How To Use Star Shards In TFT

Star shards is the most recent addition as a new currency in the TFT. Here is a complete guide about “TFT star shards and how to use them in League of Legends.”

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How To Use Star Shards In TFT

What Exactly Are Star Shards?

As mentioned previously, star shards are a currency that is used for little legends. To be exact, these are used to level up the cute characters in your collection. If you did not know it yet, little legends have three levels, which are 1-star, 2-stars, and 3-stars.


There are two ways to get higher-level little legends, and upgrading them using star shards is probably the best way to do it because it is the cheaper and more efficient method.

How To Use Star Shards In Teamfight Tactics

If you are still confused, here is how you use star shards to upgrade your little legends:


  1. First, access your Teamfight Tactics collection by clicking play and choosing any of the game modes of TFT
  2. Click any of the tacticians that you own that you would like to upgrade
  3. Upgrade the little legend that you like by clicking the stars above the equip button
  4. Press the star shards button that replaced the equip button. It will also show the amount that you need for the upgrade
  5. Press equip, then enjoy your newly upgraded little legend!

Remember, you can upgrade them up to 3-stars, but you have to level them up to 2-star first, and upgrading all of your little legends will cost a lot of star shards, so make sure to stock up and buy a ton of them!

What Are The Best Little Legends To Upgrade?

Generally, the rarest little legends are the best ones to upgrade, namely epic little legends and legendary little legends, because they are hard to get in little legend eggs. Star shards are a free pass to upgrade these types of little legends. Still, the upgrades are more expensive compared to common little legends. The prices will be discussed further down below.

What Are The Costs For The Upgrades?

As mentioned previously, the price for the upgrades goes higher as the little legend becomes rarer. Here are the complete costs for each rarity


Pass+ and Rare Little Legends100 Star Shards per star
Epic Little Legends
125 Star Shards per star
Legendary Little Legends
150 Star Shards per star

The difference is not that huge, but it makes upgrading all of your little legends much harder, so wisely use all of your star shards!

Are There Little Legends That Are Not Upgradeable Using Star Shards?

Yes. A handful of little legends are not upgradeable using star shards, like sprites, Chibi Champions, and Victorious Little Legends. Nevertheless, they look beautiful and have cool animations, so getting them is still pretty worth it!

Do Teamfight Tactics Events Give Out Star Shards?

No. However, every event has a unique TFT pass that everyone can buy to get extra star shards. Not only that, but Riot Games also offer unique units, exclusive little legends, and rewards that they give out to the community, like Lunar Legend festival Tahm Kench, Neon Nights Egg, Ravenlord Featherknight, and Star Guardian Silverwing.


TFT event passes have insane value, so make sure to get them when you get the chance. However, they cost real money and need tons of time to grind for the EXP and missions, so buy and use it to the fullest!

That will be the end of the star shards guide in Teamfight Tactics. It is now time to upgrade your little legends and use them in different TFT game modes, like hyper roll and double up! Save up some star shards now because all the little legends get better looking once they are upgraded, so make sure to get all of them to three stars! 

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