Best Skarner Skins | LoL

If you are one of the unlucky Skarner mains waiting for a new skin release, there is no need to wait because here are the best Skarner skins available in the game. 
Best Skarner Skins | LoL

With the likes of Ezreal and Lux, with skins spanning over 14+, some League of Legends champions are unlucky when being chosen for a skin released by Riot Games, and Skarner is one of those characters. 

There was even a time when the Crystal Vanguard was not touched for over five years. Imagine the pain of Skarner mains. 

If you are currently shopping from the handful of skins he has, here is the best Skarner skins listing!


Guardian of The Sands Skarner

Sand scorpions are scary enough by themselves, but what if someone made it bigger and more terrifying? Guardian of The Sands Skarner is a part of the famous desert monsters that guard the ancient city of Shurima.

It is evident that Guardian of The Sands Skarner is indeed a scary old being that will hunt everything he desires. This version of the Crystal Vanguard is Egyptian-themed that suits the whole “sands” concept of the skin line. He has a scary-looking face and cool ancient armor that guards his entire body.

I was amazed by this skin’s changes even though it is on the cheaper side. Riot Games did a great job changing all of his abilities. Skarner’s Crystal Spire is Egyptian-themed with sandy crystals, while his Crystal Exoskeleton now becomes turquoise instead of the classic blue. Overall, the color choices for this skin are terrific and will surely be loved by Skarner mains.

Guardian of the Sands Skarner was released on April 26, 2015, and priced at 975 Riot Points. Anyone can still purchase this skin in the LoL shop for its release price.

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Cosmic Sting Skarner

Released on November 24, 2020, and priced at 1350 Riot Points, Riot Games has finally heard the cries of its player base because they released a Skarner skin after five years. If you are one of those people who waited for this new skin, then indeed, it will have a permanent place in your heart.

Fortunately, Cosmic Sting Skarner looks modern and extraordinary. The galaxy theme for League’s very own immense crystalline scorpion is clean and eye-catching. The gold and blue colors of his model make this skin easier and more relaxing to look at. Not only that, but the stone parts of his body add a great touch to the skin too.

This skin probably has the best crystals out of all his skins if you were to ask me. The blue cosmic orb is just hard to beat. Additionally, like his concept, all of his abilities have galaxy-themed sounds. Since all of his abilities have the same animations and looks, get ready to emit starry aura all over Summoners Rift. Get this skin now by purchasing it at the League shop!

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Battlecast Alpha Skarner

Like most champions, their most expensive skin is probably the best, and Skarner is no different. Priced at 1820 Riot Points and released on November 25, 2014, Battlecast Alpha Skarner is the only legendary skin for the Crystal Vanguard.

Surely you will be amazed just by looking at the splash art of this skin. Skarner, who is now a tank-like robot scorpion, has new weapons that he can use for killing. 

The model has a great design, too. Riot Games made him a robot while retaining the scorpion concept of the champion. Plus, the cool metallic and red color for his model does not disappoint, making him look scarier and more menacing.

Honestly, this skin is still the best in terms of in-game changes. The robot sounds of his abilities are amazing. Everything about this skin is perfect: the battlecast-themed crystal spires, mechanical filter for his voice, chainsaw animation for his Crystal Slash, and the impale animation where he will attack using his chain. 

Battlecast Alpha Skarner is hard to beat, and I think this is a must-have for all the Skarner mains. The good news is that it is still available in the League store, so get it while you can!

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It is time to collect powerful life crystals and become the strongest in the ancient bracken race by buying the best skins for Skarner. There are still many skins available for the Crystal Vanguard, like his cheap Earthrune Skarner and Sandscourge Skarner. 

However, I would suggest the skins above for the best changes. If you want to purchase a skin for a popular champion, check out this best Sona skins list. You can also check related articles for the best skins for each champion in LoL.