Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Yuumi

With Yuumi being a champion with gameplay different from any other in the game, the paired ADC must be carefully chosen for optimal synergy.
Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Yuumi

Yuumi is the ultimate AFK champion in League of Legends, with a playstyle that has the enemy team unable to even target her most of the time. A good Yuumi player, though, is far more active and dangerous on the Rift.

Here are the best ADCs to pair with this support champion, especially when you play Yuumi with a premade.



Starting off our list, we have Ezreal the boytoy. This ADC is one of the safest picks in the game, as his E ability acts like the Flash summoner ability, just with a much lower cooldown, which works perfectly in a lane with Yuumi, where you must give the enemy team the advantage. It’s also a way to avoid deaths as much as possible.

League of Legends - Ezreal

Ezreal works with Yuumi due to his nature as a hyper-scaling champion, and high survivability, on the one hand, and the Yuumi adaptive force damage bonus on the other. Ezreal’s Q is the perfect poke to pair with Yuumi, in lane and beyond.

League of Legends - Pulsfire Ezreal in-game

As far as ADC champions go, Ezreal is the weakest early game champion in the game. With how annoying champions these two are, you are waging mental warfare on the enemy, at the same time.



If you think the Ezreal and Yuumi combo are annoying to deal with, then you’ve never played against full lethality Sivir, with Yuumi attached.

League of Legends - Sivir

While Sivir is not a scaling beast like most ADCs that go well with Yuumi, she has the best wave clear in League of Legends, which negates the passiveness of a usual Yuumi lane. In addition, her full lethality build, with Yuumi’s adaptive force damage buffs, makes her poke destructive, while her E is a spell shield that negates CC.

League of Legends - Sivir in-game

Sivir is the only ADC that makes a Yuumi lane not lose in map pressure, being the best ADC for Yuumi League of Legends has to offer that is useful in the early game, allowing you to contest drake with your jungler, for example, by poking the enemy out of bot lane, and forcing them to go back.



On the other hand, the Vayne Yuumi combo is incredibly weak during the early game, even more so than all others, as Vayne lacks her damage, and, unlike Ezreal, must know how to kite to be able to live, thus the minimum skill needed is much higher.

League of Legends - PROJECT: Vayne

However, the speed boost Yuumi gives Vayne with her E, which also heals, makes kiting far easier, and lane, even team fights, safer.

League of Legends - PROJECT: Vayne in-game

During the late game, a Vayne with a Yuumi attached is a force to reckoned with.

With her passive where her every third auto attack deals bonus true damage to enemies, making her able to shred even the best tank champions in LoL, allowing her to comfortably build Shieldbow and increase her survivability in team fights, along with the healing and adaptable damage buff from Yuumi, making every game that reaches late game, with a late, a done deal.



One of the things that makes Vayne good with Yuumi is her invisibility during her ultimate. However, where Vayne uses invisibility defensively, Twitch does so offensively, catching the enemy team by surprise, as Yuumi goes invisible if she is attached to an invisible champion.

The first back is the best power spike a Twitch Yuumi lane has, as they can return invisible, and gank their own lane.

After that, whenever they go invisible, they influence the game from bot lane, as the enemy team will spam ping them missing, and either over-commit or make their allies wary of a gank. And the speed boost from Yuumi, makes Twitch deceptively fast when crossing the map.

Whatever happens, this duo can take advantage of both situations, by either lying in wait in their own lane, or roaming and getting kills on other lanes. There is no enemy ADC that will not be flamed due to underperforming against this lane, nor is there an ADC champion that can take on Twitch Yuumi alone, while their support tries to match their, supposed, roaming.



In team fights, Twitch will, with a well-placed ultimate, and Yuumi’s buffs, erase the enemy team wholesale. Yeri does need all of that. This champion will hunt down, kill, or outlast all enemy champions to remain the last one standing

We have no idea what Riot Games had in mind when designing this champion, but it’s one with a kit that is definitely overloaded. There is no attack speed or movement speed with this champion, she is attack speed and movement speed incarnated.

League of Legends - Zeri

Add to that that her best build is a tank one, and you have all the necessary things to make an OP champion God-like, with Yuumi attached, as Yuumi thrives with a champion that exhibits one of these characteristics, much less all of them.

League of Legends - Zeri in-game

Pair Yuumi, the magical cat pet of Riot Games, with a new champion Riot Games designed, and we all know how that goes, and see games win themselves.

The new champion coming to the game, Nilah, may be even worse to play against, and will likely offer the best synergies with Yuumi, once she is released. For now, though, in the ADC role, Zeri will do to dish out the needed physical damage.


Miss Fortune

We know what you’re thinking, and, while there are other champions that would, usually, be a better pair for Yuumi than Miss Fortune, there is a catch.

League of Legends - Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Recently, Miss Fortune with a lethality build has been quite active in the game, and this is the one that works perfectly with Yuumi. Her W is enough in the laning phase, to harass the enemies and farm safely, while team fights are where these two champions shine.

League of Legends - Gun Goddess Miss Fortune in-game

With the synergy of the ultimates of Miss Fortune and Yuumi, the adaptive force damage buff which gives Miss Fortune bonus AD, and Miss Fortune’s ultimate scaling with lethality, there is no team fight. There is only a bullet storm that leaves no enemy champions alive.

At the end of the day, a Yuumi pick is situational. It doesn’t matter which which of the ADC champs your ally chooses if they cannot play it to the best of their ability, or the enemy support plays a Nautilus. Just remember, though she can be an AFK champion, Yuumi’s gameplay is supposed to be an active one, just different from all others in League of Legends.

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