How to Increase Aram MMR in League of Legends

ARAM may not be the most popular game mode in League of Legends, but there is still a community of only-ARAM players in the game.

How to Increase Aram MMR in League of Legends
How to Increase Aram MMR in League of Legends

Though there are no ranked ARAM game modes in League of Legends, there are still those that play it religiously. And, as a game mode, it has its own MMR. Here is how to increase it, to experience some high-level games, and high-level gameplay.

What is ARAM in LoL?

In League of Legends, ARAM stands for All Random All Mid. This refers to the fact that ARAM games take place on a single lane, with randomly generated champions, that players cannot pick, and are instead assigned.

In addition, ARAM is a chill mode, with no ranked version, unlike what Flex is, for example, and is more akin to Nexus Blitz, URF, and any other temporary game mode such as that one.


What makes ARAM games most interesting, however, is the fact that strategizing involves dying at the opportune time. This is due to the fact that players are unable to return to the fountain and visit the shop, without dying first. Knowing when to die is what differentiates a good ARAM player, from an amateur one, and so does their ARAM MMR.

What is MMR in LoL?

In League of Legends, MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating. It is a hidden number value that Riot Games give to players to determine how strong they are when compared to others.

Average ARAM Enjoyer

However, every game mode in League of Legends, including both the casual ones and the Ranked ones, has its own separate MMR, which Riot Games give out, and that includes ARAM MMR, as well. Though there are only speculations as to how the MMR system works, and what it takes into account in its MMR calculator.

Calculating MMR manually is best done by taking a look at your match history. Though this can only give you an estimated MMR.

In any case, that means that you can have a high MMR rating in Ranked SoloQ and Flex Queue while having a low one in ARAM if you don’t play it often, and vice versa, as every game mode only affects its own MMR rating. Unfortunately, even a third-party MMR checker will give you inaccurate MMR estimates, mostly, as we said, due to Riot Games not revealing how it works exactly.

How to Increase ARAM MMR in LoL?

There is no sugarcoating it, when it comes to MMR in League of Legends, even if it’s for ARAM games. There are no special instructions on how to increase MMR, ARAM League of Legends games, Normal games, ranked games, or any other game mode included.

ARAM Victory Screen

The only way to increase MMR in League of Legends, for any game mode, including ARAM, is to play league of Legends and win more games than you lose, and that means you need to win ARAM matches. Of course, stats are a major part of doing that, as it doesn’t do to get carried every game:

This will give the algorithm an indication that you are in a lower bracket of League of Legends compared to your actual MMR score, and should move you to a higher one as soon as possible. It does this by increasing your MMR, thus matching you against better players, to play games against.

What Does MMR Do in LoL?

ARAM Matchmaking Rating, and any other rating to be fair, is a way for League of Legends to pair players of similar skills into playing against each other. When high elo players return to the game and start playing League again, it’s only natural that they will have an advantage over new players.

This is where MMR comes in, as after a few games they will go against better and better players. This is true in normal games, and ranked games. However, in ranked matches, MMR also affects your LP gain with each win, and how much you lose with every loss.

Post Game Lobby

The average MMR is, in the League of Legends community, considered bad MMR actually. In essence, the average MMR lets you gain 15 League Points per every won game, and you lose 15 League Points per every loss.

This, however, indicates that you’re in the exact place where you need to be, and need to improve before starting to climb once again. If the community is asked though, their response would be that the average MMR is 18 LP gain per every win, and anything below is considered bad MMR, as far as players and not Riot Games are concerned.

Does ARAM MMR Affect the MMR of Ranked Game Modes?

League of Legends has five broad categories of permanent game modes which Riot Games never remove, that players can choose to participate in:

  • Summoner’s Rift Blind Pick
  • Summoner’s Rift Draft Pick
  • Summoner’s Rift Ranked Solo/Duo Queue
  • Summoner’s Rift Ranked Flex Queue
  • ARAM

Each League of Legends game mode has its own separate MMR.

League of Legends - Flex Queue

This means that it doesn’t matter if your MMR has climbed all the way to Diamond during the preseason, while spamming out draft pick games, you will still have a low one in a ranked game mode, due to not having a lot of ranked matches played.

The same goes for ARAM MMR. If you’re a LoL player who plays League of Legends’ Game Mode ARAM, almost exclusively, then your MMR in any other game mode is starting from the bottom.

And the same goes in the opposite case, as Diamond rank players face off bronze rank ones on the enemy team in ARAM, due to their low ARAM MMR, whenever they start their first games of the season.

At the end of the day, any MMR metric can be largely irrelevant to the average player. All you need to do in League of Legends is play the game, and try and have fun doing so. Though we would recommend more normal games than ranked ones, for your own sanity.