How To Turn Off Chat Filter In League of Legends

Some words in your language can be flagged as swear words in another language. So, turning off the chat and profanity filter is necessary at times.
How To Turn Off Chat Filter In League of Legends

Do we truly believe you’re turning off the chat profanity filter because you need some specific words from your language that you can’t do without? Well, you’re an exception if that is the case, that’s for sure. most of us, though, just do it for the full experience of the League of Legends in-game banter, and here is how to do it.

How to Turn Off League of Legends In-game Chat Filter?

There are two chats in League of Legends, out of which the in-game one is far more important. It’s used to coordinate strategies in particularly difficult games, and more often than not, flame your teammates if they are doing something particularly counterintuitive to winning.

League of Legends - Chat Filter Disabled

To have said flame be effective, or at the very least readable, players need to turn off their profanity filter which is turned on by default in League of Legends. Enabling or disabling the LoL chat profanity filter in-game is simple:

  1. Open the in-game chat
  2. Type in ”/chatfilter”
  3. Wait until the chat displays an automated message that the profanity filter has been disabled
  4. Close chat

Note that this way, only the in-game chat profanity filter is turned off, and only for yourself at that. Other players will still have their chats filter your potential profanities.

How to Turn Off League of Legends Client Chat Filter?

As we stated previously, the in-game chat is not the only one where chat changes can be enacted. There is still the Client chat, for making new friends, talking to old ones, or setting up teams for Flex Queue.

League of Legends - Client Language Filter

Similar to the in-game chat, the chat profanity filter is enabled in the League of Legends Client by default as well. Disabling it, though, is a bit different than disabling the filter in-game:

  1. Launch League of Legends Client
  2. Open Settings
  3. Open the “Chat & Friends” Tab
  4. Unmark the “Enable Language FIlter” option
  5. Click “Done” to apply changes

Enabling the chat filter back up is as simple as marking the settings option again, or, restoring defaults to turn all of your changes back to the default version, in case you’ve messed too much with them.

We, however, do not recommend disabling the chat profanity filter, as it defeats the purpose of playing League of Legends, for fun or for climbing, as all it does is help you or others in your game rage more, and lose their cool, which in turn leads to more losses.

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