All Bewitching Skins | LoL

The Bewitching skin series celebrates the Halloween event by introducing the witches of the rift. Let’s take a look to appreciate all bewitching skins LoL has to offer.

Riot Games’ Bewitching skin series reintroduces League of Legends champions as alluring witches ready to ask you for a trick or treat. These League of Legends skins aim to celebrate the spirit of Halloween by dressing up your favorite champions in scary outfits. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all bewitching skins LoL has to offer.

Bewitching Morgana

Bewitching Morgana is the stereotypical witch character in most fictional pieces, with her dark magic brimming with death and decay. At this point, the costume is simply a token of existence as a practitioner of the dark arts.

Morgana dressed as a witch.

Bewitching Morgana is one of two champions in this series with their own Prestige Edition skin. Bewitching Morgana Prestige Edition gives her more of a White Mage identity rather than an evil witch.

Bewitching Miss Fortune

In an event where looking your best matters, nobody rocks the witch look more than Bewitching Miss Fortune. In this universe, she’s an extremely powerful witch who likes to show off in a dramatic fashion.

Miss Fortune dressed as a witch.

Like Bewitching Morgana, Miss Fortune also has her own Prestige Edition skin that transforms her into a White Mage.

Bewitching Fiora & Bewitching Nami

When it’s time for a party, Bewitching Fiora & Bewitching Nami are here to liven things up. The two may not get along, but it sure does make things entertaining when they’re around.

Fiora and Nami dressed as witches.

These two champions have interconnected splash arts due to their relationship in the Harrowing universe. 

Bewitching Tristana

Bewitching Tristana is here with her cauldron, but it seems most of the contents have been blasted away during her flight on-route. At least she brought her sunny personality to the party.

Tristana dressed as a witch.

One of the more popular bewitching skins in the game, Bewitching Tristana, gives the character an excellent cosmetic that makes her look unique. It’s pretty confusing when she’s with Lulu in the bot lane.

Bewitching Poppy

When it comes to trick-or-treating, Bewitching Poppy is the neighborhood cutie who’s always first to arrive at your doorstep. Give her candy, or you’ll be facing an army of yordle simps in your front yard.

Poppy dressed as a witch.

This is a relatively new bewitching skin released in the previous Halloween event. That explains why the design concept looks a lot more modern.

Bewitching Nidalee

Bewitching Nidalee looks like a character who mashed up all the generic raunchy Halloween costumes together, being both a sexy witch and a sexy cat. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that or something.

Nidalee dressed as a witch.

This is one of the oldest bewitching skins in the game since it was released in 2011. Hence, explaining its very outdated design concept that’ll offend many people today.

Bewitching Elise

Bewitching Elise has a dangerous allure to her existence, but you never know whether that infatuation can lead you to your happiness or your demise… or both if you’re into that kind of thing.

Elise dressed as a witch.

As one of the least played champions, this skin gives her a more modern design that can make her more popular among the community.

Bewitching Janna

No one loves Halloween parties more than Bewitching Janna, who instantly soars into the fun and gives a lovely breeze that kicks off the event with her cool personality.

Janna dressed as a witch.

Out of all the splash art designs, this one wins as the most beautiful concept because the artist drew Janna in a completely different yet familiar way that can leave any fan starstruck. 

Bewitching Syndra

Bewitching Syndra has one job during the Halloween event, and that’s to conjure Pumpkin Lanterns that the people can lift into the air. A pretty wholesome job for an extraordinary lady who’s always depicted as someone evil.

Syndra dressed as a witch.

It helps that this champion is already depicted as a practitioner of the dark arts to cement her standing as a witch of the Harrowing.

Bewitching Yuumi

Instead of dressing up as a witch, Bewitching Yuumi takes the form of a pumpkin, a bat, and a cat– a pumpkin batcat! If that makes any sense?

Yuumi as a black cat with bat wings and pumpkin for a head.

Yuumi looks like a pet cat whose owner took the time and effort to dress up and post on the gram. As pet owners, we’re all guilty of this at some point in our lives.