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Best Skins Jax | LoL

Jax is one of the eldest champions in League of Legends that Riot has put out, he’s quite popular and easy to handle, that’s why here we’ll go over his best skins.
Best Skins Jax | LoL

Jax is a fighter who, despite not using a real weapon, deals tons of physical damage, he’s played often in the top lane, although some summoners also play him in the jungle. He has seen all the changes the Summoner’s Rift has had throughout the years ever since he’s was released in 2009. I

n the hands of a skilled player, Jax can be a real problem for those who don’t know how to counter his abilities, being him a character you could easily carry a match with, and what better way to carry your team than wearing the best skins possible?


Nemesis Jax

Nemesis Jax is a skin that came out on 14th September 2012. So far, Riot Games has not released any back story or description for the skin, which is rather strange. The only thing that we know about this skin so far is that the artist who created it is Bo Lu.

Although it has no back story, at least Nemesis Jax has some new animations, as well as new visual and sound effects, a purple aura covers Jax’s weapon give a more sinister look to the skin itself, which already looks scary enough.

Nemesis Jax is available in the store for only 975 RP, which is a fair enough price for those who like this champion, it also features three chromas “Amber”, “Brick”, and “Cream”, but they don’t look as good as the original colors of skin.

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Temple Jax

This one is a skin even more mysterious than the previous one mentioned since Riot Games didn’t even release the name of the artist who designed it, just like Nemesis Jax, this skin doesn’t have any back story available.

If something can be said about Temple Jax, is that at least the fighter now is wielding a true weapon that could be classified as a polearm, other than that, it’s pretty much Jax with a different look, since it has no new animations or particles other, just the splash art.

The skin came to the store of League of Legends skins on 15th November 2011 for only 750, which it’s something summoners should think about before buying it, I would only advise getting it if you’re a hardcore Jax lover and just want to get all of his skins.

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Warden Jax

Warden Jax is a skin that gives a great new look to the champion, it features a stunning splash art, where, in the bigger picture of the splash art, Warden Karma can be seen as well, wearing armor with the same bright colors Jax does.

This skin was designed by the studio sixmorevodka, and as if it was a sort of tradition, the skin does not have any kind of new animations of particles, it just gives a new look to the character.

This one hit the store on 30th September 2015, for only 750 RP, which at least, is visually more appealing than the previous ones.

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God Staff Jax

With this one, we step now into the ground of the most elaborated and amazing skins Jax has, God Staff Jax is one of the most seen ones when it comes to choosing one for the champion to play in the Rift.

This one brings a lot of changes for the champion since it features a lot of new things like new overall animations ad recall animation, new sound, and visual effects, it even includes a voice filter which makes him sound different.

The skin became available in the store on 11th January 2018 and is one of the most extravagant skin the champion has, which is worth the 1350 RP it costs.

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Conqueror Jax

To celebrate the 2021 Mid Season International organized by Riot Games, they decided to put out there a Legacy skin for Jax, which is Conqueror Jax, this skin has a prestige edition, which, just as Pax Jax, is considered a limited edition / rare skin, that summoners could get once they earn enough amount of prestige points.

This skin has a cool color palette that suits great the champion and was created by Foritis Wang, West Studio. Of course, this skin belongs to the conqueror-themed skins, which, with several other themes, are part of the World Championship universe.

This one has some new animations and particles, as well as splash art. Because we’re talking about a Legacy skin, it will be available when the legacy vault opens again for 1350 RP alongside other Legacy skins such as The Mighty Jax, Vandal Jax, Angler Jax, and SKT T1 Jax.

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Mecha Kingdoms Jax

This is without a doubt the most complex and elaborated skin Jax has, he looks amazing and imposing in the splash art, not to mention everything that this one offers to the champion. The story tells us about Jax’s search for a proper weapon to fight with despite winning every battle he may find on his way.

Bo “Chenbowow” Chen was in charge to create the Mecha Kingdom version of Jax, which features a new voice filter for Jax, which changes the way his voice sounds, new quotes when in-battle, new visual, and sound effects as well as new animations and recall.

The skin came to the store on 15th January 2020 for 1850 RP, this is the most expensive skin Jax has available in the game, but for all players who main him, we strongly recommend getting it.

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If the previous one is the most eccentric skin Jax has, PAX Jax is the rarest and most exclusive skin he will (probably) ever have. Although it looks similar to Angler Jax, they’re different.

Turns out, that PAX Jax was available only via redemption code, given to those who were part of the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East/Prime 2010 & PAX East 2011, which means that it hasn’t been available again ever since.

There are other PAX skins, like PAX Twisted Fate, PAX Sivir, and Neo PAX Sivir, all of them just as exclusive and rare which were obtainable the same way as PAX Jax.

Jax is a fighter whose wardrobe has skins not so memorable like Angler Jax to a total must-have. We have no doubt why he is so used in the League of Legends and even in Wild Rift, where he has an exclusive aspect: Hexplorer Jax. Another fighter who has some interesting skins is Jayce, which you can get to know his Jayces best skins here. Also, you can check all the best skins for each champion here as well.

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