8 Best LoL Counter Junglers to Invade Enemy Jungle

The best counter junglers in League of Legends, such as Nunu or Graves, make it easy to invade enemy jungle, with their strong early damage or walls jumps.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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8 Best LoL Counter Junglers to Invade Enemy Jungle

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Warwick is one of the best beginner jungle champions, due to how simple he is to play. He has incredibly strong early game, with a healthy clear due to his in-built health regen.

LoL - Warwick Splash Art

Due to this, he is always prepared to take on the enemy jungler, if he finds them while stealing the enemy minions in the jungle. Furthermore, his W allows him to scent low-health enemy champions all across the map, giving him a high movement boost.

This way, if the enemy jungler is one that has a difficult early game clear, Warwick's nose leads him right to the enemy jungler's location to get devoured!

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When it comes to the best scaling champions in LoL, none can match Kindred in the jungle. Her passive allows Kindred to mark enemies, and hunt them down for a bonus to her damage and range.

LoL - Kindred Splash Art

As a side effect, it also, automatically, marks the enemy's camps, for Kindred to steal, giving the same buffs. Thus, counter-jungling is literally part of Kindred's design!

In addition, her Q allows her to wall jump, making it easy to get in and out of the enemy jungle safely! Her only downside is that her skill floor is quite high.

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Nunu & Willump

How do you win a smite battle against Nunu & Willump? By taking the objective on the opposite side of the map from them, that's how.

Nunu & Willump are a duo of child and yeti, whose entire playstyle revolves around constant ganks and giving their laners kills, followed by quick invades into the enemy jungle with their laners in tow!

LoL - Nunu & WIllump Splash Art

And it works, especially since no other champion in League of Legends can win a smite battle against Nunu & WIllump, due to their Q, which deals 1200 true damage to monsters.

This way, Nunu & Willump can do 2400 true damage to monsters, even including drakes and baron, when casting their Q and smite at the same time!

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There is a reason Kha'Zix is one of the best champions for First Strike in LoL, and it all comes down to his single-target damage once he finds an isolated target.

LoL - Kha'Zix Splash Art

And there is no better way to do so than to counter jungle. Even if you don't kill the enemy with Kha'Zix, the gold income from the rune, as well as forcing them to back off, and giving you reign of the jungle monsters, is enough to snowball the game!

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The best counter-junglers in League of Legends all have a way of ignoring terrain. Kayn is one of the prime examples of this, as his wall travel heals him, in addition to movement possibilities.

LoL - Kayn Splash Art

With a dash that can also jump over walls and a transformation that is dependent upon fighting enemy champions, Kayn has a multitude of ways and reasons to counter jungle!

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Lee Sin

Lee Sin is the epitome of a hard-to-master champion in LoL. His combos are the stuff of legends, with so many ways to juke the enemy, or outplay them with a combination of his gap closer, ultimate, and ward jumps.

LoL - Lee Sin Splash Art

In the right hands, however, and coupled with his early-game scaling, Lee Sin can easily hunt down the enemy jungler, or force them to give up their jungle camps.

And, with his W, he is also incredibly good at counter-ganking, shielding his ally, and placing himself in the thick of things to return damage upon the baited enemies!

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One of the most annoying champions in League of Legends, bar Teemo, is Shaco. And this is not only because of his abilities, but in the way he uses them, making him an extremely efficient jungler to invade the enemy jungle.

LoL - Shaco Splash Art

By entering the enemy jungle ahead of time, he can pepper it with his boxes, fearing the enemy, only to blink behind them and one-shot them with his lethality build.

And if the enemy is someone like Kha'Zix, who can one-shot him in return, all he has to do is send his clone in first, to outplay the enemy even further, and not only set them back in gold, but mentally as well!

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This is the champion that has it all. An assassin's scaling, while being able to build fighter items for added survivability, a kit that is simple to pick up, and combos that are easy to execute.

LoL - Talon Splash Art

That is not all, however. There is a reason he's one of the best mid-lane roaming champions, and it's even more pronounced in the jungle.

One of his abilities is specifically designed to jump over walls, and he can do so repeatedly, thus catching the unsuspecting enemy jungler, only to make his escape afterward, with the enemy team none the wiser!

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