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How to Fix Error Code 002 in League of Legends

Error Code 002, much like error code 004, interferes with the game’s ability to patch properly, making you unable to play the game.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
How to Fix Error Code 002 in League of Legends

Error code 002 is a League of Legends error code whose error message prompts players with a faulty patch, denying you entry to League of Legends, and it affects Linux users and Windows users both, as your patch and the current worldwide patch not being one and the same. 

On that note, it means that a repatch or even a forced patch is needed to get rid of Error code 002. How to fix League of Legends Error Code 002 is succinctly explained in these steps.

Methods To Fix Error Code 002 in LoL

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Resetting the LoL Client

League of Legends is getting patched all the time, and yet the one thing Riot Games don't seem to plan on fixing is the League of Legends Client. So, the first suspect cause of League of Legends Error Code 002 is the bug found in the boot-up process itself, making your patching basically non-existent. All you have to do is redo the process itself:

  1. Press ALT+F4
  2. Sign Out
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager
  4. Terminate all League of Legends processes
  5. Open Riot Games Client
  6. Sign Back In
League of Legends - Terminate Processes

Once that is done, the boot-up processes should be reset, and the issue should have gone away. That is, of course, if the cause was the bug in the first place or any of the processes in the task manager.

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Run League of Legends as an Administrator

One successful method for a lot of League of Legends error codes, including the unexpected login error of every kind, or errors with launching the League Client, is to disable full-Screen optimization and launch League of Legends in the administrative mode.

League of Legends - Administrator

Now, with the state of League of Legends, and the League Client, who can say for sure why the League of Legends error code 002 seems to be fixed by doing so, but it has worked before so it may work for you as well.

One of the reasons may be due to the fact that, while running League of Legends as an Administrator, no third-party program can make changes to League of Legends without your permission, and the full-screen optimization does something similar as well. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the Disk where League of Legends is installed
  2. Open Riot Games
  3. Open the League of Legends folder
  4. Delete Data and Config File
  5. Open the Properties of the League of Legends app in the Game Folder
  6. Check “Disable full-screen optimizations” and “run this program as an administrator” in the Compatibility tab

Now open the League of legends Client, and start playing League, without any problems. Unless they come from League servers, unexpectedly, of course.

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Adding a Firewall Exception

Every once in a while, as the game is constantly getting new content with patches, the Windows firewall may stop the game from running properly, as the patches may be recognized as malicious. This is one of the solutions offered at the Microsoft community forums, but it’s advised to be done only with a reliable source.

Windows Firewall Defender

That is why it is needed to enable firewall exception for the game in the firewall settings:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Click on System and Security
  3. Open Windows Defender Firewall
  4. Click on the Allow an App or Feature through Windows Defender Firewall
  5. Find lol.launcher.exe and systemrads_user_kernel.exe and tick the boxes next to them
  6. Click OK to save the changes

While dealing with the solutions that require the use of the Control Panel, and enabling firewall especially, we advise caution, as any changes made can impact the performance of your PC tremendously.

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Using Hextech Repair to Repatch the Game

The Hextech Repair Tool is a repair tool offered by Riot Games to help League of Legends players detect corrupted files caused by a faultily installed patch, which may cause issues such as high ping or FPS. It can also help to fix the League of Legends unexpected login error, by effectively repatching League of Legends from the corrupted files.

League of Legends - Hextech Repair Tool

The simplest way of using the Hextech Repair tool is the default one, as it will cover all of your bases:

  1. Launch Hextech Repair Tool
  2. Select your region
  3. Enable all options
  4. Check the Firewall to give it a firewall exception
  5. Click on the “Press Start” button
  6. Restart your computer upon finishing

This way you will run a ping test, testing your internet connection, and force a repatch if an unexpected error has been found with your League Client. Additionally, if no solution has been found there is always reinstalling League of Legends as a last resort. However, to do it properly all League of Legends files must be purged from your PC.

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Reinstalling League of Legends

To reinstall League of Legends is a relatively simple affair. However, when it comes to doing so to get rid of an error or a bug that is plaguing you, such as Error Code 0xc0000005, you will need to remove all game files from your computer completely before you can continue to reinstall League of Legends, as these can be caused by corrupted files after all.

League of Legends - Uninstall

After all, should you fail to do so, the problem will persist as the LoL adapts to the files you already have installed, and launching the League Client will fail, with the error message displayed over and over again:

  1. Click on the search bar in the bottom left corner of your display,
  2. Then, type in Apps & Features,
  3. Open Apps & Features,
  4. Search for League of Legends,
  5. Select it, then choose to Uninstall League of Legends
Local Disk C - Riot Games Folder

Afterward, make sure to comb through your drives for Riot Games folders, and remove them indiscriminately, with all potentially corrupted game files. Upon which we recommend manually installing the game once again.

This is because, if you're down to this step, that means that even the Hextech Repair Tool was unable to differentiate which files cause this League of Legends Error Code, nor was one of the Microsoft Windows updates at fault, causing you to reinstall League of Legends as an act of desperation.

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