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Best Sona Skins | LoL

If you are currently having a hard time choosing from the wide array of Sona skins available in the game, then visit this page because it will make it easier for you to shop!

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
Best Sona Skins | LoL

It is a known fact that Riot Games has favorites for releasing skins for champions. Some even have 15 cosmetics to date. 

Luckily for the Maven of Strings, Sona, her players have a wide array of choices when shopping for skins since she is one of Riot’s favorites. 

Here is a list of the best Sona skins in League of Legends to help you shop to make it easier for you if you are currently looking for a stylish cosmetic.

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Arcade Sona

Riot Games’ game within a game version in League of Legends, called the “Arcade” skin line, is unique and awesome. And the good thing is the Maven of Strings is one of the lucky ones to receive a cosmetic with the said concept called Arcade Sona.

Released on August 31, 2012, the age of this Sona skin is pretty evident when you look at the splash art. It is not flashy, but it gets the concept across to its players. 

Riot Games’ choice of using a controller for Arcade Sona’s instrument is probably one of the unique ideas in the game. This version of Sona also wears a starry colorful gown and green gloves, which enhances the arcade feels of the skin.

Get ready to unleash retro powers with this skin because every animation, particle, and sound is based on the 8-bit arcade idea

On top of that, Riot added great symbols and vibrant colors in her abilities to amplify the relaxing looks of this skin. The good news is you can still get this skin in the League of Legends shop for 1350 Riot Points.


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Pentakill Sona

Sona is a musical virtuoso who emanates magic through her melodic music if you do not know yet. But what if the Maven of Strings ventured into a road of pure metal music? 

This cosmetic is a part of the League’s very own Pentakill band that will answer that curiosity.

Pentakill Sona has the generalized look of the usual metal band member. She has a dark aura and gothic feel, which is entirely different from her typical vivid look. 

Pentakill Sona also has a dark dress, death-themed instrument, red hair, and tattoos, which are all perfect for the metal queen concept.

Unfortunately, Riot Games did not include in-game changes to this skin other than the model. Everything, including animations and particles, is similar to the classic skin. 

However, it is still one of her cheapest skins. The metal look and unique concept are enough to justify the low price point.

Pentakill, released on September 21, 2010, is one of Sona’s oldest cosmetics available in the game. You can still get this skin for a meager price in the League shop for 975 Riot Points.


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DJ Sona

As mentioned previously, Sona is one of Riot’s favorites for skin releases. In fact, she is also one of the few champions who received an ultimate skin (along with Pulsefire Ezreal and Elementalist Lux), called DJ Sona, which are the most expensive cosmetics in the game.

Released on February 25, 2015, DJ Sona is actually the first skin in the game to offer a transforming look and unique in-game music. 

This Sona skin has a concert performing DJ, with cool headgear and a massive sound system. If you were to ask me, DJ Sona looks like an anime character. Everything about this skin looks futuristic, too. 

The holograms, headgear, and outfit scream an advanced and modern champion.

The cool thing about this new skin is that it changes forms whenever you press Ctrl + 5 or type /toggle in the chatbox. 

DJ Sona has three sets of forms called Kinetic (light blue), Concussive (red), Ethereal (purple), and each of them has different sound effects and visuals. 

There are a lot of animations and sound effects of this skin because of the forms. But all of them have fantastic DJ music that will appeal to all the Sona mains out there.

DJ Sona is currently priced at a whopping 3250 Riot Points like all other ultimate skins. Now, you can still purchase it in the LoL skin store, so get it while you can!


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Muse Sona

Released on September 21, 2010, and initially priced at 975 Riot Points, Muse Sona is one of the oldest and cheapest Sona skins out there. 

Inspired by Greek mythology, Riot Games decided to give League of Legends their version of a goddess by releasing Muse Sona.

This skin has a clean and refreshing goddess look. Riot Games perfectly captured the whole Greek mythology concept by giving her the white outfit, curly hair, laurel, and wooden instrument.

If you are a fan of Greek mythology, I suggest picking up this skin because it will be perfect for you!

Sadly, Muse Sona does not have any in-game changes other than her model just like the Pentakill Sona skin.

Riot Games chose to retain the classic animations, sounds, and particles.

Still, I would say that it is fine because it still suits the whole Greek goddess concept.

Considering the cheap price and clean model, it is still worth adding this skin into your collection.

Unfortunately, Muse Sona is in the Legacy Vault, so you would not be able to buy this skin until the vault reopens. However, getting this skin through Hextech Crafting is still possible, so try your luck!


There are still a lot of Sona skins available in the game, like Sweetheart Sona, Guqin Sona, Psyops Sona, and the famous Odyssey Sona. 

However, I would say that the skins above will be the best choices for you. It is now time to buy some of them, deal magic damage, heal allies, and emit a temporary aura with the cosmetics above.

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