Best Janna Skins | LoL

As a support that can be underestimated from time to time, Janna has unique looks that will make you want to main her, discover the best Janna skins in LoL

Updated on Aug 07, 2023
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Best Janna Skins | LoL

The spirit of the wind, Janna, is a support champion that is part of several of the skins universes, from Frost Queen Janna to Star Guardian Janna. She made her appearance in the game in 2009, since then, throughout the years she has received several skins, here you will find out what are the best skins of this champion. 

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Hextech Janna

The fact that Janna joined the Hextech universe of skins is very intriguing, the lore of the skins tells us that she gained the ability to fly and to control the wind due to exposure to certain materials, who would have thought?


Hextech Janna came out in late 2010 as a Legacy skin, offering just a new look to the champion, giving the perfect combination of a scientist with strong desires of knowledge with a mysterious and whimsical creature who has power beyond imagination, which gets perfect when playing with friends who have other Hextech themed skins.


Hextech Janna was available in-store for 975 RP, it’s not the most impressive skin in her catalog, still, her addition to the Hextech universe is interesting and for sure those main Janna out there will always appreciate it.


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Frost Queen Janna

With cold and icy looks, Frost Queen Janna takes part in the Summoner’s Rift with a new sound and visual effects that make her gameplay more interesting. When talking about release dates, Frost queen Janna has some Legacy skin predecessors, even so, this is her first skin that adds new visuals besides just changing the appearance of the champion, which came out in 2011.


For 975 RP you can get this skin, which will give an overall cold hue to Janna, with hair of a darker shade of blue and crystals that contribute to the cold appearance of the champion’s skin. Her scepter also has shiny crystals on the top and a familiar bird that flies around her joins the animations as well.


This champion’s skin is not the most visually stunning. Yes, there are better options in the store that will offer more, still, if you just want to give a small change to your Janna, this is a total go-to.


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Victorious Janna

Awarded to those Summoners who reached Gold or a higher rank in season 2012 of League of Legends, this skin makes the champion wear a Demacian armor, unlike most skins, Janna looks tough in this one and for sure she’s a force you don’t want to reckon with.


Her scepter takes a golden look in the shaft, while on top of it, there’s a tall blue crystal where she concentrates her energy. Because this is a Victorious skin for the champion, it had no cost whatsoever, summoners just had to be good enough to reach the required rank during the season.


But just because it was given away doesn't mean that the skin has nothing great to offer, other than changing her looks, it also adds new visual and sound effects to the champion, as well as new animations and recalling to base. This Victorious Janna skin is a memorable addition to the themed skins in League of Legends.


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Forecast Janna

Forecast Janna takes part in the universe of Day Job skins. Turns out, she has become a news reporter who’s in the middle of a storm, ironic right? Good thing is that her look will always remain impeccable as she makes sure those wind current stay away from her.


Forecast Janna came to stay in-store, being the priciest skin of Janna to date, costing 1820 RP. Those who love playing with Janna might consider getting this skin since it brings a lot of new things for the character other than just a look. Besides bringing new visual and sound effects, this Janna skin also has new overall animations, new recalling to base, and even a new voiceover.


Forecast Janna brings the most human-like looks to the character, designers at Riot Games did a pretty good job with her and it is a skin that every main Janna should consider having.


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Sacred Sword Janna

Sacred Sword Janna is one of the most aesthetically beautiful skin Janna has. As part of the Immortal Journey skin universe, Janna becomes the protector of an ancient sword that’s made of the most unique and pure jade, hidden at the bottom of a lake. This jade sword seems to give the wielder immortality, therefore, Sacred Sword Janna must remain firm with her purpose to protect it.


This skin shows us Janna wearing a beautiful pink dress with many details and pieces of fabric that seem to float with the wind currents she generates, just as her long and dark purple hair. In the case of Sacred Sword Janna, her weapon is the long jade sword she swore to protect. This Janna skin is available in the League of Legends store for 1350 RP.


The Sacred Sword universe of skins has gorgeous designs and stunning visuals, this Janna skin is no exception to it, becoming the perfect option for you to defy others in the game maintaining Janna’s essence of a supernatural being with a slight Asian aura.


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Star Guardian Janna

Star Guardian Janna joins the universe of the Star Guardian Season 1 as a mentor to the younger members of the Guardians. For 1350 RP you get to have this Janna skin, which, in that universe, is very respected by those who look up to her.


It has some of the colors as other Star Guardians, such as white and gold, her familiar seems to have changed from a bird to a small creature that resembles a fox with purple ears and tail just like Janna’s hair.


Star Guardian Janna is part of the Season 1 of this universe, with fantastic looks that define the galaxy-themed skin, she and all of the other characters part of this universe will take the Rift to the next level.


Janna is a character that for sure will always have new skins from time to time, Riot Games won’t disappoint the community and as time goes on, they will get more and more stunning, making everyone’s favorite wind spirit feel renewed and up to date despite her almost 13 years in the Rift.

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