How to block someone in League of Legends

Playing LoL, in theory, is supposed to be a fun game, and it actually is. Sadly, encountering a disruptive player who may give you troubles is rather easy, ruining the entire game experience.
How to block someone in League of Legends

Internet trolls, toxic gamers, and people who just don't know when to stop are everywhere in League of Legends. These are the kind of people you want to avoid at all cost during a match because, unless you have a totally unbothered mindset, it will end up making you feel stressed and angry because of their behavior. Get rid of all of those players by learning the different ways to block someone in League of Legends.

Why should you block players in League of Legends

To block a player, whether it'd be after receiving a friend request, or because you encountered a troll during a match, is something that can help you a lot in the future because, despite there being tons of players in a server, to block a particular player is a good way to ensure not encountering that annoying person ever again in any type of match, most importantly in ranked ones.

How can you block a player in League of Legends

There are various ways to block someone on League of Legends. Well, go over each of these methods to see how we can add to our list a new blocked player.

How to block a player when you finish a game

After you finish a game, you can instantly add to your block list anyone who was in that match, in your team or the enemy one. Using the match history is also great to see other toxic gamers to add to your in game list of blocked summoners. To achieve this, follow these steps after you finish a game.

  1. Right-click on the desired summoner name.
  2. Select block from the options available.
  3. A confirmation pop up will appear.
  4. Click on the block button.

After this, you don't have to worry again about the blocked players.

How to block a player from the League of Legends client

Riot Games also added the option to block players when you're in the client by using the in game friends list that's on the right sidebar. This is most used when you receive a new friend request, and this so-called new friend turns out to be someone very annoying or toxic. To block someone in League from your chat list, follow these steps.

  1. Open the League client.
  2. Find the friends list on the right.
  3. Right-click on the person you want to block.
  4. Click on the block option.

Now you and any blocked player won't be able to play League of Legends together, nor will you see them in the friend list.

How to block a player with their summoner name

Another way Riot Games allows us to block LoL players is by using the name they use for their account, this way you can add anyone from the online gaming community of League of Legends to the block list. To block someone on League with his user, follow these steps.

  1. Open the League of Legends client.
  2. Open the settings page located in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select the “Block List” tab of the overlay menu.
  4. Enter the summoner's name in the empty box.
  5. Place the mouse pointer on the block option.
  6. Click on it.

This way, you can pretty much block all the players in the game, it's direct, and it takes just a few simple procedures.

How to unblock someone in League of Legends

If you have a blocked player in League of Legends by mistake, or regret your blocking decision, to easily unblock them, you just have to go over these steps, which are almost the same as the previous ones.

  1. Open League of Legends.
  2. Go over the in game settings option.
  3. Click on “Block list”
  4. You'll find a list with the name of the blocked gamer.
  5. Next to the name, you'll see an “X” click on it.
  6. After that, click “Done” on the page.

Now, if you had that person in your list of pals, they should appear in the League of Legends client.

To block someone on League is quite simple, and you can get rid of someone thanks to features like the match history of a game. Besides blocking, there are other ways to do something about an annoying gamer, such as reporting them. But if what you want is to block someone in League, don't hesitate to go over these options with simple steps.