Best Malphite Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Malphite is a literal mountain that will tank all of the enemy’s damage as well as knock them all up with his unstoppable force ultimate!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Malphite Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Malphite top is one of the easiest lane to play as he’s got everything. He’s got the rocky exterior for a tank and his high armor scaling easily deals with most top lane bruiser’s physical damage. He is also a great pick for top lane as he can easily initiate fights with Unstoppable force. Learn how to win in the top lane with this malphite build guide.

Best Malphite Build

Malphite belongs to the oldest champions group in league of legends, he has yet to receive a vgu and has received minor upgrades through the years. Regardless of how he looks, riot games really made him a balanced champion. He deals decent magic damage and can be hard to deal with during the laning phase.


Best Malphite Runes

The best Malphite runes come from the Sorcery tree. Sorcery runes usually empowers a champions poking and late game potential. Arcane comet is an easy to dodge ability especially if you already have boots equipped, but with Malphite’s seismic shard, he can use this rune’s full potential. Manaflow band also syergizes with Malphite’s pokes with seismic shard as he can stack mana with it.

Best Rune PathSorcery

Best Keystone
Arcane Comet

Best Slot 1 (Rune)
Manaflow band

Biscuit Delivery

Best Slot 2 (Rune)
Cosmic insight

Time warp tonic

Best Slot 3 (Rune)

With Sorcery runes, Malphite players could also easily switch to a magic damage build if the enemy team falls off during the mid game.

Best Malphite Rune Shards

1 point each of +9 adaptive force from flex and offense is a great pick for Malphite as it can be used for poking in the early game. The +6 armor also scales with Malphites W and granite shield passive as he stacks armor.


+9 Adaptive Force

+9 Adaptive Force

+6 Armor

These are currently the best runes for Malphite top during patch 12.15 that you can use on your next League of legends games.

Best Malphite Spells

Malphite can also easily rock the standard flash teleport summoner spells for top laners. This is for him to be able to respond to an enemy’s gank on his other team mates. Flash is also great for surprise initiates with Unstoppable Force.


In league of legends, These summoner spells should also be used in moderation. You should not use your teleport just to catch up to a one or two wave minion crashing into your tower. Better yet use it during objective fights and quickly follow it up with Unstoppable force to give an advantage to your team.


Best Malphite Abilities Order

This Malphite Skill order lets him max out his Q seismic shard first as with any type of build on Malphite. This is because it is his main poking ability and is also great for engage and disengage situations. Secondly, Malphite should max his E ground slam especially when dealing with auto attack reliant top laners. Ground slam slows the attack speed of affected enemies.


This skill order is great for the early game and that is why his W should be maxed last as it is a stacking ability. Finally, Malphite’s ultimate, once you reach level 6 and learn Unstoppable force, it will be an easy power spike that you can use to all in your top lane opponent or simply take down the entire enemy team with it during team fights.

Best Malphite Items

Malphite is a rock and he likes to say it a lot, which fits his role. Malphite is usually built as a tank that can easily stack on armor with just a few armor items. Malphite is a strong frontline tank. Here is the best Malphite item build in league of legends.

Best Starter Malphite Items

For the early items of Malphite, you should go with just a corrupting potion. This is because Malphite lacks sustainability and this item also greatly synergizes with Time warp tonic rune, and with his skill order maxing Q, it means you will be using your ability a lot and need to regenerate your mana.

Corrupting Potion

Best Mid Game Malphite Items

Frostfire Gauntlet and Winter’s approach make up Malphite’s mid game item. Both of these items give high amounts of Mana to Malphite letting him abuse his poke ability more. Plated Steelcaps should also be built as your boots upgrade during the mid game as it lets you tower dive.

Frostfire Gauntlet

Plated Steelcaps

Winter’s Approach

Frostfire gauntlet is also the best item among all mythic items for Malphite as it increases his size making it easier to hit his ultimate on multiple enemies.


Best Final Late Game Malphite Items 

In this item build, Force of nature is the only magic resist item you should build on Malphite, it greatly reduces magic damage when it is fully stacked and is usually good as all of Malphite’s items also give him HP. Thornmail for your fourth item works great as you stand in the frontline, if enemies try to hit you they will get affected by grievous wounds and reflects some damage back to them. 

Frostfire Gauntlet
Plated Steelcaps
Winter’s Approach
Frozen Heart
Force of Nature

Best Champions to pair Malphite with

Bel’Veth is the champion with the highest win rate when paired with Malphite. This is because Malphite’s disables allow Bel’Veth to easily kill enemies. Shyvanna and Udyr is also great as they are both junglers that can stack crowd control affects along with Malphite.


Strongest Champions against Malphite

Malphite has a really low win rate against enemies that has higher sustainability than him. Enemies like Sion and Sylas give Malphite a run for his money when it comes to sustainability and lane presence. Sejuani however beats Malphite in durability.


Weakest Champions against Malphite

Squishy enemies or the ones without mobility are the ones that are greatly countered by Malphite. He can simply poke them with his Seismic Shard or cast his ultimate and follow it up with an all in and they’re done. 

The champion with the lowest win rate against Malphite is Vayne as she can’t do anything to escape a Malphite engage.

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