Best Jhin Skins | LoL

Art is subjective and things are about to get dark here because we will review the best skins of Jhin, a psychopath marksman who believes murdering is a form of art.

best jhin skins lol
best jhin skins lol

Iona’s main cabal assassin, Jhin, is a serial killer who uses his guns and grenades as art tools, sow panic during a massacre is one of the things that gives this champion intense pleasure, as his victims are part of the theater he creates for everyone to see. Jhin joined League of Legends on 1st February 2016, his playstyle is rather simple and his attacks are powerful, in this section, we’ll take a look at his best skins.

Blood Moon Jhin

The combination of Jhin’s personality and the Blood Moon universe of skins introduces us to a version of the champion that gains an even deeper artistic meaning to all the massacre he’s responsible for, which makes Blood Moon Jhin is an excellent skin.

Blood Moon Jhin shows us the marksman using a sinister mask that perfectly portrays the chaos and madness he’s about to unleash while he performs long-forgotten rituals, using blood as paint and acting as a master of ceremonies for the most devilish spirits to be sealed in living vessels.

The particles, new sound effects, and animations of Blood Moon Jhin are amazing, it became available in-store for 1350 RP on 9th February 2017. This skin features a splash art of the champion that summoners would consider hanging on a wall as decoration.

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Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin

In the Shan Hai Scrolls theme of skins, there’s a mysterious painting with a raging God older than creation: Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin. Tired of being trapped in this painting, Jhin wants to take his art to the outer world for everyone to see and panic.

Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin wears a devil-like mask and his riffle has never been more deadly, this skin adds to the champion a voice filter and new particles as well as animations, the splash art looks terrific and is worth the 1350 RP it costs.

The skin came to the shop on 28th January 2021 with eight different chromas and plays an important part in the Shan Hai Scrolls universe alongside other champions like Neeko, who is the counterpart of Jhin, Cho’gath, and Nautilus, all of them, of course, with their own Shan Hai Scrolls skins. 

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SKT T1 Jhin

In 2016 the member of SKT T1, Bang, performed well on the League of Legends World Championship. Thanks to the Korean team victory, Bang earned another character a championship skin, SKT T1 Jhin.

This time it’s Jhin’s turn to get the Championship skin. We’re talking about a legacy skin that has stunning splash art, new particles, textures, and animations. Its price is that of 1350 RP which summoners will be able to get once the legacy vault opens again, being SKT T1 Jhin one you can’t miss.

The main color of the skin is gold, with details in white and purple color for the actual skin tone of the marksman. Those who use Jhin in-game a lot should consider having this skin due to how iconic it ended up being, other champions that obtained a skin with the SKT T1 theme of 2016 are Syndra, Ekko, Zac, Nami, and Olaf.

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DWG Jhin

As if one World Championship skin is not enough, in 2021, the member of DWG, Ghost, earned a second skin for the marksman thanks to his performance which led the team to the victory, the skin arrived on 29th April 2021. 

The overall color palette of these skins is light blue and white with stunning animations, particles, and splash arts. The champions features in the edition are Jhin, Leona, Twisted Fate, Nidalee, and Kennen.

Without a doubt, the level of detail in these skins is remarkable, especially the recall to base animation. This skin also is a legacy one that costs 1350 RP and has one chroma that changes the light color blue color of the skin to a darker tone, nothing too dramatic or memorable.

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In the PROJECT universe, Jhin is a mechanized killer-for-hire product of a botched surgery who, little by little as he collects pieces of technology from his victims had led him to several fragmentations in his personality.

This is one of the best-looking skin the marksman has, the design is imposing and the splash art has strong vibes of mystery and danger. This all becomes alive inside the rift, with its new visual, sound effects, and animations.

PROJECT: Jhin also has a voice filter to make him as robotic as possible and came on 22nd November 2017 for 1350 RP. This one is a total must-have for any main Jhin out there in the game.

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High Noon Jhin

High Noon skins have this western vibe that goes wonderful with many champions, especially marksmen like Lucian, Senna, or Jhin. In this universe, Jhin is an assassin for hire, anyone who needs to make things clear and do the dirty work against their enemies can easily rely on High Noon Jhin.

But just because he’s this type of western hit-man doesn’t mean Jhin won’t keep doing “art”. This skin has a decent splash art, and its particles look amazing in-game, it also has new animations, as well as additional quotes for the champion.

The presence of High Noon Jhin does make things interesting and tense in this universe, which is also available in LoL: Wild Rift. The skin is great and is worth the 1350 RP it costs, which has been available since its release on 1st February 2016.

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Dark Cosmic Jhin

He was once an interstellar entity consumed by the Dark Star, and now, he comes back as a being of destruction and chaos, but this time, at cosmic levels. Dark Cosmic Jhin is one of the most imposing and mesmerizing skins this character has.

As any other Dark Star skin, Dark Cosmic Jhin puts the character in an excentric yet minimalist look, with gold and varying shades of purple in the whole color palette of the skin. This one features a large number of new things for the champion, starting, of course, with a unique splash art that could send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Dark Cosmic Jhin also brings a new voice filter that changes the way his voice sounds, new quotes for the champion, new particles, textures of course new animations. This skin came out on 13th June 2019 for 1850, being the priciest one of the marksman. The particles of Dark Cosmic Jhin are spectacular and have the quality of a must-have skin for any Jhin mains out there in the game.

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Without a doubt, Jhin is a character whose playability isn’t that difficult, plus he seems to be very famous among the professional players of League of Legends, as we could see thanks to his two World Championship skins. We are just as eager as anyone else to see what Riot Games has planned for the future of this champion in what aspects concerns, for the moment, we can bring the spotlight to our best skins for Jinx from LoL for you to discover the interesting wardrobe she has.

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