Top 4 Ways to Improve Early Game Farming to Win Lane in LoL

A way to win League of Legends matches is to win early game. And LoL early game is won via early game farming, so here's how to farm more minions early game!

Updated on Oct 14, 2023
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Top 4 Ways to Improve Early Game Farming to Win Lane in LoL

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Last Hitting Minions

To experienced LoL players, the tactic of last-hitting minions is taken for granted. For new players, however, it's not something that come intuitively, and is even more important than playing the best LoL champions for beginners.

Last-hitting minions in League of Legends means waiting for ally minions to lower enemy minions' health, so you can use one auto attack to kill them and take the gold.

This way, you are not wasting valuable time on dealing damage to minions, and can use it to trade with the enemy, or keep track of which enemy minions are getting low on health so you miss no cs.

LoL - Last Hitting

The most important thing, when last-hitting minions, is to make sure you have the damage and attack speed of your chosen champion mastered, so you don't attack too late or too early and miss a minion.

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Farming Under Tower

It doesn't matter if you're playing one of the most dominant League of Legends champions or not, every LoL champion has their counters. And, when you inevitably run into one, you are going to end up being pushed under the tower.

Farming under tower is trickier, as it has far more damage on each hit than your own minions. Still, with some practice and knowing the tricks to it, it becomes simple to farm full health-bar minions under tower

Minion Type
Early Game Value
How to Last Hit Under Tower
Melee Minions
21 Gold
Auto-attack after two tower shots
Caster Minions
14 Gold
Auto-attack once, let the tower hit once, then auto-attack again to last hit
Cannon Minions
60 Gold
Auto-attack after the seventh tower shot

Tower damage on minions will always be the same, so this tactic always works on full-health enemy minions. By following it strictly, and not getting overzealous in dealing damage to minions, you'll never miss a minion again!

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Wave Management

Once you've mastered the first two basics of early-game farming, you can move on to the more complicated way of playing League of Legends.

Wave management in League of Legends is employed by manipulating when and which enemy minions you kill, to deny the enemy resources, or bait them into an unfavorable position.

Wave Management Tactic
Practical Application
Freezing the wave
Keeping 4 enemy minions alive to wait for the next wave of minions, and only last-hitting. Done when you play the stronger champion, to stop the enemy from farming, by zoning the enemy and letting the enemy minions kill yours with their superior numbers.
Slow pushing the wave
Decimating the first wave of enemy minions as the second wave comes, then last hitting the second enemy wave to stack as many of your own minions in preparation for a tower dive, or objective, causing the enemy laner to lose the maximum amount of minions when dying, to their own turret.
Shoving the wave
Killing the enemy minion wave as quickly as possible. Done after getting a kill, solo or in a gank, to crash the wave so the enemy loses the farm in addition to getting killed.
Resetting the wave
Killing the enemy wave if your own is dead, before the next wave comes, to bring the lane back to equal footing. Done when breaking a frozen wave, whether you're the one freezing it or the enemy is freezing it on you.

By using these tactics, you will ensure that you maximize your own early-game farming while denying the enemy as much as possible, and the enemy will not even realize why they are losing.

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Tracking the Enemy Jungler

If you want to learn how to play the LoL jungle role, one of the most basic skills is tracking the enemy jungler. For laners, that skill is a bit more advanced, but tracking the enemy jungler helps both the laners and the jungle farm better during the early game.

Learning how to track the the enemy jungler takes a lot of time, as each champion has their own jungle path, and while others do a full clear slowly, there are quite a few LoL jungle champions with the fastest clears.

LoL - Jungle Camp Positions

The benefits are definitely worth investing the time to learn how to track enemy junglers

  • Avoiding overextending and getting ganked
  • Invading the enemy jungle to steal farm
  • Taking neutral objectives such as Rift Herald and Drakes

By doing these, you will increase your farm to over 10 cs per minute, which is impossible when only farming in lane, while also denying the enemy a way to gain gold.

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