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How To Unlock TFT Booms

Learn all about Teamfight Tactics booms by reading this guide! Some topics tackle different ways to upgrade, how to unlock, and many more, so do not miss out!
How To Unlock TFT Booms

What Are TFT Booms?

Booms are a unique way in Teamfight Tactics to modify and show the damage particles that you will deal on enemy little legends. Some booms in the game have different tiers and variations that make the animations more flashy and beautiful.

Not only that, but some booms also have different themes that resemble the champions and places of League of Legends individually. Each tier has different changes depending on the boom animation:

Changes your little legend's attack, like how your little legend throw energies to damage enemiesChanges your units or champions way of attacking enemy little legends, similar to the first tier change.Add new changes, including colors and animations, to your booms. For example, your tier three boom will add additional projectiles.

How To Unlock TFT Booms

Even though Teamfight Tactics is a free to play game, there are cosmetics that require real world currencies. One of these are booms, and there are different ways to unlock these stylish cosmetics. 

The first way of unlocking booms is through the TFT battle pass, which gives insane value for the money, including booms, little legend eggs, arenas and little legend skins. 

Additionally, you will always finish the pass as long as you complete as little as only three weekly missions in TFT, which is why it is recommended to play when you can to complete the pass and get the best value out of it.

The second way of unlocking booms is buying it using real world currencies in the League of Legends store. Sometimes it is not available in the Teamfight Tactics shop so you have to keep your eyes peeled and buy your favorite boom once it is released. 

Booms in the shop are usually included in bundles that contain little legends and arenas, so make sure to buy some Riot points and be ready when a beautiful bundle is released.

When were Boom Animations Added In Teamfight Tactics

Booms was first introduced by Riot Games in the TFT Galaxies pass, it also included little legends, eggs, arenas and many more! The first booms are Hydro Bomb, Cosmic Tracer, Nova Bomb, and Zap Bolt. 

More and more booms get introduced as more patches get implemented in the game. There are even champion inspired booms, like Jinx's Super Mega Death Rocket, which is bought in a bundle along with the Chibi Champion.

Sadly, there were no TFT booms during the beta, and TFT beta pass points were only used to buy arenas and eggs. Nevertheless, the Riot points that you will spend in the pass is worth it if you like the rewards that it will give.

Can You Disable Boom Upgrades For A Few Games?

Fortunately, anyone can disable boom upgrades that they do not like, Riot Games left a few options to do this. You can reroll the boom upgrades that you have equipped. 

For example, if you do not like the huge cloud animation that the tier 3 Nimbus cloud boom generates, you can equip the level two or level one upgrade to disable it. There are also booms that do not have upgrades, like Parallel Convergence that only has a total of one star.

Remember that you can reactivate the boom tiers every time you want. So you do not need to worry about losing the upgrade once you revert and used the lower level tier boom!

How Much Are Booms In Teamfight Tactics?

Whether you want to earn TFT beta pass points, buy arenas, or acquire new little legends, you will need to dish out money to get all of these. Thankfully, Riot points are not that expensive, and you only need to spend a few euros or dollars to buy a pass or little legend egg. 

However, bundles can sometimes reach up to 1200 Riot points which are worth $75. Still Riot makes reasonable prices because riot points, compared to other games, are pretty cheap nonetheless. But remember, you will receive riot points depending on the amount of money that you dish out.

That finishes the guide that teaches all about TFT booms. Equip your favorite booms and flex them while damaging enemies in your ranked games. Also, try buying the TFT pass and unlock the cosmetics that you want by finishing the bonus missions in TFT!

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