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Best Kalista Skins | LoL

The deadly Kalista is a champion that has not been included in that many skin universes, even so, it gets compensated by having one of the most unique skins in LoL.
Best Kalista Skins | LoL

Kalista’s dark origin comes from Shadow Isles, she’s an armored being that embodies vengeance and wrath, hunting down those who dare to deceive and betray, having a deal with Kalista is rather serious and those who have a strong hatred towards their enemies might be brave enough to pay the only thing Kalista asks in return of her “services”, which is the soul of those who dares to summon her. Let’s take a look at the best skins of this rageful marksman.


Blood Moon Kalista

With her release in late 2014, Kalista was also added to her first universe of skins, that one being the Blood Moon universe. Kalista looks terrifying with this skin, the varying shades of red give a more visceral look to her.

Her obsession with hunting down betrayers has earned her the spot in the Blood Moon universe. For only 975 RP, summoners can get this skin, which other than a different look, will also bring some new sound and visual effects and new particles for the champion.

With this skin, you can be sure that your opponents in the rift will be intimidated by you because Kalista seems more thirsty for blood than ever.

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Championship Kalista

Kalista joins the Championship universe of skins as a celebration of the 2015 World Championship in Europe. This one features new particles and effects for the champion that match the Championship-themed skins.

Riot Games put it in the store on September 27th, 2015. Besides a new look, Championship Kalista has new textures, sound, and visual effects, instead of her usual aquamarine colors, almost all of her color palette is blue, but this changes with her golden chroma, giving her a more exclusive look than ever.

The 2015 League of Legends World Championship was a big event where the best of the best summoners had their chance to put to test their skills. Since Kalista isn’t the only one who belongs to this universe of skins, through time other champions have joined as well, such as Championship Tresh in 2013 or Championship Shyvana in 2014 to mention a few.

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SKT T1 Kalista

The members of the iconic team of League of Legends SKT T1 earned the characters they used in their winning performance the unique SKT T1 skins, those champions are Ryze, Azir, Elise, Renekton, and Kalista.

SKT T1 Kalista puts the character in the uniform of the team, wearing orange glasses and clothing with blue, gold, and white as the most relevant colors. The skin came in 2015 after the victory of SKT T1 of the World Championship.

Currently this skin isn’t available in the store because it is a Legacy skin, but for sure those summoners who managed to get it, have the certainty to have one of the most unique and iconic skins in the game, representative of the team the famous Korean player, Faker, is part of.

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Marauder Kalista

In this universe, the Magelords were once visceral and brutal creatures whose power could be witnesed in their conquest. These warriors, long lost time ago have resurrected among the current Marauder leaders, being one of them Marauder Kalista, in a reincarnation that has accumulated a desire for vengeance over hundreds of years.

Marauder Kalista is a skin whose red colors sort of ressembles to her Blood Moon skin, although this one comes with some other additions besides having different splash art, textures, visual and sound effects. The skin also has a voice filte for the quote of the champion as well as a set of chromas to change the colors of the skin.

This skin is available in the store as the priciest Kalista’s skin, for only 1350 RP. Taking into account that this is the most complex skin Kalista has, players who love the character might want to consider buying it to get the most unique aspect of her.

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Kalista doesn’t have the greatest variety of skins in the game, but she doesn’t seem to need a lot of them to be considered someone with amazing ones, not all champions have gotten two Legacy skins the same year, about the same event, which is The 2015 Championship, so we can consider Kalista quite lucky with enough to offer.‍

As a marksman, Kalista is a character that will need the assistance of a great support. Someone like Karma could really help her out in tough situations, so don’t miss out our best skins for Karma LoL.

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