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How To Unlink Your Phone Number From League of Legends

Using your phone number is more of a formality than a necessity in League of Legends these days, so you might want to unlink it sometimes.
How To Unlink Your Phone Number From League of Legends

Times have changed from the days we first linked our phone numbers to our League of Legends accounts, and now, for one reason or another, such as fear of personal information leaking or merely changing our phone number, we need to unlink them from our accounts. Here is how.

How to Unlink Phone Number From Your LoL Account?

Whether it’s because you wish to link a new phone number, or just remove it completely, players are given the option of unlinking their phones from their League of Legends accounts, though the process should be far simpler.

Unfortunately, there is no in-game, or in-Client way, of doing so, as the insufferable Client only holds your verified e-mail. Instead, to unlink your phone number you must submit a ticket:

  1. Visit the LoL support page
  2. Submit a ticket for General Issues
  3. Fill out the Questionnaire
  4. Get help from the support team.

As the developers themselves warn, though, you have to keep in mind that a 6 month waiting period begins at the moment you link your account. If you ever want to re-link the same number, you'll have to wait till the initial six-month period has elapsed from the time of your first link. This is done to prevent players from using one phone to jump between multiple accounts.

What is the Phone Number Used for In League of Legends?

At first, the phone number was used only as an alternative way of verifying your League of Legends account, so the developers know it is a legit player looking to climb the ranks, rather than someone looking to level and sell it. However, there are also other uses for the phone number in LoL:

  • Account Verification
  • Account Deletion
  • Participating in Clash Tournaments
  • Changing Personal Riot ID info
  • Changing Account Settings
League of Legends - Link Clash Phone Number

Out of all of these, the only one that e-mail can’t be used for is participating in Clash tournaments, whereas the others can use e-mail to verify your authenticity by sending a verification code.

Clash tournaments, on the other hand, rely far too much on players playing within their own skill bracket, and to ensure fairness and not have high-ranked players stomping low-ranked ones, phone number verification is needed.

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