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Player Count by Region | LoL

Discover all you need to know about player count by region LoL. How many players does League of Legends have per server? See all details now!‍
Player Count by Region | LoL

League of Legends has established itself as one of the best games of the decade and has a large number of players who support them all over the world. For this reason, today we will talk about lol player count by region to learn a little more about the player base of this wonderful online game worldwide.

It should be noted, the data of player count in League of Legends is updated periodically on websites such as, among others, from there we will take much of the data about the player base that we will show you below. Let's start!

Total Player Count League of Legends per Year

More than a decade after the launch of League of Legends it is still one of the reference games, it is because Riot Games managed to turn it into a global phenomenon. Since its premiere, the developer team began a process of gradual expansion of services and has been adding servers to its services.

The most curious thing about live player count and regions is that each server in League of Legends has its own essence and offers a few changes from the experience we are used to in our region. So even the amount of AFKs players, bronze ELO players, and even players participating in rankeds varies from server to server. Here is a list of LoL Live Player Count currently:

2022175,000,00052,729,23130.13 %32,581,881
2021122,270,76919,914,18916.28 %11,339,628
2020102,356,58035,380,57134.56 %10,908,597
201966,976,009-8,023,991-11.9 %4,049,307
201875,000,0004,055,9955.4 %4,000,205

As you can see millions of players connect month after month to play League of Legends, although there are peaks where there are fewer players, the summer holidays are the perfect time when League of Legends gets more active players and new accounts created something common in the video game industry. If you are interested in learning more about champions in LoL, take a look at our guide about best champions in League of Legends and start dominating de rift!

Number of players per server region in League of Legends

Another of the main questions regarding this worldwide distribution of League of Legends could well be the question of how many players there are on each of the servers. A question that we cannot answer if we strictly limit ourselves to the number of people, but we can if we look at the number of accounts created in 2021:

Korea19.822.12416.63 %
EUW34.830.78525.72 %
North America27.889.68420.59 %
EUN18.428.81613.06 %
Brazil11.488.7318.48 %
Latin America North6.798.1195.02 %
LAS6.052.4144.46 %
Turkey7.727.1405.70 %
Russia4.888.2073.06 %
Oceania2.746.9032.02 %
Japan 1.736.4891.28 %
All Servers135,409,412100 %

Obviously the conversion of accounts to people cannot be done in a 1:1 ratio (otherwise 40% of the population of South Korea would be players). We can all have a secondary alternative to play a certain champion or use it as a smurf or simply have created it and then leave the game. 

Total player count of League of Legends: Wild Rift

The long-awaited game version of League of Legends arrived a year ago for Android and iOS and competes with games like Mobile Legends, Apex Legends and Rocket League, and it hasn't been bad at all. 

There are already hundreds of thousands of players who enjoy Wild Rift game on their mobile devices and, as if that were not enough, you can also find multiple channels on Twitch dedicated to this game. Here is the list of Wild Rift players currently:

20228,066,9011,263,25615.65 %403,345
20216,803,6452,469,27036.29 %366,006
20204,334,3751,739,32840.12 %229,879

Wild Rift has become popular among PC gamers but has also brought in an incredible number of new gamers, making RIOT Games much more likely to grow and be a major source of entertainment in the video game market. 

On the other hand, the growth of Wild Rift has also affected the growth of League of Legends players for PC, attracting more and more players to the wonderful world of Summoner's Rift.

league of legends player count by region

That is the updated data of player count in both versions of League of Legends, for now, it is expected that the game will continue to grow and League of Legends players will be attracted as well as League of Legends expands even on Netflix with the Arcane series. So we still have many years to see how LoL shines as one of the most popular games in the world and the player count will keep growing.

Why is League of Legends so popular?

The popularity of League of Legends and its player count have grown over the years due to an incredible number of factors. First of all, his competitive game and strategic style of play has hooked thousands of players worldwide, it has given us the best League of Legends esports players of all times, and as if that were not enough, it has led to the creation of one of the most important Esports tournaments and Esports events of the year: The World Championship.

lol player count by region

On the other hand, the incredible variety of players present in its community, and the fact that many of them share clips of their games on social networks, as well as the fact that many of them are streamers, makes the game grow in popularity day by day, gain an incredible player base and increase the player count in LoL.

You can take a look at our guide on best top laners for beginners and find out more about this amazing strategy game, or you can take a look at our guide on how to connect prime gaming LoL and start enjoying all the benefits that RIOT Games has to offer for League of Legends players. See you at Summoner's Rift!

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