How Do Accounts Get IP Banned in LoL

League of Legends IP bans are the ultimate punishment, rendering players unable to access the game no matter what.

Updated on Feb 11, 2024
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How Do Accounts Get IP Banned in LoL

What is an IP Ban in LoL?

An IP ban is a severe penalty where players' IP addresses are blacklisted from Riot Games’ database

This means that no matter what you do, whether creating a new account, switching regions, or even uninstalling LoL, you won't be able to log into the game.

Changing your IP address to circumvent this ban is challenging without using a VPN, making it a decisive measure League of Legends employs to deter disruptive behavior.

How Do Players Get IP Banned?

An IP ban is a serious action taken by Riot Games staff, different from the common temporary bans for behaviors like unsportsmanlike conduct or toxicity. This decision comes after a manual review by Riot Games, targeting only those truly deserving of such a penalty. 

Cases of mistaken identity in these bans are extremely rare. Reasons for receiving an IP ban include:

How Do LoL Players Get IP Banned

  • Using third-party programs, such as cheats and hacks.
  • Threatening other players or their loved ones.
  • Intentionally ruining the game experience for others, repeatedly.
  • Engaging in hate speech.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Impersonating Riot Games staff to exploit players.
  • Exposing sensitive information about others.
  • Posting malicious links and software in forums or in-game chat.
  • Bot activity, like spamming or advertising products in-game.

While some actions might only lead to temporary suspension, the severity and context of the behavior can escalate the punishment to an IP ban.

When you get IP banned, you might as well delete your LoL account. League of Legends always has some players who simply can’t follow the rules.

Notably, even some of the best Top Lane LoL streamers can face these penalties; Tyler1, for instance, became famously IP banned for his excessively toxic behavior.

Can You Get Unbanned from an IP Ban?

Generally speaking, an IP ban is permanent, and there’s no way for players to get unbanned immediately. The best way is to change your IP and, well, accept the fact that you got banned.

Once you get IP banned, remember that your account and any account that you log into your computer will share the same punishment, since it will assume that you own those accounts. 

That said, even if you create a new account or change summoner names, they’ll still be registered as belonging to an IP banned offender. For players who have learned their lesson and want to get back into the game, here are some quick fixes that might help you work around your punishment.

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