How Does loaded Dice work in TFT

By reading this guide, you will learn more about loaded dice and how to use them correctly!

Updated on Oct 12, 2023
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How Does loaded Dice work in TFT

Playing a losing game in TFT is not a great position to be in. Thankfully, Riot Games implemented mechanics and added items that could turn the tide of the match. One of these is the rare loaded dice, which has a customized usage compared to the usual Teamfight Tactics items. Know all about this special item by reading all about it below!

How Does Loaded Dice Work In Teamfight Tactics

What Is A Loaded Dice

Loaded dice are one of the unique items in Teamfight Tactics. It is used on a champion to refresh the shop containing the exact traits of the source champion. For example, if a loaded dice is used on a champion that has a warrior and mirage trait, all the champions that will appear in the shop will either be a warrior, mirage, or both.

This makes it easier for players to upgrade their best unit on the board and complete the required units of the trait that they are playing compared to normal reroll odds. In short, it loaded dice refreshes and showed a new shop that has a high chance of containing favorable units.

Where Is A Loaded Dice Acquired?

It can only be acquired through special means, namely loot orbs and augments, such as high roller. Sometimes in a set, there is a stage where the game rewards a player with a huge special orb. For example, during set 4, players were rewarded with Lucky Lanterns, which has a 40% chance of containing a loaded dice.

Loaded dice are definitely hard to acquire because of the value that they can give to a player using them.

What Is The Most Optimal Way Of Using a Loaded Dice?

If you thought that loaded dice are not affected by the game's innate rng, then you are wrong because player level also affects the tier of champions that will appear on the shop by using it. For example, you only need a single 5-cost Azir to upgrade it to two stars. It is best to use the loaded dice when you reach level 8 or 9 (4% and 16%, respectively) to have the highest odds of obtaining a 5-cost unit in your shop.

Another tip is to avoid using it on champions that have three traits or only share a single trait with the champion that you want to obtain. This will greatly lower the chances of your target champion appearing in your shop.

There are a lot of guides on the internet, but it actually differs per set and game. You can also check TFT youtube homepage and tailored ads/videos that teach the optimal usage of a rolling dice. However, the general rule is that the most common way of using a loading dice optimally is by following the method above.

What Is The Maximum Amount of Rolling Dice You Can Have?

Usually, players receive a maximum of two loaded dice per game, but that does not mean that there is an expected number or maximum that you can have. Thankfully, Riot Games did not put a limitation on the amount of loaded dice that you can have on your board. However, you can only have a maximum of 10 items on your bench, so make sure to use everything before trying to grab a loaded dice!

Is There A Hotkey To Use A Loaded Dice?

Even though Riot Games included tons of hotkeys, depending on your settings, in TFT. There is currently no shortcut to using loaded dice. However, some might say that it is not even required because it is as easy as dragging the item to the selected unit.

Hotkeys for items also prevent mistakes from happening. So, it might be best that Riot Games leave the mechanics the way that it is today. Nevertheless, Riot Games always enhance the quality of the gameplay, so it is acceptable that the public should always expect new things to be added to Teamfight Tactics.

Loaded Dice Is Actually A Reference To Twisted Fate's Ability

If you did not know yet, Teamfight Tactics units are inspired by their League of Legends champions. This also applies to items, abilities, and many more! In fact, loaded dice are actually Twisted Fate's ability that grants him additional gold whenever he kills a unit, the luckier you are, the higher you get.

However, in the context of TFT, the usage of loaded dice is entirely different from its League of Legends counterpart since it only affects and refreshes the shop of a player. It does not give the user bonus gold, but it is still reliant on luck!

Finding Guides And Compilation Of Loaded Dice Usage In Teamfight Tactics

Actually, finding guides and compilation is easy because it is based on past activity and appears on personalized content and ads because the internet uses cookies and data to tailor what videos will appear on the internet. Not only that, but most videos are also age-appropriate if relevant, so you should not have problems finding guides and videos about Teamfight Tactics. There are browser options, too, that protect against spam fraud and abuse, which makes browsing for guides much easier and safer.

As long as your watch Teamfight Tactics videos or live streams of the top players, you will easily learn more about using items, especially the loaded dice. There are more options out there, but those mentioned are the best ways of learning about TFT

Teamfight Tactics gameplay is influenced by things like gold, experience, and items, which makes it a unique and challenging strategy game. It is safe to say that there will be more things added to the game because Riot Games continue to develop and improve new things and services in TFT.

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