How to remove your phone number in League of Legends

Here's how to remove your phone number in League of Legends in a nutshell!
How to remove your phone number in League of Legends

Riot Games understands that the security of their player’s account is crucial, League of Legends is a game where hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on a day-to-day basis, perhaps in Riot points to buy skins or bundles of chest, whatever it is, it’s normal that players want to ensure their accounts.

How To Remove Your Current Phone Number From Your League of Legends Account?

To delete your phone number from your League of Legends account is rather easy, but there are certain things you have to take into consideration if you want to delete it. For starters, you can only link your phone number to a single account every 6 months. Therefore, you have to be careful which number (in case you have more than one) you link to your account or accounts.

Riot Games support has stated in an article post that it is possible to delete your phone number from League of Legends accounts, the process is totally different from linking your phone to your LoL account, since you have to submit a ticket to Riot support and they will answer. Follow these steps of this simple process to achieve this.

  1. Go to the League of Legends website.
  2. Use the login feature for LoL accounts with the drop down menu.
  3. Scroll down and search for an option that says "Submit a ticket".
  4. Now, you'll find yourself on the "Submit a Request" page.
  5. Search the option that says "Account, management, Data Request, or Deletion"
  6. Fill-in the rest of the blank spaces with the subject , description of it, your region and more.
  7. Finally, select "Account Management" from the “Please select your inquiry" main menu.
  8. Click submit and your request will be sent to the support team.

Additionally make sure to have the password to the same email you use for playing League.

Can You Link More Than One Phone Number To a League of Legends Account?

Riot has made sure to allow only the same phone number per one account or Riot account. Before doing something like this, we recommend our readers to think carefully about what number they’d like to link in case they have one or more. Besides this common question, players seem to have other concerns such as.

What Happens If You’re Being Told Your Phone Number Is Not Valid?

If you, or any of your friends you play with have this problem, Riot stated in their article that when this happens, the problem relies often due the type of phone or carrier you are inputting, other types of phone numbers such as internet ones, like Google voice aren’t eligible for this type of authentication and is one of the reasons players get this message in their LoL account.

What Happens If You’re Not Receiving Your Clash SMS Code?

Usually when this happens in the game is because there’s been a typo when inputting the number in the verification page, making sure that the phone number you're entering in your League of Legends account is the right one, that everything is correct, and in order is the best and most universal solution to this.

What Happens If You Add The Wrong Phone Number Into The Wrong Riot Account?

If this is your case, we have bad news, Riot has stated that for those who linked the wrong phone number to their account, there is no other solution to it but to wait the mandatory 6 month period to finally delete it. We hope this is not your case, and if it is, that you have access to the number you actually linked, or you’ll have to delete it from your account in 6 months.

There are several ways to ensure your logged account’s safety in the game, from email verification, to Clash SMS, and it is good to know that Riot Games has added these useful features to their system, to protect the precious time and money that goes into each player’s account. As always we recommend players to be careful with their information and what emails or phone numbers they use with their LoL accounts so you don’t have to delete it.

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