How to play Middle Lane in league of Legends

Mid lane is where all your macro and micro knowledge will be tested. Every second and every last hits and positioning is important!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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How to play Middle Lane in league of Legends

Mid lane is usually the lane where the team captain or the shot-callers go to. Playing mid lane means you are the nearest one to every other ally you have. There are lots of things to consider when playing in mid lane like wave manipulation when to ward the side bushes and roaming. Read on and discover how you can destroy the enemy midlaner.

Tips for playing Middle Lane in League of Legends

When you play mid lane, the game tempo will always be fast. You should know how to do wave management and beat the enemy mid laner for an early game roam to bot lane or the solo lane on top. We'll start on how you can use minion waves against the enemy mid lane and win the early game.

  • Pick champions with good a wave clear so you can gain lane dominance and roam other lanes.
  • Counter-pick squishy champions like Lux with assassin champions.
  • Never fall behind in CS.
  • Always maintain HP advantage by poking your enemy laner.
  • Know when to slow or fast push.

Wave Management

Most mid laners have excellent wave clearing but you should know when to fast or slow push. The basic sense of fast and slow pushing is in the word itself, slow pushing means last hitting minions letting them die slow so you can build up a minion wave that you can use to crash towards the enemy turret.


Fast push however is the opposite of slow pushing, this is when you kill as many enemy minions as fast as you can so you can gain space for roaming. This is usually used after slow pushing, when you already have a huge minion wave, fast push the next one and crash your minion wave so you can roam other lanes. Only roam if your minion wave pushed the lane to the tower so you don't lose gold and exp while you are away.

Vision placements

Having vision on certain places on the map is a really great way to prevent an enemy jungler gank and give a lead to the enemy mid laner. There are three important ward placements for mid lane.


First is located at the bush beside the pixel brush that leads towards the enemy jungle. This ward location gives you good information on whether the enemy jungler is taking the scuttle crab or coming for a gank.

Second is the pixel brush, this serves the same purpose as the first one I mentioned. However, most enemy mid lane players know that this area is warded so they always deward it.

The third one and the best placement to avoid a gank is located on the entrance of your jungle, just below the wall. Most enemy laners avoid this place so it is not easily dewarded.


Roaming might just be the most important job of a mid laner. When you play mid lane, you can easily respond to a fight or counter gank in both top and bot lane. Be sure to clear enemy minions first and crash your own minion wave to the enemy tower before roaming.

Playing mid lane also means you need to farm safely while controling the minion wave so you don't fall behind the enemy laner. If you are planning for a roam, don't play aggressively but bully your lane opponent with skill shots so he doesn't break the freeze. Once your lane opponent is busy dealing with your wave, then you can start roaming to other lanes.

Lane Dominance

Lane dominance simply means you are the one who controls the lane. Mid lane is where you kill or be killed, once the enemy mid laner kills you in the early game, it could cost you the game.

Always stay on auto attack range so you can safely farm. Last hit minions and beat your opponent when building core items. During the laning phase, you can gain lane dominance by bullying the enemy out of minion exp and gold range. You can use your skill shots to zone them and deny them last hit


Skill shot champions usually have this luxury. There are certain champions that are considered great at gaining lane dominance like Twisted fate. He can easily last hit minions, has a long range, can burst champions, has a high kill pressure and out scales other champions thanks to his passive. His ultimate in mid lane is also perfect for roaming so give him a try.

Champion Pool

When playing mid lane, assassin champions are the best ones to pick. They usually have great AoE abilities and has great mobility for responding to team fights. While most of them are melee champions, they can still solo carry the game by playing aggressively and gaining easy lane dominance.


Most champions can't counter assassins because of their strong burst damage. If an enemy picked a Ranged champion, you can easily counter them and win the lane with an assassin. You might lose when it comes to auto attack range but the burst damage will prove too much for the enemy team. 

Things you should avoid doing in mid lane

The Mid lane role is the most stressful role in League of Legends. The enemy team can gank your lane from all sides if you are not careful with your positioning. Here are some tips and things to avoid when playing mid lane. 

  • Fast pushing all the time, you should transition from slow to fast push when you are planning to roam.
  • Having unnecessary fights as dying can cost you so much in gold especially if your enemy gets to crash his wave.
  •  Staying in lane all the time.
  • Not warding the blind spots where junglers might gank in.

Riot games made league of legends a fast paced game especially for the mid laner. This is why most team captains pick this role in huge tournaments. 

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