Best Lucian Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

The ADC that dashes and kites around tanks and even assassins. Lucian is a highly adaptable marksman that can deal burst damage or shred tanks!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Lucian Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Lucian is one of the best adc champions in patch 12.14. He can deal tons of physical damage with his abilities especially during the late game. Bonus movement speed is gained whenever lucian hits an enemy champion which synergizes with his relentless pursuit making him great at kiting.

Best Lucian Build

ADC champions usually focus on dealing tons of physical damage and improving their auto attack. This build focuses on achieving more kills and dying less, let’s start with the best runes.


Best Lucian Runes

Whenever Lucian uses any of his abilities, Lucian fires two shots with his passive. The separate attack is treated as another basic attack that applies on hit effects which can also easily proc press the attack. Lucian’s kit revolves around weaving through his passive in between animations of his spells making this keystone great for trading and dealing damage in patch 12.14.

Best Rune PathPrecision

Best Keystone
Press the attack

Best Slot 1 (Rune)
Presence of mind

Magical Footwear

Best Slot 2 (Rune)

Biscuit Delivery

Best Slot 3 (Rune)
Coup de Grace

This is Lucian’s best rune because when he uses his abilities like ardent blaze, presence of mind gets activated and give him bonus mana regen. It is a great rune even for late game as Lucian uses so much mana when fighting and killing enemies will restore his mana thanks to presence of mind. The inspiration rune set will provide great item efficiency and sustainability for Lucian during the early game.

Best Lucian Rune Shards

The bonus attack speed scales with Lucian adc as he levels up, percentage passives tend to scale with the champion as it reaches late game. The flat adaptive force and armor for flex and defense however can be great during the early game.


+9 Adaptive Force

+10% Attack Speed

+6 Armor

Best Lucian Spells

Flash and heal are basically the best summoner spells for any ADC in the game. Flash gives extra mobility for Lucian’s ultimate whenever relentless pursuit is down. There is also a neat combo that you can do with flash, you can use it to position yourself well and hit a minion with piercing light to hit a disengaging enemy.



Best Lucian Abilities Order

When it comes to skill order, Piercing light basically is the one you should max out first as it will be your main source of damage. You might think that ardent blaze should be the next one to be maxed out because it can also deal damage, but in reality, relentless pursuit has more value when leveled up.

This is because you can use this mobility skill to kite for short distance or relocate lucian’s ultimate. You should also know that you can cancel early on his ultimate when damaging enemies so Lucian can get back to using his auto attacks.


However, Ardent blaze marks enemies when hit and when Lucian hits a marked enemy unit, he gains movement speed which also synergizes with his relentless pursuit when chasing or disengaging from enemy champions. Ability haste also synergizes with relentless pursuit as the lower the cooldown of this spell, the harder it will be for enemies to chase or run away from Lucian making it your 2nd priority in your skill order.

Best Lucian Items

Lucian needs items that empowers his piercing light damage, along with his auto attack because of his passive. Lucian’s item’s also focuses on cooldown reduction which synergizes with his skill order mentioned above. These items makes Lucian use his relentless pursuit faster.

Best Starter Lucian Items

The laning phase is really important in any game and that is why building a doran’s blade is much better than a long sword. These early items provides a slightly lower physical damage but it gives Lucian physical vamp great for sustainability. He can also abuse the bonus physical vamp as he can throw multiple auto attacks every time he trades with an enemy.

Doran’s Blde

Health Potion

Best Mid Game Lucian Items

In the mid game, you should already have your mythic item completed as it gives you a huge power spike along with Ionian boots of lucidity as extra ability haste works really well on Lucian. Kraken slayer is a great mid game item item for Lucian as he can easily proc its unique passive faster than any other ADC. This mythic item also leads to a critical chance build which gives more shots to Lucian’s ultimate so an early Infinity Edge is also beneficial.

Kraken Slayer

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Infinity Edge

Lucian can also proc on hit effects on his second shot, meaning the bonus critical strike damage from infinity edge also works when you get an enemy hit with your passive. This mid game item combo is a huge power spike for Lucian making it viable for a mid game rotate to mid lane.


Best Final Late Game Lucian Items 

Late game builds are the best part in any league of legends games, it gives Lucian his full potential with his damage making him strong enough to push other lanes or go on team fights. 

Kraken Slayer
Ionian boots of lucidity
Infinity Edge
Blade of the Ruined King

Guardian Angel

The Collector

The first enemy Lucian encounters will definitely feel the damage of this full build, as he can proc the true damage of Kraken Slayer multiple times in quick succession. Collector also synergizes with coup de grace, as the lower the hp of an enemy, the stronger Lucian’s damage will be. Piercing light also deals tons of damage thanks to the collector’s lethality. Relentless pursuit is a crucial skill for this build as you will be relying on your kiting ability instead of sustainability to avoid dying. 

Best Champions to pair Lucian with

Playing Lucian adc means support champions should synergize with your passive. Yuumi can constantly apply the passive of Ardent censer heavily improving your early game damage output. Nami’s E is also a great poking synergy for Lucian as he can proc it’s bonus damage quickly with his passive. 


Lulu however is an all around support champion for Lucian adc even in the laning phase, she can poke or even provide peeling effects for Lucian. If Yuumi makes Lucian an offensive damage god, Lulu can baby sit him until he reaches his core item power spikes. 

Strongest Champions against Lucian

The sole counter to Lucian is if you stop his momentum by either outranging him or stunning him. Vayne easily outdamages Lucian in the late game especially if she lands a good condemn on him. Zeri and Jinx simply beats him in both range and damage output. 


Weakest Champions against Lucian

These are the champions that Lucian adc greatly counters, he can simply use relentless pursuit to get out of these champion’s AoE abilities. Or these are the champions that cannot deal with the aggressive playstyle of Lucian during the early game.

Miss Fortune43.3%
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