Best Twitch Skins | LoL

Want to plague the whole Summoner’s Rift using the infamous rat from League of Legends? Then do it with style by buying his best skins released by Riot Games!
Best Twitch Skins | LoL

By watching Arcane, you will notice that Zaun is filled with weird entities. People usually kill rats with poison, but have you ever wondered what happens if the opposite happens? That is precisely what Twitch does to people. 

A rat armed with a chemtech-powered crossbow, he plagues Summoner’s Rift with his abilities. If you are currently shopping for Twitch skins, you have come to the right place because this is a list of his best skins released in the game!


Twitch Shadowfoot

Not everyone might know this, but Riot Games releases unconventional or “meme” skins every April Fool’s Day, and last year it was Twitch’s turn to receive an April Fool’s skin.

Released on March 19, 2020, and initially priced at 1350 Riot Points, Twitch Shadowfoot is a cute version of the feared rat. Even though Riot completely revamped the look of Twitch, they still managed to retain his sneaky nature by making him a medieval thief. The details of this skin are amazing. Shadowfoot Twitch has the usual thief apparel. He has a hood, robe, and backpack where he collects all his loot.

Even though this skin appears simple when looking at the splash art, it has many in-game changes. All of his abilities are purple and sound clean. And his crossbow looks premium, too, maybe because it is a stolen item?

However, I would say that the new voice effect is the best part of this skin. Shadowfoot Twitch’s voice is just an adorable version of the original one. The good news is, if you loved this skin you could still get it in the League shop today!

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Ice King Twitch

Here is a fun fact: rats cannot live in icy places like Antarctica. But Ice King Twitch disregards that fact, and the surprising thing is, he is actually the ruler of a winter village.

I think this is one of the cleanest skins in League of Legends to date. The white color of the whole model looks really great on Twitch. Since Ice King Twitch is in a frigid place, there are icy parts on his entire body, like the crown and mouth. And since he is a king of a village, Twitch wears a fitting outfit that is rightful for his title.

Riot Games opted for blue and white for the design of his abilities. But what stood out is his Ambush ability, where it sounds like Ice King Twitch is in a snowy tundra. Additionally, his auto attacks, Spray and Pray, and Contaminate sound like Twitch is shooting icy shards at his enemies.

Unfortunately, Ice King Twitch will only be available once the Legacy Vault reopens. One of Riot's Christmas-themed cosmetics, this skin was released on December 8, 2018.

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Crime City Twitch

Probably Twitch’s most simple skin in this list. Crime City has the cool “mafia” concept from the classic movies. This skin is a sophisticated and sleek version of the infamous rat from League of Legends.

Crime City Twitch wears the usual gangster outfit. The coat, hat, tie, gloves, and all that jazz. In fact, he even has a Tommy Gun, which indicates that he is a member of a crime family. Overall, Crime City Twitch’s outfit is dark but stylish.

Since this is the cheapest skin in this list, priced at 520 Riot Points, there are no new changes to this skin in-game, except for the auto-attack animation and sound. Crime City Twitch has the original sounds, green colors, and animations from his abilities. But that’s what makes this skin really great, it has a fabulous model, but at the same time, it is very simple. Crime City Twitch, released on October 13, 2010, is still purchasable in the League of Legends store today!

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Sneak around and plague Summoner’s Rift with Twitch’s most awesome skins released by Riot Games. You can also check the best skins for each champion if you want to spend a lot of money on this game. However, if you prefer viewing the best and most rare skins for a card master, check out the best Twisted Fate skins in League of Legends.

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