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How to Get Key Fragments Easy and Fast in League of Legends

Discover all you need to know about how to get key fragments in League of Legends and open your Hextech easily by using our useful tricks. Check our guide!
How to Get Key Fragments Easy and Fast in League of Legends

Key fragments in League of legends are a fantastic way to unlock hextech chests and enjoy skins, special wards, and much more for free in the game. Key fragments are an alternative created by RIOT Games for those players who can't or don't want to spend money to get gameplay benefits. So, let's discover how to get key fragments in League of legends!

Why are key fragments important?

Getting hextech keys in League of Legends is just useful for one unique thing: Open hextech chests. Hextech chests are a great way to initiate your free skin collection in LoL and are also a great way to receive some gameplay bonuses and skins to improve your gaming experience. The more key fragments you get, the more Hextech chests you will be able to open.

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There are many ways in League of Legends to make the key fragment drops, but not all of them are easy to do for new players. But don't worry, we will explain all the other methods you can use to get key fragments, open Hextech chests, and get the cosmetic items you want. You may also check our guide about how to get free skins in LoL to discover more about this topic.

How to get key fragments in League of legends fast?

Once you have hextech chests in your inventory, you'll quickly realize that you can't actually open them without a hextech key. These keys are created or forged by combining three key fragments in crafting. So, the correct question would be: How do you get free key fragments? These are some ways:

Achieve an S rank performance at the summoner's rift or ARAM.

Although you can't use the same champion two times in a row to achieve the S rank, you can win hextech chests which have a probability to make you earn key fragments in League of legends. Key fragment drop rates are not too high on hextech chests but you can get multiple key fragments and craft hextech keys by opening hextech chests.

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Open champion capsules.

When you increase your summoner level in League of Legends, you will earn a champion capsule. The best thing is that you only need to play matches to increase your summoner level and it does not matter if you win or lose a match. A champion capsule can give you champion shards most of the time, but there is also a probability to receive two or even three fragments that you can use to open hextech chests.

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Open honor orbs and honor capsules.

Getting honor orbs and honor capsules is a must if you're looking to earn key fragments and get three key fragments really fast. However, earning key fragments using this method requires you to have a positive mental attitude during your games and get a higher level in the honor system. If done properly, you can easily get multiple fragments and craft hextech keys to open all hextech chests you have.

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Finally, consider these things when earning key fragments:

  • Key Fragments can be earned periodically by raising your Honor Level and keeping it high over time.
  • You need to be Honor Level 2 or higher in order to receive the Key Fragment rewards.
  • Note that you can get up to 12 key fragments in a maximum of four week period (the frequency in which they are obtained throughout a month is spread evenly). After 4 weeks, the counter resets.

So if you want to get your hands on key shards so you can forge hextech keys, you're going to have to dedicate yourself to playing in a positive way, avoid penalties, main focus without being toxic, improve your honor, and receive the rewards of this system for your good behavior. That's all for our guide, but you may also check our guide about drop rates chests League of Legends to know more the hextech chest. See you at the summoner's rift!

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