How To Change Language in TFT

Looking to learn a new language by playing? Know the different ways of changing the language in TFT and League of Legends by reading this comprehensive guide!

Updated on Sep 06, 2023
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How To Change Language in TFT

Like all other games, some people prefer having their language in their mother tongue, while others want to change the language to learn a new one. Do not fret, because it is an easy thing to do, here is how you easily change the language in TFT!

Changing Language In The Garena Client

If you did not know yet, League of Legends and TFT are available through Garena for Southeast Asian countries, with the exception of China, which has their own server region. Here is a step-by-step guide that teaches how you change language in League of Legends and TFT for Garena:

  1. First, you have to download Process Hacker in order to do this method
  2. Open League of Legends, then Process Hacker. After that, scroll down and find RiotClientServices to change the language in League Garena.
  3. Right click RiotClientServices, choose properties and select the magnifying glass next to the "Command Line" bar
  4. Copy the information then open notepad
  5. Type @echo off, enter and paste the string that you have copied from Process Hacker
  6. Find the line that says "-locale=en_PH" and change it to the language code that you prefer, do not worry since the language codes will be given below
  7. Save the file and name it "lol.bat" and click it to open League of Legends. You can also leave it as a desktop shortcut to have an easier access
  8. Enjoy your newly changed language in League!




Here are the language codes for Riot Games and League of Legends:

  • ko_KR: Korean
  • pl_PL: Polish
  • ja_JP: Japanese
  • ru_RU: Russian
  • fr_FR: French
  • zh_TW: Taiwanese
  • es_MX: Spanish (Latin America)
  • ro_RO: Romanian
  • zh_CN: Chinese
  • el_GR: Greek
  • de_DE: German
  • en_US: English (alternatives en_GB, en_AU)
  • pt_BR: Portuguese
  • tr_TR: Turkish
  • es_ES: Spanish (Spain)
  • it_IT: Italian
  • hu_HU: Hungarian

Changing Regions and Language in Garena

You can also try changing regions to have a different language in Garena League of Legends and TFT. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing it:

  1. Open Garena then click the cog wheel on the upper right side of the client
  2. In the general section, you will see the region and client language
  3. Change both of them to your desired language
  4. Open League of Legends, then enjoy a different server region and language. Remember that only Southeast Asian countries are only available for region changes!


Changing Language Using Game Files (Select Regions Only)

For regions other than Garena, there is a way of changing the game and client language by modifying game files. Follow these steps to have a different lol language:

  1. Locate your League of Legends game files. The default is at "C:/Riot Games/League of Legends"
  2. Scroll down until you see LeagueClient.exe
  3. Right click it and create a desktop shortcut
  4. Go back to your home screen and right click the shortcut that you created
  5. In the target field, type the language code (given above) into the language that you like
  6. For example "--locale=en_US"
  7. Open League of Legends through the shortcut that you created


This method is easier because you do not need a text editor compared to the Garena version. Also, you can try to switch servers if you do not really like the language that you are playing with. Remember, managing League of Legends files is risky, so proceed with caution.

That is all you need to know in order to change League/TFT language! There is no way to change the language directly in the client, so you have to rely on the methods above to have a different TFT and LoL language! Nevertheless, the methods above are easy, so make sure to try it and follow the right one depending on your region!

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