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Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Rell

Rell is a forgotten champion in League of Legends, who was only played a lot during her release week. However, that doesn’t mean that she can’t wreak havoc on the Rift.
Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Rell

Rell is an engage support in League of Legends who works best with ADCs that have a strong early game, or those that synergize well with their ultimates. There is no one best ADC for Rell League of Legends can offer, but the ones on our list all make a top-notch pair.

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Ashe is, to put simply, the most archetypical ADC in League of Legends, and yet one whose kit is as annoying as that of new champions. There is a reason she is one of the registered trademarks of Riot Games since League of Legends was released.

The sole reason Rell works well with Ashe is due to their ability to chain CC their target. Once Ashe hits her ultimate, The Iron Maiden is free to engage on the enemy champion in question, and further, CC them with her Attract and Repel.

After that, it doesn’t matter if they try to Run, as Ashe can slow them all with her basic attacks, while Rell can use her Shattering Strike to break shields if the enemy team has an enchanter support in the bot lane, or any lane really.

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Miss Fortune

Speaking of basic ADCs, we have Miss Fortune, which teaches new players the importance of positioning as an ADC in team fights, as her synergy with Rell’s ultimate, Magnet Storm is enough to win a team fight all by themselves.

League of Legends - Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s place in the meta has always been a steady one, with her often being regarded as an S-tier champion, at least once in every season. When played with Rell, once Rell erupts from the fog of war and hits multiple enemies with her Magnet Storm, all Miss Fortune needs is to hit her own ultimate on the slowed enemies, and wipe the entire enemy team.

League of Legends - Gun Goddess Miss Fortune in-game

During the laning phase, Miss Fortune and Rell have a relatively good synergy as well. Miss Fortune is by no means a weak early game champion and, if played with a good Rell, can get some early game leads that snowball into a late game power spike very quickly.

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Yasuo is a League of Legends champion that makes managing League of Legends a nightmare, as he is both the most loved and the most hated creation of Riot Games. There is one simple thing about this champion, though, and that is the fact that if his allies have a knock-up, they synergize well.

League of Legends - Yasuo

Rell has got that covered, as her W ability, Ferromancy knocks up all enemy champions hit once she crashes down. In addition, her tether gives her tethered ally more armor, making Yasuo even harder to kill. And, once they get their Mythic Items, Yasuo becomes nigh unstoppable with Rell support.

League of Legends - Yasuo in-game

This is a combo that works well in team fights as well, and not just in lane, where Rell uses her Summoner spells, such as hexflash, to catch opponents off guard, knock them up, and then follow it up with a stun and Magnetic storm.

All the while Yasuo is mowing down the entire enemy team with his insane damage. It’s one of the best synergies in the game, for sure.

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Kalista is one of the best early game ADCs in League of Legends, and one of the only champions Riot Games created that have an ultimate used on allies, in a way that is not healing or buffing.

League of Legends - Kalista

However, the synergy Rell’s R, Magnetic Storm, and Kalista’s ultimate, have is incredible. It offers Rell new ways of engaging on the enemy team, not having to spend her W in the engage, and having an easier time repositioning for a good E Attract and Repel.

League of Legends - Kalista in-game

Furthermore, as a strong early game ADC, Rell has no fear of early fight in the bot lane, as there are few champions capable of winning against them. Especially not if Rell uses her Q Shattering Strike, to break shields of enchanter supports.

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On the other hand, a champion whose abilities have no special synergy with Rell, and who still works incredibly well with this support champion is Draven, the ADC who possesses League of Legends. It’s League of Draven after all.

League of Legends - Draven

This is due to the fact that, while Rell doesn’t synergize with his abilities, she does so with the power of his basic attack. Draven is the strongest early game ADC and only needs a good engage support to snowball the game.

League of Legends - Draven in-game

And if that support can also keep all nearby enemies occupied easily, like using their Magnetic Storm on multiple enemies at once, for example, then Draven can do more damage, far more easily. a Draven and Rell combo in League of Legends SoloQ is a surefire win.

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We have no idea what the opinions of Riot Games are when designing champions such as Samira. These are, after all, registered trademarks of Riot Games, and all they do is place a black mark on their name. However, one thing is for sure, Rell support was made, quite literally, to be played with Samira.

League of Legends - Samira

Samira’s passive allows her, when a champion is under hard cc, to deal additional damage and knock them up in the air. This alone changes the flow of the entire lane, however, the synergy of their ultimates can only be rivaled by another pair that was made to be played together, Rakan and Xayah.

League of Legends - Samira in-game

Once Samira and Rell wade into battle, and the nearby enemies are stunned by rell’sAttarck and Repel and then slowed and gathered up by her Magnetic Storm, Samira has free reign to delete everyone with her own ultimate.

This makes the team fight as good as done, as the enemies are all attracted towards Rell, and cannot reach Samira to stop her Ultimate channel with CC.

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