League of Legends: do you lose more LP if you surrender?

Losing in ranked games in League of Legends might lead you to lose LP and your current rank, but how much LP do you lose if you surrender?
League of Legends: do you lose more LP if you surrender?

As with everything in life, it is expected that you sometimes lose, and others win, and in worldwide highly competitive games such as League of Legends, it's something logical to happen. The ranked games Riot Games introduced to LoL have their own scoring system called LP (League Points), therefore, depending on winning or losing, you get more LP or lose LP after every ranked game.

Do you lose more LP when you surrender?

Losing when you play can be due to several things, a disconnected player (AFK Player), trolls, some genius trying new champions, or maybe the other team is better than you, for any reason, you can decide to surrender early thanks to the 'Early surrender option' Riot Games has integrated to League of Legends, but how much LP do early surrenders cause you to lose? Is there any LP mitigation when you early surrender an entire game?


The short answer is 'No, you don't lose more lp when you throw the early surrender option in League of Legends'. So basically yes, you can surrender vote early in a game and will lose LP as if it was just a regular match played, the thing about this is that when you start the surrender vote early, all of the other players that are present and playing in the match must approve the surrender vote. It takes only one player for the surrender to be denied, so you might want to be on the same page with everyone, from bot lane to top lane.

What happens if your teammates don't surrender early?

In this scenario, you have two options. First, wait until the 15:00 minute mark so you can try to surrender again, second option would be to rage quit the match, but since we don't approve of this type of behavior, just try your best to see if you can change the course of the match before you simply lose your games.


Because there isn't any LP mitigation even when you surrender before the minute mark if you notice that the victory in a League of Legends match is just impossible, then you might want to play to learn what can you do in these situations and analyze if there's anything that can be actually done with the champions in your team that could give a chance take the victory of the battle.

Can you avoid losing LP at all?

It is possible to avoid the loss of LP in League of Legends when there's a disconnected player in your games, but for this, teammates playing must all agree as well, which is the most important thing. To achieve this just write '/Remake' in the chat to finally have the chance to avoid defeat and try playing to win in the next game in League of Legends.

Riot Games introduced this function so there are no games won unfairly, and the community loves it, but you have to know that you can only remake a game in the first three minutes of it. This can be the main reason (among others) to play with friends since the rest of the team can remake the match, the enemy team can't win, and you have a better chance in the more games to come.

Sometimes you don't want to give away a victory to the enemy team, and we understand that even from the champion select you can tell when a match has low chances to be won. Luckily, your teammates will be on the same page as you are and agree on surrendering, or best case scenario, remaking the game.

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