The slowest champions in league of legends

When choosing a character in League of Legends you have to be aware of how fast it will move around the Summoner’s Rift

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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The slowest champions in league of legends

In the past, we went through a list of the fastest characters in League of Legends, where Cbuttiopeia was shown to be the mid laner with the highest mobility in the entire game so far.

All characters have their highs and lows, but in the case of these we’re going to list here, their movement speed isn’t precisely something that’s remarkable. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the slowest champions in League of Legends Riot Games has ever put out.

Slowest Champions in League of Legends

Every role in League of Legends has its own characteristic, but if you add to that formula how careful you have to be with your character when moving around, then it becomes a whole new challenge. Let’s see what are the slowest picks for every lane in the Summoner’s Rift.

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Kled | 285 Movement Speed

Kled is that pick that rides some kind of lizard, and which can be seen from time to time. He’s a Yordle from Noxus, a warrior that shouldn’t be judged by his height, as any other playable character of his kind as well. He was released in 2016 but since then, he hasn’t received that much attention from Riot Games.


Kled’s base movement speed sits at 285, which is the second lowest movement speed in the entire game. For those who have just learned that this character exists and plan on getting him just to try a few games or two, beware of this.

2 /10

Urgot | 330 Movement Speed

This man-crab from, who just as Kled comes from Noxus, now can be found in Zaun purging the city from those unworthy of it, or perhaps just those who can put up to him. Urgot was also recently featured in our list of the best farming picks in League of Legends, thanks to his high-damaging crab legs players squeeze the advantage of.


Something surprising about him is the fact that he’s actually the fastest character in this list, but that doesn’t mean he’s actually that fast, since there are tons of other champions whose movement speed are far superior than Urgot's 330 base movement speed.

3 /10

Kindred | 325 Movement Speed

Kindred is a marksman with a decent attack speed, danamage, and who’s considered to be rather difficult to play, her concept is super cool but it would be really nice if we could see her in more skin universes, but lately, Riot Games joined her to the porcelain skin universe.


When it comes to her movement speed she falls under the same category that holds a lot of characters who share the same base movement speed, which is 325. At the very least, it isn’t the lowest in the game and players still use her.

4 /10

Ivern | 330 Movement Speed

Some of the slowest champions in League of Legends is Ivern, a jungler that’s not very popular, but whose kit of abilities is interesting enough when you feel like trying something new. Plus, with the right teammates, he actually offers some excellent synergies, just don’t expect him to do that much damage.


In general, junglers shouldn’t be that slow because they need a decent movement speed to move around the jungle and get ready to gank the enemy team, that is why like Urgot, the speed of Ivern is the same, being 330.

5 /10

Aurelion Sol | 325 Movement Speed

When the League of Legends community asked Riot Games for a playable character that is a dragon, they were disappointed at what they received with Aurelion. His concept is transcendental and beautiful, but Aurelion is rather weak and to fully utilize him it takes a lot of practice.


Aurelion’s movement speed is rather low, and this is one of the biggest problems the champion has. His base speed is, along with a group of other characters, is the third slowest in the entire game, sitting at a sad 325. This, oftentimes makes it difficult to play with him against the enemy, especially when his damage isn’t the highest.

6 /10

Corki | 325 Movement Speed

Another mid laner that’s rather slow is Corki, and boy he’s slow in comparison to other characters that are played in this lane. Although his abilities are quite good, excellent for poking, you have to be careful in the early game to go to your turret if you see the enemy jungler is coming at you.


Corki’s movement speed is sitting at the same as Aurelion, 325. But at least in the late game you can go for a build that allows him to move around quickly. Plus, once he gets a couple of items, his damage is good enough.

7 /10

Caitlyn | 325 Movement Speed

Something in AD carries to note is the fact that their movement speed can vary highly, and Caitlyn is sadly one of the ADC who just don’t have the highest base speed. But actually, to be honest, that’s totally ok because she’s still broken anyways and even more in the current meta thanks to her basic attack speed and damage which players love.


The same as Aurelion, and Corki, Caitlyn has a base movement speed of 325. Other picks have a higher speed, such as Jhin, or even Kai’Sa.

8 /10

Ashe | 325 Movement Speed

The queen of the freljord is another character who doesn’t have a good time moving around the lanes, at least in the early game, when Ashe doesn’t even have a pair of boots equipped to help her with her low base movement, but the good thing is that it’s all compensated with her kit of abilities that has great damage and CC.


Ashe’s another member of the characters that falls in the pool of those whose movement speed is 325, the third lowest in the game. But at the very least, her attack speed is better.

9 /10

Nautilus | 325 Movement Speed

Nautilus is yet another character whose movement speed could be said is third slowest in the game, but don’t be fooled by this, since this champion’s kit of abilities is quite insane, being able to do some serious magic damage to the enemy team, all of that while tanking. A very complete pick to try out.


Nautilus base speed tops at 325, but this can be improved (of course) through boots and other items that increase the speed of the character.

10 /10

Rell | 250 Movement Speed

And now, to clear all doubts if “325” was the slowest speed in League of legends, the answer is: no, it isn’t. Just as Cbuttiopeia is the queen of movement speed, with her incomparable 400 points of speed at level 18, we have Rell, whose speed takes the title as the lowest in the game, sitting at 250 points of base movement speed.


But just because she is slow, doesn’t mean she’s a bad support, Rell is a great tank that can take a lot of damage while shredding down the enemy’s resistances and armor, so the ADC can finish up teamfights quickly.v

And there you have it, this is a list with the slowest picks in League of Legends. It's worth mentioning that there are several other ones who share the same speed as the ones mentioned, and just because a character is slow, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Actually, sometimes this is the type of statistics Riot Games has to lower on a new hero so it doesn’t end up being broken and messing up with the entire meta.

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