How to Remove and Delete my League of Legends Account?

There may come a point when you want to delete your League of Legends account and the process for doing this isn't too difficult. Riot Games thankfully doesn't make it too hard to delete or remove your account but it can be a bit annoying. This is because deleting your account is forever while deactivating your account is temporary.

What's the difference between Account Deletion and Account Deactivation?

Deleting your account will permanently delete your account and all personal information associated with that account. Once an account has been deleted, there's no way to get it back. Account deactivation however will restrict your account access but will leave the account data untouched and can be reactivated later.

If you want to delete your League of Legends account, keep in mind this will also delete your Riot ID and accounts for other Riot games linked to that account too.

How to Delete your League of Legends Account

Getting your account deleted isn't too difficult. Riot Games has a self-service option available that players can access on the official League of Legends support website.

Follow these steps to Delete your League of Legends account:

  1. Go to this support page: (
  2. Make sure you're logged into your account if you aren't already then click Submit a Request
  3. In the Request Type box, scroll through the options and select Account Management, Data Requests or Deletion
  4. Select I need help with – I Would like to Delete my Account
  5. In the subject field you must write Account Deletion
  6. In the final box, copy and paste the below information into it and fill it in as best you can
  • Summoner Name:
  • Account Name:
  • The server you play on:
  • The original email address used for registering the account:
  • The location you originally registered the account from (Country and City):
  • Any payment methods you use to purchase RP on the account:

If you can't provide the above information then you'll need to answer some additional questions so Riot Games can confirm you are the owner of the account. They take security seriously so don't just assume they're trying to be difficult.

You will also need to select your language at the end of the initial deletion request so the team can better help you.