How to Deal More Damage in LoL

Having a high damage output is the most crucial role of being a carry. Here are some ways you can deal more damage in League of Legends.
How to Deal More Damage in LoL

Maximizing the damage that you deal on a champion should be something that players know about when they are looking to play the carry role in the game. However, most players don’t understand how to have a consistent damage output because they don’t understand its mechanics. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide on how to do more DPS regardless of which role you’re playing.

How to Do More Damage

In League of Legends, the damage output that champions can deal depends on their design and intended role. For example, enchanter supports may deal lower damage compared to burst mages. 

This is because modifiers in skills, abilities, stat growth, and scaling are all different depending on a champion to make them feel more diverse when playing on Summoners Rift.

A graph showing the amount of damage dealt.

Riot Games has given each champion an identity, and not everyone is meant to deal damage. However, in team fights, everyone is expected to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy team during all the confusion. 

Missing one auto-attack or ability can mean success or failure in a fight, and many players often survive an onslaught with less than 5% HP remaining. To avoid this, you need to learn how to maximize your DPS, which we’ll be showing you by following these tips:


Proper Itemization

The most significant factor in maximizing your damage output is ensuring that you correctly itemize your champion. Each item contains bonus stats and passive or active abilities that help users utilize their kit correctly. Remember that champions can either deal physical damage or magic damage, depending on how their abilities scale (which you can see by hovering on an ability).

A list showcasing different item builds.

You don’t always have to purchase weapon items to deal damage. In the case of tanks, most of them deal damage depending on their armor, magic resist, or maximum health. There are other exceptions to this case, but it can take a while to list them all out. Check if your abilities scale better using ability power, attack damage, or a lower cooldown. If you’re new to the game and don’t know how to itemize each champion, we suggest you go to online League of Legends resources that explain a champion’s build path and copy it the next time you play the game.


Optimizing Your Runes

Runes are another factor that players need to keep in mind when building their champion. It’s crucial that players equip the proper runes on the champion they’re using to deal max DPS. 

Remember that each champion has the best possible set of runes and keystones, giving them the easiest route to dealing a ton of damage to the enemy team. This entirely depends if your champion uses magic damage, attack damage, or simply plays a utility role in the team.

Optimizing the Rune Page.

It’s a good idea to have a set of runes prepared for the champions that you mainly play, but it’s better if you are able to build your own set of runes on the spot. This is because some runes are better in certain matchups, so you’re encouraged to change which secondary runes you want to include; otherwise, you might end up doing sub DPS against an enemy.


Maxing Out Your Abilities in Proper Order

Until you reach level 18, the order in which you upgrade your abilities can play a big role in your total damage output. Every single role, aside from supports, upgrades the ability that helps them deal damage the most. 

When upgrading your skills, remember that you need to max out one ability first before moving on to the next one. Never upgrade two skills simultaneously because it will lower the efficiency of your skills in combat instead of “making both useful.”

Showcasing Gangplank's abilities.

Of course, you should aim to get all your basic abilities first and then move on to max out a single skill. Remember that as you level up an ability, its total values increase or decrease with modifiers like cooldown, mana cost, base damage, attack speed, magic damage/physical damage scaling, and bonus damage all being improved. 

Again, if you don’t know which abilities to max out, you should check out some online resources to determine the proper build path for your abilities.


Actions Per Minute (APM)

Actions per minute (APM) is a value that players use to determine how many abilities and auto-attack damage they do in a certain period. While we’re not asking you to have a specific value, it’s vital that you can execute a certain number of commands in the shortest amount of time. 

You can do this by adjusting your settings to enable Quick Cast, which is a setting that allows you to quickly cast skills without the need to confirm your inputs every time. Every 0.01s that you save executing commands increases your ability to be an efficient damage dealer.

Gangplank hitting his barrels.

For none ability-based champions, your top priority is utilizing your attack speed to deal damage while moving around

That’s because those champions rely on weapon attacks modified with attack speed and crit damage to increase their DPS. For this tip, we suggest that players go to the Practice Tool to learn how to execute champion combos until they can do so on enemy champions.


Champion Choice

Finally, the core issue that players may face when trying to deal more damage is the choice of champion. We’ve already explained that certain champions will naturally deal more damage than others, so players shouldn’t be ashamed if they’re doing suboptimal DPS. A tank that builds pure armor and magic defense will never deal much damage compared to a burst mage with a high amount of ability power or an AD Carry with a 100% critical strike chance.

Player selecting Gangplank in LoL

Some champions use their weapons more than their abilities, meaning they do more damage auto-attacking than spamming skills. Learning how your champion or role works is key to maximizing your DPS.

If you’re playing an auto-attack-based champion but like spamming abilities in between autos, you’ll naturally deal lower DPS. If your primary purpose is to deal a ton of damage in fights, we recommend going for a champion with a high burst rate and avoiding those tanks that like to build armor and health.

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