How to see your current League of Legends server

League of legends is a massive game and is currently the world’s most popular online game. It can be played from around the globe and split into multiple servers.
How to see your current League of Legends server

Each League of Legends server also has different playstyles that you should know of because of their metagame. Some servers have a power champion and knowing who it will work greatly on your favor as you can counter them. 

You might be new to the game and wonder what server you are playing on and trying to find how to change severs in the Riot Games website. Get rid of that curiosity by learning to determine which server you are playing at.

Why is it important to know which LoL server you are playing on?

Knowing the current metagame on your lol servers is crucial. Each new server has different types of people. Therefore, each of them has unique playstyles and mindsets. For example, NA server’s trend is all about Top lane Fiora while Korea has Darius dominating the top lane.

  • It gives you a better understanding on the META of that region
  • You can use apps to scout enemies before the game starts
  • You can prepare a VPN if the ping is high
  • So, you know what language the players there are speaking
  • You can also follow popular streamers of that region as they set trends for the META 
  • It provides you a good idea about the current League of Legends server status

How to know which LoL server you are on?

League of Legends used to have simple LoL account management. However, Riot Games decided to transition all accounts into Riot account for paving the way for the launch of different games they are developing

You should also know which server you are on to check the current league of legends server status. By following these steps, you can check for the server you are currently playing at.

Riot games client
  1. Open Riot's game client.
  2. Click the account icon on the upper right-hand corner
  3. Click account settings
  4. Go to League of Legends tab
  5. Look at “Current Patch line,” and there you will see the abbreviation of your lol server.
League of Legends account settings

What are the different servers in league of legends?

League of legends has servers worldwide, most of which are already held by Riot games, but some are still held by other servers like regions in South East Asia which Garena holds. Here are all of the servers of league of legends and where you can transfer locations depending on where you want to compete.

Riot games regions
  • Brazil (BR)
  • Europe Nordic & East (EUNE)
  • Europe West (EUW)
  • Latin America North (LAN)
  • Latin America South (LAS)
  • North America (NA)
  • Oceania (OCE)
  • Russia (RU)
  • Turkey (TR)
  • Japan (JP)
  • Republic of Korea (KR)
  • Public Beta Environment (PBE)

How to change your League of Legends server

There are two ways for you to change servers in League of Legends, one is where you create a new account and bind it to a certain server you want, or the other where you simply switch servers and purchase RP on the League of Legends game client.

Create new account

League of legends register page
  1. Go to League of Legends Login Page
  2. Select which region you want to compete in at the upper right hand corner of the client
  3. Fill out the details for the register portion of the account creation page.
  4. After you have an account created click play and download the client for the server you just registered for

League of Legends Region Selector

Within the League of Legends client, there is an option for you to change your region for a fee, and after you avail the region selector you will need to restart the client to commit the change. To begin you need to click the account button to go to your account page. 

Here are the steps that you can follow to change your region in the client:

  1. Open League of Legends client
  2. Click on store page
  3. Click account tab
  4. Select the new region you want to play in.
  5. Pay 2600 Riot Points
  6. Restart Client

Why should you try playing on different regions?

Each region has different types of people and which means the playstyle and metagames in those regions are very different from your current one. Also, if you are competitive and aiming to compete on larger tournaments, you should know the playstyle of each region.

  • If a region is better than the one you are currently in, you can learn more so when you play in your own region again, you can dominate.
  • It provides you a different perspective and even playstyle.
  • You get to meet new people
  • You will develop your competitiveness
  • If the real time server status in your region is busted, you can play on a region near yours instead

Now you know how to switch regions in League of Legends, if you want to know how to fix certain server issues, you can read more about it here. Good luck on your next game and have fun, summoner!

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