How to See Chat in League of Legends Replays

Half of the battles in a League of Legends match are fought by the banter in all chat.
How to See Chat in League of Legends Replays

Whenever we’re watching a replay, the importance of chat skyrockets, as it provides the context of how the game was played. Here is how to see both the team and all-chat in League of Legends replays.

How to Turn On Chat in League of Legends Replays?

Only recently, Riot Games tried to terminate all chat in League of Legends games. It was only the outcry from the game’s player base that stopped them from doing so and the fact that this disjointed community managed to agree on this subject goes to show how important it is, as the players argue about everything else, from overpowered to useless champions.

League of Legends - Replay Chat Visible

However, the League of Legends replay system needs various adjustments to even be shared, much less to have it show something it was not designed to do.

Download and Launch a Match Replay

First things first, you will need to download a match replay. These replays, however, must be from the current patch to be viewable.

League of Legends - Download Replay

All you need to do, to download a League of Legends replay is:

  1. Open the LoL client

  2. Go to the Profile tab next to Home

  3. Click the Match History tab that opens up underneath,

  4. Click the download button that’s next to every match,

  5. Click the play button, once the download button is gone.

Enable Chat Using the In-game Settings

Much like with sharing and watching League of Legends replays, it takes some adjusting of the League of Legends settings for the in-game chat to be visible while watching a replay.

League of Legends - Enabling Chat in Replays

To see chat in League of Legends replays, you need to:

  1. Open in-game Settings while the replay is Launched

  2. Open the Interface Tab

  3. Check the Show Chat Option

  4. Save the Changes

  5. Repeat the previous steps

  6. Uncheck the Show Chat Option

  7. Save the Changes

  8. Check the Show Chat Option again

  9. Save the changes

League of Legends - Disabling Chat in Replays

While it may seem counter-intuitive, all of these steps must be completed for the in-game chat to be visible. That means that the solution is, basically, turning it on and off again. As, by default on most accounts, the chat is already turned off, it must be enabled in the first place, leading to this complicated series of steps. But, what else could we expect from a game whose Client goes into error even with official updates?

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