Best Ahri Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in LoL

Find out everything you have to know about the best Ahri build, runes, spells, items and counters. Increase your ELO playing this powerful champion now!
Best Ahri Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in LoL

Ahri mid is an excellent condition in the current meta and is an incredibly versatile, powerful champion who brings a ton of utility to his team. Therefore, here we provide you with all the information about the best ahri build, runes, summoner spells, skill order and much more. Let's start!

Best Ahri Build

Playing Ahri mid lane will make enemy champions fear you at the summoner's rift. Her mobility allows you to hit multiple nearby enemies, reduce enemy heals, and if you play safe, you will be able to use the orb of deception to heal yourself. 

Ahri build is normally focused on ability haste and ability power which help you deals magic damage to an enemy champion. Our recommendation, change your Ahri build mythic item depending if the enemy team is so tank or weak.

Best ahri build runes spells items league of legends

Best Ahri Runes

If you're playin this champion and you're looking for the best runes for ahri, then you may look for the burst damage runes. This is an amazing option if you're fighting against squishy champions in the mid lane. 

Therefore, choosing the electrocute rune is an amazing option for Ahri. After that you may use the ultimate hunter rune, taste of blood, eyeball collection and choose the best runes for ahri depending on your math up.

Best Rune PathDomination
Best KeystoneElectrocute
Best Slot 1 (Rune)Taste of Blood

Biscuit Delivery

Best Slot 2 (Rune)Eyeball Collection

Time Warp Tonic

Best Slot 3 (Rune)Treasure Hunter

When choosing the best ahri runes, think a little bit about your team composition and how you want to handle your early game. 

Using fox fire to activate electrocute is an amazing option against almost any mid lane champion, and, if you love playing champions with crowd control, then using the domination tree is a must for you.

Best Ahri Rune Shards

Rune shards are a fundamental piece when choosing your runes, since they will help you better withstand the laning phase and will put you at an advantage against a rival champion. 


9 Ability Power

+9 Adaptive Force

15 − 140 (based on level) bonus health

Best Ahri Summoner's Spells

Depending on the type of opponent you have during the laning phase, it is common to use ignite and flash as the best summoner spells for Ahri.


However, it's quite common to use Teleport and Flash as summoner spells if you're interested in having a calm laning phase and ensuring a quick lane return during the early stages of the game.

Best Ahri Abilities Order

Your orb of deception (Q) is your most important ability when playing Ahri mid lane, so this is the first ability to max up in your skill order table. On the other hand, Ahri's W is a powerful ability to push lanes and, also, it will look for the first enemy hit in the last seconds.

Best Ahri Abilities Order

Fox fire is perfect to earn some movement speed and orb of deception will heal you every time you use your abilities a certain number of times. 

On the other hand, spirit rush (R) has to be leveled up at level 6, 11 and 16 respectively. This ability will help you to finish up your enemies and this spell hits an enemy champion up to 3 times.

Best Ahri items

If you want to get the most out of Ahri's abilities and take advantage of the possibility of seek nearby enemies to destroy them quickly with your powerful abilities, then you must know perfectly what are the best Ahri items to use in summoner's rift.


Best Starter Ahri Items

Ahri is a champion that benefits a lot from magic penetration, so these. arethe items you might want to go for:

Doran’s Ring
Health Potion

However, in the early stages of the game you can benefit from acquiring a Doran's ring. On the other hand, if you are taking advantage of the time warp tonic rune, then getting a corrupting potion is a good idea.


Best Mid Game Ahri Items

Later in the early game, and after selling your Doran's ring, you can quickly prioritize Luden's tempest or Everfrost, Ionian boots or the sorcerer's shoes. In the case of sorcerer's shoes it will favor you to burst your enemies and get lower cooldowns on your abilities to attack your enemies. This will help you to use your fox fire and orb of deception as many times as possible.

Ionian Boots
Zhonya's hourglass

Another object that you must complete during the mid game is the famous stopwatch, it will help you complete the Zhonya's hourglass to use it at key moments during team fights. It is also convenient to acquire at least one

Needlessly Large Rod to complete your Rabadon's deathcap for the late game. A void staff is also important if your enemies are gaining magic resistance.


Best Final Late Game Ahri Items

When you're playing the late game in League of legends with Ahri, then your build should be completed and your magic damage should be more than enough to kill the enemy ADC and other champions. The Rabadon's deathcap is one of the most important items for Ahri in the late game.

Ionian Boots

Rabadon's deathcap

Horizon Focus

Void staff

Managing league of legends late game is so important, and Ahri is an amazing champion to roam at the summoner's rift. You can take a look at our guide about how to roam in League of legends.

Best Champions to pair Ahri with

If you play Ahri in the mid lane, then you may play well with some champions like Viego, Volibear and Nautilus. These champs help Ahri to create a strong CC chain against almost all enemies. 


So, if you play duo and want a good combo, you may take a look at our guide about the best Darius build League of Legends.

Strongest Champions against Ahri

As always, when playing Ahri in the mid lane, you may find some champions you're too weak and almost impossible to play against. 

So, if you're looking to instantly deal magic damage and take advantage of the nine tailed fox, then avoid playing against Swain, Qiyana and Talon.


Weakest Champions against Ahri

On the other hand, Ahri is very strong against low mobility champions that she can deal all of her magic damage to without issue. So Ahri is very strong against champions like Corki, Ryze, and Syndra.

You may also take a look at our guide about the best Gangplank build in League of Legends if you’re a fan of difficult champions in LoL.

Ryze43.72%ahri League of Legends Weakest Champions against
Corki43.84%ahri League of Legends Weakest Champions against
Syndra45.18%ahri League of Legends Weakest Champions against