Best Zac Skins | LoL

Here is a list of all the best Zac skins available in the game to slingshot your way through Summoner's Rift with different styles, looks, and colors.

best skins zac lol
best skins zac lol

There are a lot of jungle champions available in League of Legends, and the Secret Weapon Zac is one of them. Zac has a lot of beautiful skins because of his jelly appearance. If you want to slingshot your way into the enemy backline with style, here are the best Zac skins in League of Legends to help you achieve that goal.

Battlecast Zac

The most recent skin release by Riot Games for Zac is one of the iconic Battlecast skin lines. Battlecast Zac has a tanky robot concept with red and metallic colors. On the other hand, this skin model has lava-like features that travel through Zac's armor and exude smoke. 

Zac looks like a slimy golem with fire powers in the splash art above. That said, the changes go beyond simple art. Expect new animations, textures, particles, and sounds using this skin. Zac's goo looks similar to his model with lava stripes and metallic colors. Not only that, but his skills have robotic and metal sounds which suit the concept of the skin.

What makes this cosmetic slightly ahead of the other skins is that it has numerous chromas that you can choose from.

Battlecast Zac was released on November 11, 2012, and is currently available in the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points. 

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SKT T1 Zac

Riot Games releases a skin line every year to respect the winners of the League of Legends World Championship, and SKT T1 Zac is one of those skins. This skin follows the concept, logo, and color of SK Telecom T1. This would be an excellent choice for you if you are a fan of the team and dig the colors and changes that the skin offers. 

Looking at the splash art above, you can see that Zac has a crown, gloves, and white hair. Riot Games followed the color of the Korean company by coloring Zac dark red. This skin has new SFX (gold textures and particles) and sounds (metal-like). Not only that, but this skin also has a fantastic recall, where Zac eats his goo, and a signature of Blank (SKT Player) is seen under him. 

SKT T1 Zac, released on June 27, 2017, is currently in the Legacy Vault. Sadly, it will only be available once the Legacy Vault is reopened, but its original price was 1350 Riot Points.

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Pool Party Zac

One of the skins in the Pool Party skin line, this skin has a concept of Zac enjoying the summer with his snorkeling gear. Pool Party Zac has bright and blue colors and animations, which is an excellent look for Zac. This skin is the best if you hope to splash around Summoner's Rift.

As seen in the art above, Zac is transparent in color, the same in-game. Pool Party Zac's skills, like the Elastic Slingshot and Let's Bounce!, all have cool water sounds, textures, and animations. His goo is also blue colored with rubber duckies around it. 

The good thing is that Pool Party Zac is available on the League store for 1350 Riot Points. This skin was released on June 25, 2015. 

It's time to bounce your way through the Rift because this is the end of the best Zac skins | LoL. If you are looking for support skins, take a look at this best Yuumi skins list. Alternatively, there are also multiple lists for all champion skins here.