10 Best LoL Champions for Juking Enemies

Juking is one of the best skill expressions and outplays in League of Legends, and these champions make it easy to accomplish with their kits.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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10 Best LoL Champions for Juking Enemies

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Starting off our list of the best juke champions LoL has to offer, is Katarina, the dagger Queen. Her kit is one of the most famous for smurf players to climb the ranks quickly and reach higher elo, making her their favorite champion!

This is because her daggers and shunpo interact with everything that can be clicked on in the game. That includes opponent and ally champions, minions, and wards.

LoL - Katarina Splash Art

This way, Katarina can juke most of the enemy damage, while placing herself in a prime position to unload all of her insane damage!

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Lee Sin

Lee Sin spearheaded the usage of champion skills in a way Riot never imagined when designing them, with his bicycle kick. And it is precisely that which makes him an incredible juking champion.

His E allows Lee Sin to jump on ally champions, minions, and wards, offering incredible combat mobility needed to juke enemy skill shots, even more so than just pure movement speed would.

LoL - Lee Sin Splash Art

And his Q, on its second cast, can be used to do the same, and even bait enemies as it can be interrupted by Lee Sin mid-leap, by a ward jump. There is a reason Lee Sin is one of the most skill-expressive champions in the game!

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Yasuo's juking potential has garnered him quite a lot of infamy, as it's a double-edged sword that can push Yasuo further and further into the enemy lines. But when executed well, these become the best jukes to watch!

This is due to his dash, which can only be used on enemy minions and champions. In experienced hands, it makes the arrival of the enemy's allies detrimental more than anything.

LoL - Yasuo Splash Art

In addition, his windwall offers Yasuo one more tool to make juking easier, as he can use it to play around with his enemies, and block the skill shots he can't dodge!

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The king of LoL juke champions on Summoner's Rift is none other than Shaco, whose entire kit is designed to infuriate the opponents to the point of inting the game in their rage. Many champions have died at the hands of Shaco when they thought he was helpless.

His Q ability is the most simple juking tool in League of Legends, as it both blinks the champion away and grants him invisibility at the same time!

LoL - Shaco Splash Art

Furthermore, his boxes can interrupt enemy abilities, with their fear effect, while his ultimate is both used to make the opponents focus their damage on the wrong Shaco and as a juking tool as it makes Shaco untargetable at the moment of casting!

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One of the lesser-known LoL mechanics is ability priority. This refers to which ability wins when two abilities with separate effects clash.

In Ezreal's case, his stand-out blink E ability always wins against any displacement or crowd control effects. That means that juking with Ezreal is incredibly easy when playing League of Legends.

LoL - Ezreal Splash Art

Add to that the fact that, unlike the others on our list, Ezreal is a ranged AD caster, and his juking playstyle becomes even easier, and even more annoying to deal with since he can hit his opponents from afar!

6 /10


Kassadin's juking ability, like Ezreal's, also has a high-priority interaction. However, his is on his ultimate, and only becomes reliable at level 16 due to high mana requirements.

Still, it's a great juking ability that makes Kassadin a menace as he can dodge enemy damage while dishing out his own, as every teleport he uses deals insane magical damage!

LoL - Kassadin Splash Art

With this ability, the opponents never know if Kassadin will try to run away, or turn on them to burst them in a quarter of a second!

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When it comes to continuously juking enemy champions, especially melee champions at that, that is what playing Akali is all about, with her multiple dashes and abilities that have movement incorporated into them.

LoL - Akali Splash Art

The biggest contributor is, of course, her shroud. It's an ability that is unique to Akali, which offers her a way to reposition and juke the enemy frontline to burst their carry right under their noses., with invisibility and increased movement speed.

8 /10


Blink abilities that can be used offensively and for juking, like Zed's shadow, are perfect for confusing the opponents and offer players an enormous juke potential. Especially if he's got some movement speed buffs, such as the effect of Youmuu's Ghostblade.

LoL - Zed Splash Art

With his shadows, Zed can enter a fight, burst down the opponents, and go back to the shadow he started from, to avoid opponent retaliation. And since mid lane is a lane of quick kills and mind games, it makes Zed even more dangerous!

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Speaking of juking enemies with multiple blinks, we have LeBlanc, who is even better suited to it than Zed. After all, her clones can't even be differentiated from her real body!

LoL - LeBlanc Splash Art

This means that LeBlanc can send the enemy on a wild goose chase in the wrong direction with her clone, while she leaves the fight safe and sound in the opposite direction!

10 /10


When one thinks of champions jumping around in a fight, they rarely think of other champions other than Irelia. Only one champion can come close, namely Katarina, but IRalia's moves still feel more threatening.

LoL - Irelia Splash Art

With a bit of prep, by marking enemies with her passive, including the opponents' minions, Irelia can dash circles around them, juking their damage while outputting her own!

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