Average rank in League of Legends

A prevalent thing we hear from League of Legends players is that they are "average." But what does that actually mean? Well, let's find out!

What is an average rank in League of Legends?

Statistically, the most average rank is Silver IV, and it holds about 11% of all players.Silver IV is the ninth (counting down from the lowest) rank in the League of Legends ranking system and the first rank of the Silver Division, which alone contains about 40% of the game’s player base. It’s also the most popular division to be in. Therefore, we could say that the Silver Division is a place for players representing average skills. This division is also where the real tryhard begins, as players compete for additional end-of-season prizes.

What are the skills of an average League of Legends player?

Unlike the lower divisions, you are unlikely to see champions outside the metagame, such as Viktor or Talon at the Silver ranks. You should expect that average players are aware of what builds are currently the strongest, and if someone is picking something outside the metagame, they are probably just playing for fun. Most Silver Division players already have their “Champion Pool” and favorite playstyle.Silver players also often have their vision for specific phases of the game, especially early-game. While not consistently accurate, it's still some sort of plan, which is unlikely to be found in the lower divisions. Unlike Iron/Bronze players, you won't see many greedy plays here; Silver players often play the game safe, but sometimes even too much.The average player should also be aware of the importance of “farming.” This may seem obvious to some of you, but many novice players overlook this aspect. Where Bronze Divison players often avoid confrontations with minions, dragons, or Baron Nashor — Silver Division players often look at it more as an opportunity than a risk.

What skills are average League of Legends players missing?

Now that we've talked about what skills average players have, let's look at the ones they lack. The most important one will probably be adapting the game and playstyle depending on the circumstance. For example, Tank doesn't always have to play defensively; some situations call for rushes and more aggressive play. The more experienced and professional players see opportunities that they can exploit, where the average ones play tend to think very linearly. This is an essential skill that separates an “ok” player from a top-tier one. But don't worry, no one is born with this skill; It is a matter of experience, so just play and collect it.We also mentioned that the average player knows the metagame and which champions are the most effective, but they don't always know how to play them. It just so happens that the top-tier builds require the most skill and game experience, yet average players will go for them anyway. Sometimes it might be better to take a theoretically inferior champion, but the one you know how to play.

In a World Full Of Average. Be Outstanding.

We do not doubt that the primary aspect differentiating an average player from a higher-ranked one is experience and time spent in the game. If you wonder what to do to get to an above-average level — just play the game, commit some time to practice, and learn from your matches. Consider checking out our other articles, where we look at ways to improve your skills and gameplay experience.