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What is the Average Rank in League of Legends?

Nobody likes being average, but, statistically, that’s what most of us are. In League of Legends, it’s even more visible via the ranking system.
What is the Average Rank in League of Legends?

A prevalent thing we hear from League of Legends players is that they are "average." But what does that actually mean? Is it in relation to their skill, or perhaps time played? Well, let's find out!

What is the Most Common League of Legends Rank?

Statistically, the most average rank is Silver IV, and it holds about 11% of all players. Silver IV is the ninth rank in the League of Legends ranking system and the first rank of the Silver Division, which alone contains about 40% of the game’s player base.


It’s also the most popular division to be in. 

Therefore, we could say that the Silver Division is a place for players representing average skills

This division is also where the real tryhard begins, as players compete for additional end-of-season prizes. It bears mentioning that, by every season’s end, the rank with the most players shifts to Gold IV, as more and more players manage to grind it out.

How Good is the Average LoL Player?

The skill of average League of Legends players has been climbing steadily over the years. Where in the early days of League of Legends, even knowing every champion was considered an accomplishment, nowadays the picture is a bit different, and far more demanding.

League of Legends - Silver Rank

Average LoL players can be considered to have the following skills and knowledge:

  • Having an established Champion pool,
  • Knowing how to farm minions,
  • Knowing the importance of objectives,
  • Knowing which Champions are strong in the meta.

What Should Average LoL Players Learn?

Even though the largest amount of players is situated around the Silver and Gold divisions, the path to the ranked peak is long indeed.

Here are a few things that players in the Gold and Silver divisions lack:

  • Adapting to enemy picks in draft,
  • Pushing ally advantages,
  • Punishing enemy mistakes,
  • Not throwing the lead,
  • Learning macro gameplay,
  • Learning wave management,
  • Learning how to close out a won game,
  • Learning to play from a position of weakness, called playing from behind.
League of Legends - Destroying the Nexus

We do not doubt that the primary aspect differentiating an average player from a higher-ranked one is experience and time spent in the game wisely.

If you wonder what to do to get to an above-average level, just play the game, commit some time to practice, and learn from your mistakes without blaming others.

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