Best combination of champions for duo queue in League of Legends

The most reliable way to climb ranks in League of Legends is with a friend, that way, you two can pick champions with high synergies

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best combination of champions for duo queue in League of Legends

Playing League of Legends with a friend during any season is a good and fun way to climb ranks, there are excellent champion combinations that you can try out which might help you win your lane earlier and stomp the enemy team, no matter if it’s the mid lane, bot lane, or top lane, you can choose different champion combos to carry your League of Legends game and take your team to the blue screen of victory. 

Let’s take a look at the best champions for duo queue in League of Legends.

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Miss Fortune and Leona



For those couples who play their League of Legends games in the bot lane, this combo is super easy and fun to use, Miss Fortune is an ADC that can be squishy, but in the other hand you have Leona, who can resist a lot of damage from the enemy and stun them in a fight. The way you’ll play your League of Legends games to win with this duo is by letting Leona attack the enemy first, stun them with her ultimate, and then follow up with Miss Fortune’s own ultimate to hit them. This duo works well in the early game of this season, against almost any enemy ADC.

Tips for Leona and Miss Fortune combo

  • Leona shouldn’t engage in the League of Legends laning phase unless necessary.
  • Communication is the key point to coordinate and hit both ultimates when playing.
  • Team fights should start with MF bullet rain to slow down enemy champions, this way, they don’t escape Leona’s abilities.

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Tahm Kench and Senna



It could be said that this duo combo has the up to date ultimate synergy in the duo queue of League of Legends because of how well they complement each other in team fights against the enemy team at any stage of the game, whether it’s the laning phase, mid game, or late game. Senna can provide Tahm Kench with some extra movement speed, while he tanks and attacks enemies. These two champions can protect each other while attacking the enemy, which results in a quite annoying match up for the enemy team in the bottom lane, plus, their damage output can reach high numbers in the bot lane, which is why they’ve been popular this season..

Tips for Tahm Kench and Senna combo

  • Senna can heal Tahm Kench from the enemy team to win team fights in the bot lane.
  • Absurd crowd control potential when you hit Tahm’s ult and Senna’s “Last Embrace”.
  • High resistance in the game for Tahm Kench through his abilities and Senna’s ultimate.

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Jarvan IV and Galio



Jarvan and Galio form one of the most fun duo combos to play in League of Legends, they are excellent to start a team fight with their ultimates, whether it is in the mid lane, bot lane, or while killing a dragon in the jungle, this “mid jungle” combination can help wipe the enemy team in seconds. The synergy relies on their ultimates, first Jarvan’s followed by Galio’s, during any fight in other lanes it works perfectly because most of the time, enemies won’t see it coming. But the combo doesn’t end there, since they can slow or taunt the enemy target with if they hit their abilities to win team fights.

Tips for Jarvan IV and Galio

  • When playing, the first combo in any team fight is Jarvan’s ultimate, then Galio’s
  • Jarvan can help Galio in the lane phase with his “Golden aegis” and create a CC.
  • In the mid game and late game, Galio can assist Jarvan when ganking or stealing an objective, creating a lot of map pressure.

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Twisted Fate and Nocturne



Twisted Fate and Nocturne are an excellent combo to take to the duo queue and harass enemies in League of Legends. It takes the jungler to use his ultimate, so Twisted Fate can reach the victim with his own, but the easy kill wouldn’t be secured without Twisted Fate’s gold card. This “mid jungle” combination can drive anyone crazy regardless if it is in the bot lane, top lane or jungle, or if you’re in the early game or late game. In the current season of League of Legends this duo isn’t popular, but it doesn’t mean it’s not effective to win, even shortly after the lane phase.

Tips for Twisted Fate and Nocturne

  • With TF’s ultimate active, Nocturne can detect an enemy target and get there to win a kill.
  • AP and AD damage from this combo is ideal to hit and kill an enemy champion fast.
  • Big map pressure thanks to TF global ultimate. Ideal to get to any fight quickly.

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Diana and Shen



During the early game, laning phase, in the late game, or even in any team fight this duo plays a huge role and can delete the enemy’s entire team in League of Legends, playing them takes practice and team effort from both players, as well as understanding their abilities and how their combos work in games against a target. A great point these two have to carry, and win a game, is that they can resist way too much hit damage if played correctly, getting a kill or two in any team fight, in this case Shen is supposed to be in the top lane and Diana in the jungle, although she can be played in the mid lane as well.

Tips for Diana and Shen

  • This duo is ideal for League of Legends players who like tanky champions,
  • Going full AP with Diana is great to empower her abilities and ultimate in the mid lane.
  • Synergy between Diana’s ultimate and Shen’s ultimate is excellent to initiate any fight.
  • The combos available with their abilities are several, a big thing is that it will be almost impossible to kill you both.

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Darius and Fiddlesticks



This duo has caused terror this season of League of Legends getting kills while they carry the game and win, playing Darius is the most simple thing in League of Legends, while playing fiddlesticks is all about using his abilities for Darius to get the kill. The combos available to be played are many, but all of them should start with Fiddlesticks’ “Reap”. Darius has to get gold in the lane phase so he can delete everyone in the late game, or during team fights in the mid lane. Riot Games designed Darius as a champion who is easy to use and who deals a lot of damage, which is a point for why he’s so good as a duo with Fiddlesticks to carry games.

Tips for Darius and Fiddlesticks

  • They both can hit more than one target, which allows them to easily win fights.
  • They can take half an HP bar of a target with few abilities.
  • Synergy to carry the game relies on both champion’s CC.

Know that this list isn’t mandatory to win since you can come up with your own duo of champions by managing League of Legends’ huge champion pool, which keeps getting larger thanks to Riot Games. Junglers like Lee sin can make up for excellent synergies, and passive abilities like Braum’s passive are great to create a chain of CC. We’re sure this section will satisfy your “best champions combos for duo queue League of Legends”, since they’re all excellent to get officially involved in a team fight and carry the game along with your friends.

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