Best Champions in League of Legends

Are you currently looking for a champion to play and increase your win rate in solo queue? Here are all the best LoL champions to help you with your choice!

best champions lol
best champions lol

Since League of Legends has tons of characters already, some newbies might be looking for a champion to use. It is also more confusing because each of them has different gameplay, roles, and types. You do not have to look further because this is a collection of all the best champions in LoL to help you in choosing someone to use!

Best LoL Champions | Ranked from worst to best

Master Yi

Who does not love a beginner champ but is strong enough to win some ranked games? Master Yi, the Wuju bladesman, has been one of the most known League of Legends champions since the release of the game. He has straightforward gameplay that all newbies will love. Master Yi’s kit is also auto-attack focused, so anyone can thrive using him once they build their core items. He is also known to be a hyper-carry jungler, and players surely fear him once he activates his ultimate, Highlander. Even though he is one of the earliest champions released by Riot Games, he still remains included in the best League of Legends champions tier list. 

Here are all Master Yi’s abilities:

  • Double Strike (Passive): Master Yi will attack twice after every few auto attacks
  • Alpha Strike (Q): Master Yi will teleport around the selected area to strike multiple enemies in a path, dealing physical damage. Alpha Strike can deal critical hits. Master Yi’s auto attacks reduce Alpha Strike’s cooldown.
  • Meditate (W): Master Yi meditates, restoring health and reducing damage for a short time. Additionally, he will also gain stacks for Double Strike and pause the duration for Highlander and Wuju Style. 
  • Wuju Style (E): Master Yi deals bonus true damage when auto-attacking. 
  • Highlander (R): The Wuju bladesman showcases his agility, temporarily gaining movement speed and attack speed. Master Yi is also immune to slowing effects for the whole duration. Highlander will also get extended if he gets kills or assists. 

Lee Sin

Probably the most famous jungler in the history of League of Legends. Lee Sin is immortalized as one of the best champions to play because of the iconic “Insec” kick. Lee Sin is one of the hardest champions to master, but when a player learns all the combos for him, it will be almost impossible to stop them. Lee Sin has a strong early game, so anyone would not have problems with him trying to gank and invade during the laning phase. Not only that, but Lee Sin can make flashy plays during team fights that will surely surprise enemies. Almost all the best jungle players in the world have mastered this champion, so it will be a great start if you do too!

Here are all Lee Sin’s abilities:

  • Flurry (Passive): Lee Sin’s next two basic attacks will have bonus auto-attack speed and return energy after using an ability.
  • Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike (Q): Lee Sin will fire a wave of sound, called Sonic Wave, to locate his enemies, dealing physical damage. If the wave hits an enemy, he can cast Resonating Strike, wherein he will dash onto the enemy dealing bonus damage based on missing health.
  • Safeguard/Iron Will (W): Lee Sin will dash onto an ally and shield them. After casting Safeguard, Lee Sin can cast Iron Will, granting him life steal and spell vamp for four seconds. 
  • Tempest/Cripple (E): The blind monk will smash the ground dealing magic damage and reveal all enemies hit. If Lee Sin hits an enemy, he can cast Cripple, slowing enemy champions for four seconds. 
  • Dragon’s Rage (R): Lee Sin will perform a roundhouse kick that launches his target back. Enemies that collide with the launched unit will also be knocked into the air. 


This champion has been in and out of the meta since the release of League of Legends. Riot Games buffed him a few years back, solidifying Darius’ power in the top lane. Up until today, he is still one of the most picked champions in the top because of his tankiness, sustain, and overall damage. Darius is not a hard champion to master, either. All he needs is a person with great decision-making to become successful and destroy everyone in the top lane. Darius is also a really strong early game champion, which tons of newbies will love. Because of these reasons, Darius will still be included in the best champions tier list in League of Legends. 

Here are all Darius’ abilities:

  • Hemorrhage (Passive): Enemies will bleed everytime Darius damages them with an auto-attack or ability, stacking up to five times. Darius will gain attack bonus damage when he successfully reaches max stacks on an enemy. 
  • Decimate (Q): The hand of noxus winds up and swings his ax on a massive circle, damaging enemies and healing himself. Those who are caught in the blade will receive more damage compared to those hit by the handle. 
  • Crippling Strike (W): Darius empowers his next auto attack, slowing enemies and stacking hemorrhage. 
  • Apprehend (E): Darius passively ignores a percentage of an enemy’s armor. When cast, he will pull enemies using his axe onto him. 
  • Noxian Guillotine (R): Darius will leap into the air and strike a lethal blow to the enemy, dealing true damage that increases for each stack of hemorrhage to the target. When this skill kills a champion, its cooldown resets. 


Of course, Riot Games’ very own queen of the game will be included in this League of Legends tier list, and she won’t be going anywhere because she is still one of the best champions to play. Not only that, but she is one of the two champions that have the most skins in League of Legends. Lux is a very straightforward champion, but she hits like a truck once she hits all her abilities. Once a player hits a combo, it is likely a kill. Lux might be very immobile, but because of her supportive and heavy crowd control abilities, she surely deserves a spot on this LoL tier list. 

Here are all of Lux’s abilities:

  • Illumination (Passive): Lux will deal additional magic damage on a target that she recently hit with abilities
  • Light Binding (Q): Lux fires a sphere of light, binding and damaging up to two enemies. 
  • Prismatic Barrier (W): Lux bends the light by throwing her wand in a straight line, shielding all allies hit by it
  • Lucent Singularity (E): The lady of luminosity fires a ray of light in a circular area that slows nearby enemies. Lux can reactivate the skill to detonate the light, damaging enemies.
  • Final Spark (R): Lux gathers light energy and fires a straight beam, damaging all enemies hit. Final Spark will detonate her passive ability and refresh it. 


Some might have guessed that she will appear in this lol tier list after gaining some popularity in Arcane. The sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn, has been a consistent pick in the bot lane with a high win rate ever since the release of League of Legends. Because of her long-range, Caitlyn is one of the strongest AD carries during the laning phase, and she can bully everyone to death. She is also a champion that is easily manageable because of her long range for both auto-attacks and abilities. Caitlyn is the first AD carry to be included in this LoL tier list, and she is currently in the tier S of AD carries. Nevertheless, it is well deserved because of her fantastic kit.


Here are all of Caitlyn’s abilities:

  • Headshot (Passive): Caitlyn will fire a headshot that deals physical damage scaling with her critical strike chance after a few auto attacks or when she nets or traps a target. Her auto-attack range is doubled on netted or trapped enemies.
  • Piltover Peacemaker (Q): Caitlyn will rev up her rifle and will fire a huge penetrating bullet that deals physical damage
  • Yordle Snap Trap (W): Caitlyn sets up a trap to catch pesky units. Enemies will get immobilized and revealed when they step on the trap. 
  • 90 Caliber Net (E): The sheriff of Piltover will fire a huge net that knocks her back. Enemies hit by the net will be slowed.
  • Ace In The Hole (R): Caitlyn will line up before sniping her target, dealing massive physical damage on the first champion hit. 


Probably the most famous League of Legends champion to date. Memed because of his difficulty to play, the unforgiven, Yasuo, has been a consistent pick in the mid lane ever since he was released. Even though he is the hardest champion in this LoL tier list, he is still the best League of Legends champion to hard carry games. He counters almost all mages, like Twisted Fate and Lux, because of his powerful Wind Wall ability. Yasuo will still remain in the god tier of mid laners. Only a handful of people have fully mastered this champion, but if you want to record some highlights and perform the best plays ever, then master Yasuo and record your games!

Here are all Yasuo’s abilities:

  • Way of the Wanderer (Passive): Yasuo has additional critical strike chance. He also gains a shield that blocks damage from champions and monsters, which is charged by moving.
  • Steel Tempest (Q): Yasuo will thrust his sword forward, damaging all enemies hit. Whenever this ability hits an enemy unit, it grants a stack. Yasuo will fire a whirlwind that will knock enemies up at two stacks. 
  • Wind Wall (W): The unforgiven will create a wall made of wind that blocks all enemy projectiles for four seconds. This ability gets bigger whenever upgraded.
  • Sweeping Blade (E): Yasuo will dash through a target enemy, slashing them and dealing magic damage. Each dash increases Sweeping Blade’s base damage.
  • Last Breath (R): Yasuo can choose an airborne champion, then dashes and slashes them, holding them in the air. After cast, Yasuo will have bonus critical strikes and armor penetration.

Are All Of LoL Champions Available In Wild Rift? 

If you did not know yet, Wild Rift was released by the same company and had the exact gameplay like League of Legends. Fortunately, all of these champions are available in the mobile game, so expect the same when it comes to a Wild Rift tier list. Those mentioned above are also the best champions to play, so make sure to master them in both the PC and mobile versions, to destroy all the lane champions that you will see! 

Who Is The Strongest Lore Character In League of Legends?

In terms of lore, then Aurelion Sol is probably the strongest of all since he is the creator and destroyer of all things. He can destroy a universe in the snap of his fingers. However, in terms of gameplay, everyone is on the same level on the playing field, and the strength of the champion depends on the one using them.

That will be the end of the best League of Legends champions to date. Some of them are really easy to use, but the likes of Lee Sin and Yasuo might take months to master, so choose the champion that you will use carefully! There are still tons of champions out there, and Riot Games continues to release new ones, and it is a good thing to learn a handful of them to have a huge champion pool!