Best Vladimir Skins | LoL

Currently shopping for a skin for your main? Fill up Summoner’s Rift with different colors of blood by checking out this best Vladimir skins list!

best skins vladimir
best skins vladimir

Everyone has been amazed by an awesome Vladimir play once in their entire lives, admit it. Check this 1v3 outplay from TheShy as an example. The healing and outplay potential from The Crimson Reaper’s skills make him one of the best champions in the top lane. If you are one of those people who are currently maining Vladimir and want to increase your win ratio in the top lane with style, here are his best skins in League of Legends. 

Blood Lord Vladimir

Released on Blood Lord was probably Vladimir’s best skin until the release of the newer skins. This skin perfectly captures the classic feeling of Vladimir as a bloodthirsty being. 

Priced at 1850 Riot Points, this is the only Legendary skin in this list. Lords from the games, movies, or anime usually have cool armor that goes with their powers. Riot Games definitely delivered by designing an awesome-looking armor for Blood Lord Vladimir. The colors, primarily red and white, are very similar to the classic skin. 

This is one of the earliest Legendary skins that Riot Games has released, and it has not received any reword yet, so don’t expect an in-game quality like the newer ones. However, Blood Lord Vladimir does have a new voiceover if that is your cup of tea and expect some changes to the animations and sound effects, but it is not as eye-catching as the other skins. 

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Nightbringer Vladimir

Nightbringer, one of the cosmetics under the Chaos and Order skin line, gives Vladimir a fiery and king look. As if sucking the blood of mortal enemies were not enough, Nightbringer Vladimir feeds on the life and darkness around him. 

Vladimir is known to have cool suits for all of his skins, but I will say that Nightbringer is the best out of all. His colorful coat paired with a fire aura is a sight to behold. The model and splash art alone are enough reasons to buy this beautiful skin.

Nightbringer Vladimir is probably the smoothest skin in-game out of all his skins. Vladimir’s Sanguine Pool and Transfusion has beautiful animation with a mix of purple and red colors. Not only that, but the coat looks better in-game too, so if you like the Nightbringer concept, you should probably buy this skin right away. 

This cool chaos-themed skin is currently purchasable in the store for 1350 Riot Points. It was released last December 12, 2019.

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Dark Waters Vladimir

Released on May 21, 2018, Riot Games deserves recognition for coming up with Dark Waters Vladimir. The concept of this skin, which is Vladimir as a pirate warlock, is one of the most unique in League of Legends. It is also a great take on Vladimir too because the feel and colors of Dark Waters are opposite to his default skin.

If you look at the photo above, I would say that Dark Waters Vladimir is definitely feared on the seas and Bilgewater. However, no one can deny that he looks awesome while siphoning the life out of his enemies. The combination of Dark Waters Vladimir’s hair, eyepatch, and coat are excellent representations of the pirate concept. 

Priced at 1350 Riot Points, some people dubbed this skin as one of the “pay to win” cosmetics. If you watch some gameplay of the Dark Waters Vladimir skin, the skills are tough to see, and the blue colors are a breath of fresh air too. If you are tired of the usual red-themed Vladimir, this will be the best skin for you. 

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Cosmic Devourer Vladimir

To be honest, I never really thought of a vampire existing in space. And here we are, Cosmic Devourer Vladimir bringing that fantasy into existence. One can only imagine how powerful Vladimir is, having the power of the cosmos in his hands. 

Cosmic Devourer’s splash art is not breathtaking compared to the other skins. This skin has a lot of colors if you look at the splash art above. But it is safe to say that blue is the most dominant hue of all, though. Cosmic Devourer has a unique cosmic-like body, armor, and crown that will appeal to some Vladimir mains. And if you look closely, Vladimir has different eye colors, which is a fantastic idea by Riot. 

Cosmic Devourer Vladimir shines in terms of in-game changes, though which earns it a spot in this list. The animation and sounds of the galaxy-themed skills are breathtaking. Additionally, the voice effects of this skin make it more premium than its competition. Like Dark Waters, the colors of the skills are hard to spot, so you can say that this is also one of the “pay to win” skins. 

Cosmic Devourer Vladimir was released on November 24, 2020. The good news is it is still purchasable in the League store for 1350 Riot Points. 

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Now, it is your time to fill Summoner’s Rift with blood by purchasing some of the skins above. If you prefer another mid-lane champion, give Viktor and his best skins a chance and buy some of his skins. However, if you are currently shopping for all the champions in League, here is the best skins list for each champion