How to Reset MMR in LoL

Are you looking to reset your MMR in League of Legends? Here are some ways you can do that to have a better play experience.
How to Reset MMR in LoL

League of Legends MMR is a value that players use to determine their skill level outside of the ranked system that doesn’t accurately measure the player’s success in the game. However, as players improve in the game, they can’t help but get dragged down in their early days of playing the game because their MMR is extremely low due to the account’s match history. Here are some ways you can reset MMR in League of Legends.

How to Reset MMR in League of Legends

Resetting MMR isn’t an easy task and doesn’t work the same way as increasing MMR or resetting your ranked division every season. 

There are specific ways you can do so, but the player may need to take a bigger step than they anticipate when trying to accomplish this task.

Riot Games doesn’t officially show a player’s MMR, but it is a definite metric that they use in their matchmaking system in the ranked matches. Here are ways on how you can reset it:


Creating a New Account

The MMR system doesn’t get reset no matter what you do in the game unless Riot Games completely wipes the entire history of your account. 

The only real way to reset your MMR in League of Legends is to create a fresh account with neutral ELO and play the game from the ground up to get a high MMR from smurfing your games. 

Since new accounts don’t have any match histories, you’ll have the base value of League of Legends’ MMR system to kick things off.

Site Where Players Enter Email to Create a New Account in LoL

The problem with creating a new account is that you’ll lose all the progress you got from your other accounts, such as purchased champions, skins, cosmetics, champion mastery, and all the other items you bought. This isn’t the most ideal way to reset your MMR, but it ensures that you’ll have a better experience playing the game. Most players nowadays have smurf accounts to accompany their main accounts so that players can have different experiences when ranking up.


Season Reset

A player’s ranked MMR resets at the beginning of every season before playing their placement games

The rank reset allows players to try again during the ranked season, with the result of their placement matches heavily affecting how much LP they’ll gain throughout the season. 

This method doesn’t affect your normal games because your MMR is usually fixed and can’t be reset by creating a new account.

Lami Monster as a Diamond IV player in LoL

League of Legends’ ranked split lasts ten months, in addition to the two months of preseason starting in November every year. League of Legends seasons officially resets in January every year. 

Depending on their performance in the previous season, they’ll have a better chance of getting a higher rank after their promos. While it’s not a guaranteed way to reset your MMR, it’s better than having to create a new account and losing all of your progress because of it.


Soft Resets

Riot Games sometimes perform soft resets at certain seasons, with players’ MMRs getting pushed back to the neutral value.

This doesn’t happen often and may only appear when they’re making massive changes to the game, such as major patches that involve the way the League of Legends is played. That means it may only appear every five years, with the last reported soft reset being sometime in 2020.

Players shouldn’t rely on this method since it’s not likely that they’ll do this often since high MMR players don’t benefit from this system. 

If you’re willing to invest that amount of time waiting for your MMR to get reset, we recommend creating a new account instead because it will be more productive and get you to a higher rank much faster.

What Affects MMR Gain In-Game

As you already know, your MMR value estimates your account’s win-loss ratio. This means that every time you win or lose games, your average MMR changes by a really small amount every time you win or lose games. 

However, the more games you play throughout the time you had your account, the more it will impact your individual MMR permanently.

Players that had more losses in their early career will feel the effects of that even if they improve a few years later. Let’s take a look at some factors that further affect MMR in games:

  • KDA Ratio
  • Vision Score
  • Objective Control
  • Kill Participation/Map Presence
  • Siege Score
  • Creep Score
  • Team Gold Lead
All the wins and losses in League of Legends account.

The only real way to improve your MMR is to win a lot of games and make it so that you have significantly more wins as compared to losses. It’s nearly impossible to create a perfect MMR account because players will always lose games since some factors are out of their control. 

Players also need to understand that it takes a certain number of games before your MMR is established.