Best Mordekaiser Skins | LoL

Runeterra has many ancient and dangerous beings, but none may rival the story of Mordekaiser. A human warlord who ruled both the living and the dead.

Updated on Sep 07, 2023
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Best Mordekaiser Skins | LoL

Mordekaiser is a champion released in 2010, as one of League of Legends’ first batch of new champions. His clunky design has been reworked in 2019, making him a masterpiece of death, destruction, and terror. As such, his skins made their way to our best skin list.

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Dragon Knight Mordekaiser

The Dragon Knight Mordekaiser skin was released alongside the champions’ release, on 24 February 2010. While the skin is priced at 520 RP, the lowest price skins can be given, buying it is a tricky prospect, as it is locked in the Legacy Vault.


Though Dragon Knight Mordekaiser only adds new sounds to the champion, the splash art and the skin’s concept itself are more than worth the 520 RP.


Mordekaiser is defined by two things in League of Legends. His status as a bloodthirsty warlord and his iconic armor. Dragon Knight removes both, replacing his warlord ways with that of a draconic knight leading the race of dragons to establish their birthright as rulers of Runeterra, while his armor is replaced by more organic scales, reminiscent of a dragon. Dragon Knight Mordekaiser may not rule death, but he sure can dispense it.


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King of Clubs Mordekaiser

Card games have been popular throughout the centuries. In the real world, card games feature titles, but the fantasy genre has more options to choose from. King of Clubs Mordekaiser is an example of humanity’s tendency to trivialize even the worst of villains.


King of Clubs Mordekaiser was released on May 20, 2015. Priced at 750 RP, and rated as regular skin, it can be bought anytime in the shop. His splash art and in-game model are the selling pints of this skin.


As part of a wider skin theme, shared with the likes of Ace of Spades Ezreal, King of Clubs Mordekaiser is a twofold play on words. Mordekaiser’s history is one of conquest, where he has become the king of both the dead and the living. His trusty mace, or club as some would call it, followed him in his days as a conqueror. This play on words, in conjunction with his golden color scheme, makes King of Clubs Mordekaiser deceptively more approachable.


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PROJECT: Mordekaiser

The PROJECT skin line is one whose skins have, until now at least, not once disappointed. The skin line is based on a cyberpunk, dystopian future, where an advanced AI will make humans accept peace, by force. PROJECT: Mordekaiser is the only skin in which Mordekaiser is not the final boss, but a pawn of a larger mastermind. That does not make him any less dangerous, however. His robotic body will crush any G/NETIC rebels standing in his way.


The PROJECT: Mordekaiser skin was released on May 27, 2021, and is his most expensive skin, priced at 1820RP. Unlike most Mordekaiser skins that focus on splash art and in-game models, PROJECT: Mordekaiser has it all. This skin updates Mordekaiser’s whole visual and audio experience, with new animations, particle effects, and sounds.


The selling point of PROJECT: Mordekaiser are the particle effects in particular. All of his abilities benefit from the update, with his ultimate especially so, bringing his victims into a space that can only be described as software static, to disconnect them from the world of the living.


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Pentakill Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser has many skins that tie into his lore and basic design, such as the Infernal Mordekaiser skin, or the Lord Mordekaiser skins which subverts his origin and purpose, none can compare to the masterpiece that is the original Pentakill skin. The Pentakill skin line is one that hit the bullseye as far as non-fantasy-related skins are concerned.


The original Pentakill Mordekaiser skin was released on September 21, 2010. Priced at 975 RP, it brings more than just a visual update to Mordekaiser. Rather, it was the first forays of League of Legends into, what is today, an unprecedented musical presence. This skin heralded the new age of gaming, brought by League of Legends, and metal of course.


Pentakill Mordekaiser portrays Mordekaiser as a guitar player in a metal band. His guitar is an ax, and his riffs are fire. Facing him on the battlefield, or listening to his band’s performance both have the same effect, the feeling of goosebumps all over your body. Though the new Pentakill skin is also well made, and newer to boot, the original skin still has more meaning to the community as a whole.

Mordekaiser has been League of Legends’ boogeyman since his release. Throughout the years, Riot have added more and more evil and powerful beings into Runeteraa, but none can compete with the legacy Mordekaiser has created.

His skins rely on his myth and provide the champion with visual updates based on alternate designs the champion could’ve taken, with very few of them updating his whole kit the way PROJECT: Mordekaiser does.


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