Best and Funniest Voice Lines in League of Legends

Riot Games has not only found ways of entertaining players with new champions, pretty skins, or new game modes, champion’s voice lines are also a fun part of playing LoL.
Best and Funniest Voice Lines in League of Legends

It’s easy to tell that League of Legends has a rich and complex story that keeps expanding, and the fact they reflect this in their characters is something that makes players engage even more with the game. 

Characters in League of Legends have all sorts of voice lines triggered in specific situations. Some of them, and the most fun ones, activate when they encounter an enemy character that may be related to in some way. 

To take these interactions to the next level, sometimes Riot Games decides to add new voice lines interactions for champions when they get a new skin, as is the case for God Fist Lee sin; also, you may find a list of the Best Lee Sin Skins here

With that established, let’s look at some of the Best League of Legends Voice Lines.


Dark Cosmic Jhin

Engulfed in his artistic ego, when Dark Cosmic Jhin encounters an enemy of the Dark Star universe for the first time in the rift, the following voice line will be triggered:

“You corruptants are all pale imitations of a true masterpiece: the absence of everything!”

This shows that, despite being a galaxy destroyer, no one will annihilate hundreds of planets as beautifully as Jhin.

Keep in mind that Jhin is an ADC with a lot of potential to carry your team and with a beautiful variety of skins which you can find here.


Star Guardian Jinx

The Star Guardian version of Jinx is quite rough towards poor wanna-be Urgot. For a bit more context, Urgot does belong to the Star Guardian universe of skins. Although he’s not an actual Star Guardian, in reality, he’s a cosplayer of them. Therefore, when Star Guardian Jinx kills him in the Summoner’s Rift, she will say:

"Sorry, Urgot. It's just a Star Guardian thing."

Jinx is a champion with pretty specific abilities. Therefore, it wouldn’t be hard to main her if you like her, but if you’re looking for another ADC, check what are some of the Best League of Legends ADCs here. To do some justice to poor Urgot, we also listed his Best Skins here.


Battle Academia Caitlyn

In her Battle Academia skin, Caitlyn has some quite sassy lines against other characters who belong to the same universe of skins. In addition, she has some controversial commentaries against members of other academies, but the one against Lux:

"Now I understand, Lux. You’re the family Embarrassment."

is the winner in what insulting matters.

Caitlyn has many more skins with unique voice lines; feel free to go over her Best Skins here. Also, when it comes to support characters at first, Lux can be one of the easiest to play. But if what you want is variety, you should check our list with the Best League of Legends Supports for Beginners here so that you get the hang of the role of support.


High Noon Lucian

High Noon Lucian has some exciting and fun lines, some of them are pretty simple, but that’s where the kick of it is. His best voice line is triggered when taunting Hecarim:

"I need me a horse."

although simple, this line demonstrates that the jokes towards Hecarim’s horse-like appearance never get old.

As an ADC, Lucian can deal a lot of damage quickly. Paired with his lover, Senna, they both make a great team, plus, she also has a High Noon skin. It would be nice to see Lucian along with Senna in the True Damage skin universe, but for now, we’ll have to wait if it ever happens.


Spirit Blossom Thresh

The Spirit Blossom version of Thresh has some voice lines that are pretty savage and daring, something that summoners love. 

The most insulting ones are those he says to other characters that belong to the same Spirit Blossom universe of skins, for Cassiopeia, he’s a bit nicer rather than when he talks to others:

"Cassiopeia, you treat the spirits with tender-loving cruelty. That, I admire."

For Yone, however, Thresh won’t think twice to speak his mind:

"Yone, the eldest son overshadowed by his younger brother. How could you possibly rest in peace?".

Many champions belong to the Spirit Blossom universe of skins. Therefore, if you get this new skin for Thresh, you’re guaranteed a fun time with his unique voice lines anytime he encounters an enemy who triggers them.


Pulsefire Ezreal

If we’re going to talk about the best voice lines in LoL, it would be a sin not to talk about Pulsefire Ezreal, the priciest skin of the marksman (3250 Riot Points).

Riot Games put in a lot of time, effort, and dedication to this skin due to all the things it has for Ezreal.

Not only is it his ultimate skin, but the amount of voice lines it has is absurdly good.

Pulsefire Ezreal has voice lines for almost every skin theme in League of Legends.

However, when compared to other ultimate skins, like Elementalist Lux, we see that the amount of dialogue Pulse Fire Ezreal has it’s one of the things that makes the skin unique.

For example, Elementalist Lux has nine different transformations.

In addition, Pulsefire Ezreal has various dialogues when encountering enemies who are using a skin from almost every other universe.

Starting with what Ezreal says to those champions who belong to the Warring Kingdoms, we can see that he has caused some serious trouble during his time travels:

"Did I cause your kingdoms to war? No. Did I help? …Possibly."

in the image above we can see Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV, who’s an excellent jungler, which speaking of, we have a list with the best junglers here.

When encountering a character using a skin from the Pool Party universe, Ezreal will say something suspected by many:

"Somebody pees in the pool. That's a time secret. You can have that one."

Perhaps it’s something that Pool Party Renekton already knows, and he just deals with it when being on his shift as a lifeguard.

Still, we hope Lee Sin or Jarvan IV isn’t one of those Pool Party champions who do.

This last Pulsefire Ezreal line shows us how Riot Games wanted to make Ezreal aware of his presence in the other universes of skins.

In this case, when he encounters a character in the game using a Rift Quest skin, he will let them know he has his character (skin) in such a board game:

"Ooh! Can I join your game? My character is Jarro Lightfeather, handsome Rogue-Paladin Elf."


Original Gwen

Although pretty, Gwen is top laner tough, and mighty, and not only are the scissors she uses dangerous, but her tongue is also something to be scared of since how raw her comments about other characters could be. Seraphine is the perfect example of this. When Gwen kills her in the rift, she will say:

“A pretty voice, Seraphine. What a shame that’s all you were.”

She also has some harsh words in store for Viego, the ruined king. To add some context, remember that Gwen used to be a doll created by Viego’s wife and who became alive through magic. 

After Viego’s wife passes away, Gwen has remained resentful towards him, and she won’t miss a chance to let him know what she thinks about him:

"Viego. She hasn’t forgotten you. And I haven’t forgiven you.”

As you can see above, Gwen’s thoughts about Viego are pretty harsh, but we don’t blame her for it. Gwen is a reasonably new champion. Still, if you’re planning to jump in the rift with her and her magic scissors, then make sure to choose one of her Best Skins listed here.


Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s ultimate skin has many things prepared for her. 

Although it doesn’t have voice lines for almost every skin universe like Pulse Fire Ezreal or nine different transformations like Elementalist Lux, her ultimate still skin is unique.

But when it comes to what are her best lines, one of them for sure comes when encountering Blitzcrank:

"I try to forget that a thousand years of space junk is floating around forever... then I run into something like you."

Miss Fortune is a great ADC for those who are starting to play the game, but if you’re looking for other options for beginners, check our list with the Best ADC for beginners here.

Voice lines in League of Legends give strength to a champion’s personality.

Riot Games is always doing excellent work choosing the right voice actors for their champions, and their performances never seem to disappoint.

There are certain skins where, for some reason, the voice actor is changed, but the excellent quality remains.

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