Best adc for Pyke in league of legends

The bloodharbor ripper is a unique support champion that empowers his ADC through dealing tons of damage instead of peeling. Here are the best ADCs for pyke

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best adc for Pyke in league of legends

League of legends usually puts assassin champions in the mid lane or in the jungle as they are the ones that has incredibly high mobility and burst damage. Pyke is an assassin champion and is usually a mid laner that can turn invisible and has really good mobility abilities to close the gap between him and an opponent. The reason why Pyke became a viable support champion comes from his ultimate. With his aggressive playstyle, here are the best ADCs to duo with Pyke in bot lane.

Best ADC for Pyke league of legends has to offer

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We will start off with the best ADC champion for Pyke and follow it up with other great contenders. Twitch is well known for being that sneaky rat that can demolish the enemy team once he exits his invisibility. The reason why he and Pyke synergizes so well and is perfect for each other is because they can both turn invisible and if they do, opponents have no way of telling if they have already returned in lane or they have roamed to other lanes. ‍

Twitch and Pyke is highly unpredictable especially with ultimate hunter, and can deal both sustainable and burst damage. League of legends really did mess up with this broken combo, there is no way to counter their invisibility except for one item, a control ward.

If you have no control wards or an oracle lens then you will have no way of telling where they are. Their teammates will also find it helpful if they gank constantly.


Pyke will only be revealed once he gets close enough to an enemy as it puts an intimidating sound and auro to the opponent. Once this happens opponents will have little to no time to react.

Twitch can slow enemies down and deal tons of damage, even if opponents manage to disengage Twitch can finish them off with his passive and E as well as with Pyke’s gap closers and ult.

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Pyke support engages opponents with his harpoon and he follows it up with his E to stun them, both of these abilities greatly synergizes with Jhin’s abilities especially his W.

Whenever Pyke manages to lock an opposing champion down, Jhin can easily follow up and with both of them having incredible burst damage, they can easily execute a squishy champion.


Farming gold is also quite easy for Jhin as he can let Pyke take the front and execute opponents with his ultimate. It really is hard to disengage from this duo because of Jhin’s ultimate, while every shot slows a foe down, Pyke can keep on damaging them and finish them off with his ult.


Pyke is a roaming support and whenever Pyke is roaming the enemy jungle, Jhin can easily follow up with his ultimate. Both of them are also scaling champions which means they will only get stronger as they reach late game. This duo is also capable of dealing with multiple ganks given that the enemy doesn’t have too many gap closers.

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With Jhin and Pyke support, Pyke is usually the one who engages fights in the early game or whatever phase, but this time it all falls down to Ashe’s hands for the setup.

Her ultimate is a quick and long ranged CC that can immediately lock an enemy champion down. Pyke can easily follow this up with another stun or a hook with his Q, bringin the HP of their opponent down to even half before the fight even starts.


Both of their abilities are also perfect for kiting, Ashe’s auto attack and abilities slow enemeis down and Pyke’s abilities provide displacement and even a stun.

It will be really hard for opponents to get close to them even if they have gap closing abilities. You should also take biscuit delivery rune for Ashe to have enough mana pool for poking


Ashe has one of the longest base attack range in the game and you can even improve this with the new and improved lethal tempo that Riot Games just buffed.

When pyke hooks an enemy with his Q, Ashe can easily kite opponents with her range and slow passive. Another underrated synergy from this duo comes from Ashe’s E, she can scout the enemy jungle with it and Pyke can use the information to come with his allied jungler and invade the opposing jungler.

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Ezreal is one of those ADC champions that can play the weak side lane, and what better support to take than Pyke as he excels at roaming post level 6. Pyke can roam all the other lanes and even the jungle while Ezreal keeps the opponents at bay in bot lane. The reason why Ezreal can play weakside is because he has his E that acts as a self peeling ability.

His Q also has a really long range and low cooldown to deal with tower divers. Wait for Pyke before you fight an enemy or else it will be impossible to deal with the bot lane duo by yourself if you fight them head on.


But when Pyke is not out and roaming the other lanes, their all in potential is incredibly strong.

Once Pyke support engages the enemy, Ezreal can easily follow up with his W Q combo, if ever opponents try to disengage, both of them have gap closing abilities to finish opponents off.

Ezreal’s ultimate has unlimited range and has high damage, so when both of them went all in, Pyke can instantly execute opponents down after their combined burst damage.

Ezreal is also a champion that scales really well with items, so giving kills to Pyke’s ultimate will be a wise move so both of them can scale at the same rate.

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Just like with Ashe’s engage, Varus can also lock enemies down for Pyke to engage eventually. Varus’ ultimate can lock multiple enemies down especially if they are clumped together. This is great as Pyke can easily hit them with his ultimate while they are rooted down by Varus’ ultimate.


Varus is also kind of a long ranged assassin as he can build lethality items and deal insane burst damage with his empowered Q even during the laning phase. In a sense both Pyke and Varus can execute opponents with assassin burst damage that will force enemies to build defensive items. Additionally Pyke can build Prowler’s Claw to add more gap closing abilities to his arsenal.


The only downside to this comp is that Varus is extremely immobile and only relies to walking for self peeling. Pyke adc combo doesn’t have great peeling as well so you’re gonna have to play very safe and rely on Varus’ long range rather than fighting on face to face fights. But whatever they lack for peeling, they make up for damage and pokes.

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Samira synergizes really well with Pyke because of her aggressive playsyle, she loves to get in the faces of her opponents with her gap closers. She deals tons of AoE damage especially with her ultimate which can give Pyke that wet dream of using his ultimate on multiple champions.


Riot Games also has nerfed Samira so much since her release and for good reason. Her ultimate once had broken damage but even after the nerfs she still is a viable ADC especially when partnered with Pyke. But Samira won’t be able to heal with her ult well if enemies have shields, so a Pyke with serpents fang will work wonders in this comp.


Whenever Samira engages enemies with her gap closer and fully stacked passive and ultimate, Pyke can E + FLash to set up the ultimate of Samira, after that he can simply ult the enemies one by one and clean up the battlefield. Once Samira gains a lead in the early game, Pyke can also focus on Roaming as Samira is like a top lane bruiser once she gains a lead making her a split pushing champion which is also fine.

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