Best Ahri Skins | LoL

Arhi is a great LoL Champion for both new and old players. She comes with a great range of skins to flaunt in the Mid Lane to jealous enemies before she bursts them with magic. Here are the best Arhi skins in the game.

best ahri skins lol
best ahri skins lol

Ahri The Nine-Tailed Fox was added to the League of Legends Champion list in 2011 and she's been a steady favourite for many players. She takes the role of a Mid Laner which makes sense considering Ahri is a Burst Mage. Her ranged abilities are easy to learn but Ahri is difficult to master.

Buying a new League of Legends skin makes sense considering how many great Arhi skins are in the game. Knowing which one to pick is difficult so we've made this best Ahri skins LoL list to help you find the best one for you.

Foxfire Ahri

Ahri is based on the Korean folklore creature Kumiho which is a nine-tailed fox that can transform into other things. Including a beautiful woman. It's only natural then that she be given a nine-tailed fox skin to match.

With nine bright glowing and flaming tails, the Foxfire Ahri skin gives her an intimidating look without losing sight of her origins. The skin also fits her role as a burst mage.

Riot Games released the skin in 2012 and it's available for purchase in League of Legends through the store. The Foxfire Ahri skin is one of the most popular ones in the game for her and it only costs 975 RP.

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Challenger Ahri

Released in 2015, the Challenger Ahri Skin is easily recognisable in matches with the bold red colours making Ahri stand out as a mage.

Challenger Ahri skin

The dark, scarlet red is a great contrast to her brighter coloured abilities. It makes her look more mature compared to most of the other skins available for her in the game.

Sadly, the Challenger Skin has been placed into the Legacy Vault which means it's not always possible to purchase it from the store. It can still be mystery gifted and when it's available in the store, it usually costs 975 RP. The vault is only opened for a limited time and the duration between each vault opening can be quite long!

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Arcade Ahri

Unsurprisingly, the Arcade Ahri skin is one of the most popular in the game. The skin turns Ahri into a gamer, complete with headphones and a GameBoy device. Arcade Ahri is a bright and colorful LoL Champion skin that gives Ahri a brand new feel. She also gets new sound effects, particle effects and textures too.

Released in 2016, the skin is available to buy in the store for 1350 RP. Various other Arcade skins were also released for other League of Legends Champions.

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Academy Ahri

Ahri is one of several LoL Champions to receive an Academy themed skin. Dressed in a classic school outfit, this Academy Ahri skin takes her back to school for a much younger appearance and feel. The Nine-Tailed Fox skin might have returned to high school but she's still the powerful Mid Lane Burst Mage we know and love.

The Academy Ahri skin was released in 2015 and only costs 750 RP making it a relatively cheap Champion skin. It doesn't come with any new sounds, animations or particle effects like the more expensive LoL skins.

Academy Ahri skin

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Popstar Ahri

Moving more towards Korean popular culture, the Popstar Ahri skin turns her into a K-pop Star with pink tails to match the theme. The new skin works well with her mage abilities to turn the Korean folklore-inspired champion into a superstar. Popstar Ahri also includes a new hat, outfit and textures to give her a brand new look while some fun extras such as particle effects helps this Ahri skin feel unique.

Popstar Ahri skin

This is a common skin that was released in 2013 by Riot Games. While it's not one of the cheapest skins in League of Legends, the Popstar Ahri skin is available in the store for 975 RP.

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Star Guardian Arhi

The Star Guardian Ahri skin is one of several Star Guardian skins in League of Legends for different LoL Champions. Other Champions from League of Legends have skins of this them too so while it's not a unique theme, Ahri still looks rather unique compared to the others. The Star Guardian Ahri skin looks almost inspired by Sailor Moon and she gets a new floating companion called Kiko who is sad when she dies in-game.

Star Guardian Arhi skin

Star Guardian Ahri is an incredibly expensive skin at 1820 RP in the store. However, the new skin is completely worth the price. The new Ahri skin was released in 2017 and in addition to the cosmetic skin, it comes with new particles, voice over lines and more.

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Dynasty Ahri

Giving her a fresh look following her Korean folklore origins, Dynasty Ahri is inspired by the traditional Korean Hanbok. The design comes with an emerald butterfly brooch and her hair is tied back using another classic and traditional Korean method. Dynasty Ahri is one of the oldest skins in the game for her and despite its age, this Champion skin is still one of the most popular around.

Dynasty Ahri skin

Riot Games released the Dynasty Ahri skin in 2011 and due to the age of this skin, it doesn't have any new spell animations or sound effects. It does come with a new special dance that feels much more energetic than the base one. Dynasty Ahri only costs 975 RP and is available in the store to purchase at any time.

Ahri is one of the oldest Champions in League of Legends which also means Riot Games have given her a long list of skins over the years. Selecting the best Ahri LoL skin is difficult but our list highlights the best ones for the popular Mid-Lane Champion. The best skins give her a brand new feel and work with her Korean folklore origins instead of against them.

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There are many League of Legends champions and if you haven't found an Ahri skin you like, there are plenty more to take a look at instead. If you want to spend some of your hard-earned RP on a new champion skin and aren't too sure about the options for Ahri, take a look at the best Akali skin options as well. If you're looking for a specific champion then check out the League of Legends skin hub to find the best League of Legends skins in the game for all champions.