How to recover your hacked account in League of Legends

Some of the worst fear a League of Legends player may have is losing their accounts due to a hacker who wants it
How to recover your hacked account in League of Legends

When you have invested a certain amount of time and even money in a game such as League of Legends, it’s normal to develop a feeling of value towards your account, especially if you’re someone who loves to buy new skins, emotes, or chromas. 

We always want to protect that which is ours, and the fear of getting it taken from our hands is something that we may ponder from time to time.

If you’re someone who got their Riot Games account hacked, here we’ll show you some steps to take towards recovering it.

Is there a way to recover a League of Legends hacked account?

Now, assuming you know or remember the details of your Riot Games account, in reality, it is not hard at all to recover, if it indeed was hacked.

Riot Games has made sure to create an easy-to-follow system that will ensure you recover your account, so you can play League of Legends again. 

How to Recover your Riot Games Account

To achieve this, you will need to access the customer support page of Riot Games or just click on this link which will take you directly to it. 

There, it will explain you a few steps you can follow before submitting an account recovery request, which are:

  • Make sure you’re logged in to the right server.
  • Recover your username, by using the email address that’s associated with your account.
  • Recover your password by entering your username, not your summoner name.

If none of these actions work for you, then you’re a perfect candidate to fill the “Recover your account form” and generate a ticket to recover your account.

Information necessary to recover your League of Legends account

When filling the form to recover your account, you have to provide your account information:

  • Username
  • Region (It could be North America, Europe, Brazil, etc)

Then, you have to enter the following sign up information:

  • Signup Email
  • Answer “Yes” or “No” to the question “Do you have access to this email?”
  • Recover to Email address

Lastly, the player support will also ask you to please fill in a blank space with the oldest email you remember having associated with that account, but you don’t have to worry about this part if it’s not applicable to you.

How to protect your League of Legends account from being hacked?


Set up a decent password

The most crucial aspect of protecting your account, and of course, the most obvious, is setting up a password that’s hard to guess. 

And truth to be told, a strong password isn't necessarily a long one, in reality, all you need is a combination of not only numbers and letters, but also punctuation marks that further increase your password strength. 

For example, you could throw a question mark or asterisk here and there, so you don’t have easily guessable passwords.


Enable the 2FA in your Riot Games Account

Another way of adding an extra layer of security to your account is by actually activating the 2FA or “Two factor authentication”, to achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Riot account
  2. Click to the two-factor authentication section
  3. Select “Enable”
  4. You will receive an email in the one associated with your account. Open it and click “Enable two-factor authentication”.

And that’s it, without much effort you will be notified of any attempt to log in your account via email from now on.

Protecting your account is something that shouldn’t be that hard, this is something that Riot Games understand and want to offer the best service if a player did lose all access to their account. 

Don’t hesitate to follow these tips if you got hacked or if you just want to strengthen the security of your account.