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Best URF Champions in LoL

Everyone enjoys a chill game of ultra rapid fire, but it will be more enjoyable destroying enemies. Here are the best champions in URF that will help you do that!
Best URF Champions in LoL

Ultra rapid fire is probably the most requested game mode in the history of League of Legends since it is extremely fun to play. Everyone has infinite mana, energy, and low ability haste.

If you are wondering who the best champions are when it comes to this game mode, look no further because this is a list of the best URF champions in LoL. 

1 /10


The grand duelist of League of Legends, Fiora, strives on taking extended skirmishes around Summoner’s Rift. She strikes vital points, heals, and deals tons of damage. Fiora’s main damage-dealing ability, 

Lunge, benefits greatly from the shortened cooldown in ultra rapid fire. Because of this, she is very mobile while shredding everyone that stands in her way. Not only that, but she can also use it on towers, which make her a massive problem in the side lane.

Fiora can also counter most abilities with her Riposte, which stuns an enemy if she parries an immobilizing effect with this ability. 

The combination of her abilities in ultra rapid fire makes her one of the S-tier champions in the special game mode.

2 /10


Another champion in tier S is this cute cat from League. Healing abilities are irritating enough in normal game modes in League of Legends. How about making it infinite with really low cooldowns?

Riot Games’ very own cute magical cat, Yuumi, will surely tilt a lot of enemies because of her healing

Oh, she can also boost her teammates’ movement and attack speed. If that is not irritating enough for you, then knowing that she can not easily be killed will make it even worse.

Yuumi can dash and ride on an ally, becoming untargetable except for turrets. Engage support champions might stun you to death, but enchanters are surely more irritating. Imagine Yuumi healing another strong ultra rapid fire champion. Your team would not even stand a chance.

3 /10


League’s very own monkey king, Wukong, is a playful being that pranks everyone he sees. That is why he is pretty annoying to play against in Summoner’s Rift, and ultra rapid fire makes that go up a notch. 

Because of his auto attack focused abilities, Wukong also strives on skirmishes like most top lane champions.

He can dash, become invisible, and deal crowd control. If you have not faced a Wukong in URF, it feels like you are chasing a speedy ghost. He can go in and come out unscathed which makes him one of the S tier champions in this game mode. 

Not only that, but he can also deal crowd control on your whole team, which is something you would not want to happen in a game of ultra rapid fire.

4 /10

Xin Zhao

Playing junglers might not be the meta for ultra rapid fire game mode, but Xin Zhao will surely blow your mind when it comes to URF. 

Like Fiora, this champion is also reliant on taking extended skirmishes and gap closers. His skirmishing ability counters everyone you can think of. 

Xin Zhao’s empowered auto attacks, hasty dash, shield, and crowd control make him one of the best urf champions in League of Legends when talking about 1v1 battles in this game mode.

Not only that, but he is also really easy to play. His whole playstyle is engaging the enemy and destroying them. No one can deny that the seneschal of demacia is one of the S-tier champions in URF.

5 /10


If you ever get irritated playing against champions that strive on skirmishes, then Jax will be the best bet to counter them. 

His counter strike ability is irritating enough to deal on normal games, and giving it a low cooldown makes him one of the worst champions to play against.

Jax’s whole kit is very similar to Xin Zhao, he can empower attacks, deal crowd control, and close the gap on his enemies.

He also has a strong early game, and dealing with a fed Jax in the late game is almost impossible. 

Ultra rapid fire shortening his cooldowns make him one of the S-tier champions in this game mode.

6 /10


The maven of strings, Sona, has multiple abilities that give different types of bonuses; that alone makes her an S-tier champion in ultra rapid fire.

However, it gets even more frustrating to play against her since Sona will deal additional magic damage on enemy champions every few ability casts. 

She is similar to Yuumi, the only difference is that Sona hits like a truck. Multiple enemy champions will gain unlimited bonuses when Sona is on their team.

If you prefer being a support-type champion while reducing your enemies into dust, then Sona will probably be your best bet in ultra rapid fire.

7 /10


Almost everyone has been amazed by an awesome Zed play for once in their entire life. 

Faker’s Zed play against Ryu often comes to mind, and URF will be their best bet to recreate those plays that amazed them. 

The master of shadows, Zed, has always been a great assassin even in the normal game mode. His kit deals a huge amount of damage, and it will become more powerful if he has access to rapid cooldowns.

Zed would not worry about energy usage, and he can jump in and out everytime he pleases in this game mode. 

Not only that, but he can also spam abilities that his shadow can copy. If you are thinking about an S tier assassin to play in URF, then Zed will be one of the best champions to pick.

8 /10


Someone has surely seen a Veigar with 1000 ability power since they started playing League of Legends. 

Since ultra rapid fire is a fast game mode, this makes it easier for Veigar players to hit that mark. Not only that, but his abilities also deal tons of damage. What more if he can spam it to death? 

Imagine meteors raining down on Summoners Rift. Veigar turns that into reality in this special game mode.

On top of that, his cage (event horizon) is irritating as hell. 

Once a Veigar player catches an enemy with his crowd control, it is probably a 100% kill rate. Veigar’s spammable abilities make him one of the S-tier champions in ultra rapid fire.

9 /10


Ever since her release, Morgana has been memed because of her long snare effect. Morgana joins this list as one of the few S tier support champions in URF.

Morgana is one of the best champions to play in ultra rapid fire, only for the sole reason of her spammable dark binding. Not only that but her black shield counters every crowd control in the game, which is really helpful in this game mode.

Do not let any Morgana player hit their dark binding on you because once it does, you are in for a long ride because you will be stunned until she misses it, which is probably impossible to happen.

10 /10


League’s prodigal explorer, Ezreal, is the most skillshot based AD carry in the game, which is why it is really rewarding if you hit his abilities multiple times.

And ultra rapid fire makes it easier for his players to do just that. Every Ezreal player can just spam their skills without long cooldowns.

Cooldowns are short enough in ultra rapid fire, but Ezreal just takes it to another level, his mystic shot ability (when hit) reduces the cooldown of his other skills. Just spam everyone to death with Ezreal. 

Playing him is also extremely fun, which is why he also belongs in the S tier when it comes to the special URF mode.

That will be the end of the best champions in URF in LoL. 

Want to have a chill, fun game in League of Legends? Then pick URF! 

Of course, it will fall down on your preference who you wish to play, but the champions mentioned above are really powerful and will sweep the floor against enemies when played right. Good luck on the rift and hit all your skillshots playing this special game mode!

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