, you might as well delete your account. League of Legends always has some players who simply can’t follow the rules. 

We’ve even had streamers who have been IP banned before; the most notable example of this is Tyler1, who had been permanently banned in League of Legends for being an excessively toxic player.

Is There a Way to Get Unbanned?

Generally speaking, an IP ban is permanent, and there’s no way for players to get unbanned immediately. The best way is to get an appeal. 

However, you’ll have to wait for a while since Riot Games isn’t dumb enough to lift this punishment simply because the player apologized right away. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get unbanned even if you send a sincere appeal.

Once you get IP banned, remember that your account and any account that you log into your computer will share the same punishment since it will assume that you own those accounts. So, even if you create a new account or change summoner names, they’ll still be registered as belonging to an IP banned offender. For players who have learned their lesson and want to get back into the game, here are some quick fixes that might help you work around your punishment.

Using a VPN

An IP ban affects your IP address, and if that’s the problem, getting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will be the best way to play the game again. A VPN allows its user to enter a proxy server that masks your computer’s actual IP. 

However, it’s good to leave your VPN on while your account is logged on so that Riot Games doesn’t detect your new account to belong to a banned IP.

A VPN Service active on the Laptop.

Using a VPN doesn’t allow you to use your old accounts that are already IP banned. In fact, none of the following methods will let you do so. Before you get a VPN, we suggest logging out of your account and reinstalling League of Legends from scratch while the VPN is active so that you’ll find success doing this method. 

The best VPN services on the market cost money, but it’s worth it since you can use it for your general internet safety as well.

Changing Your IP Address

The next best way to work around your IP ban is to change your IP address. It sounds simple, but no one is dedicated to following this method since it requires much work and resources. Remember that your IP address is like an ID for your computer while it is linked to the internet, so the only real way to change it is to change every piece of hardware on your computer and switch service providers.

IP Address on a Computer.

Building a new computer from scratch also isn’t a guarantee that you’ll change your IP address because other factors come into play. 

If you want your IP address to change, simply play at another person’s house or in an internet cafe using a new account. Of course, you’ll have to start from scratch by trying to level up quickly and collecting all the champions again.

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