Best Nasus Skins | LoL

One of the few Ascended that still roam Runeterra in their original shape, Nasus is one of the most famous, and infamous, League of Legends champions.

best skins nasus
best skins nasus

One of the few Ascended that still roam Runeterra in their original shape, Nasus is one of the most famous, and infamous, League of Legends champions. Considered a prodigy at the age of ten, even compared to the best scholars Shurima could offer. In his conquests, her would collect whatever literature he could find, and compile them for future generations to study. The only thing rivaling his library is his skin collection, and so we bring you our pick for his best skins.

Space Groove Nasus

As a leader of the Dog Planet, Nasus used to be under Lissandra’s complete mental influence, seizing all his people’s grooviest records and hiding them away, never to be heard again. Yet now, he leads his people in rebellion against the deadly shock troopers Blitz & Crank.

Space Groove Nasus was released on April 1, 2021, with a price of 1350 RP, but it most definitely is not an April Fools joke. The skin is a complete overhaul of his design, bringing him new animations, sounds, and particle effects.

Though not one of the first skins to be added for Nasus in WIld Rift, Riot have already released teasers for it, and it can be expected to appear before any of his other, numerous skins. If you are a dog person, Space Groove Nasus is a skin for you. Whether you like goofy dogs or those that have a bit of bite, all of them can be found under Nasus’ leadership.

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Battlecast Nasus

What is more intimidating than a Nasus with six hundred stacks on his q ability? An unfeeling symbiosis of the living and a machine sent for your life, John Connor, or whatever your summoner name may be. Battlecast Nasus is, in short, Terminator Nasus, and you don’t want to be scanned as an enemy by him.

Battlecast Nasus was released on November 12, 2020, as an Epic-rated skin, and is priced at 1350 RP. As an epic rated skin, just like Space Groove, it updates Nasus’ animations, particle effects on his abilities, and sounds.

This views Nasus from a different perspective. His intellect is nothing more than processing power, and his usual Ascendancy is now a product of machinery. While Nasus is usually depicted as a benevolent being, Battlecast Nasus is apathy incarnated, unlike Infernal Nasus, who is the next choice on our list, and we are all just numbers to him. If you wish to take on multiple enemies while split pushing, and win, this is the skin for you.

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Infernal Nasus

Following the theme of making Nasus even scarier than his kit makes him by default, the Infernal Nasus skin takes his place on our list. While apathy may be terrifying, true fury holds unstoppable power.

Infernal Nasus is one of Nasus’ older skins, released on November 20, 2013. However, this is his most expensive skin, sitting at the price of 1820 RP. As a legendary skin, this is a complete reimagining of the champion, and if his abilities did not stay the same, would make it a remake.

Infernal Nasus is one of the skins available for use in Wild Rift as well. With how many skins Nasus has, this should give you an inkling of the importance Riot places on this skin. Infernal Nasus brings Nasus’ character closer to Renekton’s, and his lore depicts him as a demonic being. As his ultimate ability allows him to grow an additional head, it is obvious that the inspiration for the skin comes from the various Asura mythos.

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Worldbreaker Nasus

If you’ve read our article on the best Nautilus skins, you may have figured out the theme Worldbreaker skins tend to go for. With a celestial-themed color scheme, Nasus is elevated to the stars from his sandy beginnings. the skin is can be found in Riot’s newest mobile game, Wild Rift, which further cements its place on our list.

Worldbreaker Nasus was released on November 10, 2016, as a regular-rated skin. With its low price of 750 RP, its focus is on the champion model and splash art, as well as the shared lore with the three other Worldbreaker champions.

Worlbreaker Nasus lore is very self-explanatory. Nasus is one of the four Titans that will destroy the world in the time of the apocalypse. The skin is inspired by Norse and Greek mythologies, with subtle and not-so-subtle references to Ragnarok and Titans, respectively. The theme of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse can also be found there, and if you add Kindred to your team composition, you can go for a death theme with your friends in normals, flex, or perhaps even Clash.

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Lunar Guardian Nasus

Lunar Guardian Nasus is, perhaps, Nasus’ best skin overall. While other skins excel in their own specific areas, the Lunar Guardian Nasus skin is well-rounded in every aspect and does each of them exquisitely.

Lunar Guardian Nasus was released on February 8, 2018, and is the only Legacy skin Nasus possesses, with a price of 1350 RP. While we are aware of the existence of RIot K-9 Nasus, that skin is an abomination and its existence will be denied at every opportunity.

The Lunar Guardian skin gives Nasus the main thing his default skin is missing. His Ascendancy to a higher being is portrayed and felt in every move the champion makes, and can be considered as a remake of his default skin.

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Archduke Nasus

If you’re familiar with Nasus’ lore, you may have drawn a conclusion of what Nasus was before his Ascendancy. The conclusion being that Nasus is a dork. A powerful dork, but a dork nonetheless, and Archduke Nasus embodies this aspect of his design, and makes Nasus more endearing and less serious. As the skin is available in Wild Rift, an arguably more laid-back game, this only corroborates that claim.

The Archduke Nasus skin was released on March 31, 2015. It is priced at 750 RP, and as all skins with that price, focuses on the splash art and champion model, rather than anything else.

Archduke Nasus gives off the feel of a Monty Python skit and using it in-game is an exercise in ridiculousness. However, League of Legends is, after all, still a video game, and having fun should be the goal. Besides, getting destroyed in lane by Archduke Nasus stings a lot more than being stomped by Lunar Guardian Nasus, for example.

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Nasus is one of the faces of League of Legends, and the champion everyone thinks of when you say top lane and scaling in one sentence. His skins are, usually, geared towards projecting his power, with some, such as Archduke Nasus, mixed in as not to make him too edgy. A force of good or evil, Nasus always comes out on top.

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